Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ladies Night

We went shopping and out to dinner the other night.  Anthropologie and Pita Jungle.  As we are sitting have a peaceful yummy dinner ya'all start talking about moving out and what your rooms will look like empty.

You know I can't handle this.  YOU KNOW I UGLY CRY when I think of you leaving.  And yet you won't stop with your independent words of growing up.........................

And then you take photos of me crying.  Damnit

And then you take a picture of how happy you are that I am crying about you going off to college in 3 years.

Dragon Dash 2014


A Photo Shoot with Rachel

Kitten Watching

A Hipster Party

Random Darlings

Lady Scouts

The lady scouts had a field trip to see the ASU ladies basketball the other day.  It was so good.

Christmas 2014

2014 BFFS

The Ginger

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween 2014

We started out the evening driving up to meet the Haymores for their neighborhood party.  We punched the address of the partay into the google and found a neighborhood partitioned off for trick o treating.  Turns out we were 3 miles away from them.  We took the above picture with some random grandmas that were hilarious.   

We headed back home and got ready for part 2 of all Hallows Eve.  Pizza ordered.  Ellie's friend got picked up.

Then we headed toward Ary's house to get Paige and Rachel.  We all sat in the fiat and had a marvelous time with the teenagers.  Carter, great job stepping it up and watching the girls.  Hilarious to me that I've been wanting to meet your girlfriend and you happen to have her over as soon as we leave the house to assist in babysitting.  Ellie failed in her picture attempts.

After some fun Rachel and Paige times we headed over to a tall people Halloween party.  It was a lovely time of dancing to 80s music, eating tons of cheese, and conversing with so many lovely folks. 

Kit and Kat dancing

Rachel and Paige again.  And just for some fun a picture of Paige making her "bootie pop"when I took her dress shopping.