Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Girlz night out

We just returned from an evening of pedicures, manicures, sushi, and crazy awesome conversation.  Dad and Carter went to see World War Z and we did our nails.  FEMINISM.  

A, you looked sooooo intent at the nail technician; you had complete focus on what she was doing.  

Ellie, you LOVED the vibrating chair.  Yes, I knew you would. 

Paige, you downed BBQ ribs at the sushi restaurant.  You sort of put your arms around your plate to ward off your sister, it was very chic.

As we were driving home E, you asked if you could have an Instagram account.  Your sister Paige responds with,

"I love to put in #dragqueens and stare at them.  They are awesome."

Dude, I adore you and think you are amazing.  Thank heavens for nails and sushi or I would never have known your affection for drag queens.  LOVE YOU.


 Dad was swinging you guys around in the pool.  OVER AND OVER.

When he let you jump off his back while he dove under he sort hit the bottom of the pool.

Musical Instrument Museum

Summer of 2013

We had just tried bone marrow.  I take that back, your father was too sensitive to try it.  I threw that slime down my throat and didn't care for it, but I did it.  My advice,


This is to you dear Ava.

Tu' Padre

Your Father started wearing glasses and I think it is so damn sexy.  He is totally Old Hot.

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Lazy Summer

Dad and Carter went to the lake the other day.  Us ladies stayed at home and lounged in the pool.  I love that when I looked over this is what I saw.

Summer Day around Downtown Phoenix

The new restaurant that St. Francis owns is lovely.  We had a fun lunch and then went to The Arizona Science Center.

P, What is up with your face?

Date Night

We have started our summer One on One date nights.  You were up first Paypay.  TJ Max for a new bedspread.  Then we went out to eat at The Herb Box.  Then downstairs to grab desert at their TO GO counter.   
Twas Splendid

Monday, June 17, 2013


I've had to work quite a bit this summer.  (all day every day) Paige, you and Ellie, have been earning money to go on a trip.  When I called home the other day to ask to unload the dishwasher it was a whine fest of epic proportions:

Mom, "Hey Paypay can you please unload the dishwasher and vacuum?  You will earn $3.00 toward your trip."

Paige, "Whaaaat?  blahblah whine whine......Not only can I NOT do it, but I don't want to.  Summers are meant for sleeping in, not doing anything, shopping, watching movies, and not having their mom work.  Not only that but I want to go to California."

I did hear the I don't want to part.  I found it most interesting.

Then last night you were beside yourself that Miss. America or Miss.  Universe or some other demeaning woman's body festival was on.  I tried to lightly point out that it isn't really a "contest" when we don't get to pick our DNA.  I tried to slightly suggest that it may be kind of dumb to have competition for pretty people who have no control over how tall they are or what their faces look like.  You did try to emphasize the scholarships for college that are won during the pretty competition.  

I have come to the conclusion that you are messing with my mind.