Monday, April 14, 2014


This morning I had to cut a rubber band from your hair Ava.  I handed you the piece of hair I cut off and you respond with,

"DNA man."

I laughed so hard.  You asked me what was so funny with such a serious face that I laughed even harder.

Ellie 2014

In the year of the mom - 2014 (remember how I saved your lives from the red light running maniac?) you enjoyed having boys for friends.  You had a lovely friendship with a young man named Cayden.  When I picked you up from a birthday party the other night I snapped a picture you with two of your friends.

What is hilarious is that the cops were called on the party.  The game that was being played was 007 (you like to explain this to thick adults as "Hide and seek in the dark and the house is home base") gracias por la explanat ' ion for I didn't understand what it was.  Anyways the coppers were called since the neighbors didn't appreciate young people running about the streets at night - Yo.  

Your first night time co-ed party and the cops were called.  Awesome.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Hey Ginger, remember when you spoke with an Irish accent and liked to pretend to be from France?

WTF - Babbitt Estillo Royal Tenenbaums

Carter, you really LOVE your interesting outfit here; you even wore it on the plane trip to Mexico.  Check out all the pictures yo.  All of you went to the store like this.  Check out tu' padres socks and shoes.

Paige, I just don't even know what to say anymore - do your thing lover.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Dream Talk

We were talking about our dreams this morning in carpool.  Mine involved zombies / end of the world stuff.  I believe I may have gotten a better workout dreaming and raising my heart rate through fear, than my actual running last night.  Hot Damn I woke up with a racing heart.

Whilst sharing you, P, tell us this:

P, " So, I had a dream that mom was dead and I was at a market with dad in Italy"
C, "Again.  You had to kill off mom in your dream again? Geez Paige."
P, (no pause from this comment)" So, I was five and we were at a market and dad got killed.  I had to go live with another family."
C and I at the same time, "Let us guess, it was in a castle with a rich family?"

P, (Again no attention)" And then it turns out when I'm older that my mom is alive.  She had been in danger and was in hiding / an alternate identity.  She was a lesbian and a professor.  I went to live with her and she home schooled me for 10 years."

Can I interject that you TOTALLY want to be home schooled.  I don't think you understand that it would still be SCHOOL and you wouldn't just get to sleep all day.

P, "Then it turns out she isn't actually a lesbian and her "wife" is really her bodyguard."

My gosh you have interesting dreams.  You want a "dream journal".   I recommended getting a notebook and just writing "DREAM JOURNAL" across the front and it would serve the purpose.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Rosenburg and Luz Maria

Ahh, our lovely caretakers.  They were amazing.  Rosenburg 78 yrs old and Luz Maria 71 yrs old.  Both are Chiapas and have run this house for the last 7 years.  Tis a bit strange to have a 78 year old man grab your luggage away from you like he is 16.  Or the time he trucked through a gravely path with Ava hiked on his back.  Luz Maria is an excellent cook.  We ate very superb Mexican food the entire trip.  One of the evenings they even sang for us.  Rosenburgs voice is smooth man.  

Oh and there is their dog Luna.  Luna doesn't like anyone and yet she took to you Ginger.  

This upside down pineapple cake was so yummy.  

Hemingways was so good that we took you ladies back there the next day.  We ate so much food, played in the sand, and Ellie, you and dad, swam in the ocean for a bit.

They made a homemade cheesecake that the three of you devoured.

Boca Paila - Part 2

On Thursday you guys wanted to hang at the house, so dad and I went off to Boca Paila by ourselves and walked the beach.  We found the best little place called Hemingways.  The food was so damn good.  Fresh cheeses made locally. 

We met a couple from NYC and had a cute chat with them about their lives.  They were fancy folks in the fashion industry and it was real swell to get a different perspective.

Boca Paila - Day 1

We headed back for a full day at Boca Paila.  We ended up renting a spot at a hotel called something with Diamond.  It was $20 for a table and chaise lounges.  

We ordered salsa, chips, etc and swam for several hours.  Ellie, you climbed this palm tree that was growing in a bizzare fashion.  

You two were not in the mood for such fanciness.    You both stayed in these lovely chairs for the afternoon.



The cenotes were bizzare.  It was so strange to see them advertised up and down the roads and when you get back in and climb down some staircases you see the most lovely caves that you can snorkel in.  There were also a myraid of underwater caverns and tunnels that many a scuba diver was swimming through.  The water was very cold, but it was so fascinating that you quickly forgot about being so chilly.  


Tu'padre could not get enough of the cenotes.  We all eventually got out and sunned ourselves to warm up and we could not pull him out of the caves.

THe Mayan Ruins - Part 2

The Mayan Ruins - Tulum

This was super fun to watch.  Paige, you got the whole thing on video which is lovely.  The funny part is when we got back to the house and you, Ava, showed the video to Rosenburg and you advised him that you watched the clowns this morning.

The ruins are so fascinating.  Mayans actually were made up of 28 tribes that spoke different languages.  They had commonalities and were predominately around for 3000 years.  Once the Spanish badasses arrived the Mayans diminished and were maintained to certain areas.

This is the only Mayan ruin that is on the Sea Side; the rest are all inland.  Look how beautiful their beach was.

If I were to categorize the place I would call it Ruin Disneyland.