Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas 2014 part 1

Summer Sausage

A very good friend recently told us that his dad would come home after drinking (And he wasn't supposed to consume the alcohol) and when his wife would say, "Have you been drinking?" He would reply with, "No, I was just eating some summer sausage."

Christmas 2014

Matching Coveralls

Money Mouth

Baby Arms

Paige, "Sometimes my arms are like babies.  They won't listen, they misbehave, and they want to hit people."

BTW you were dancing to David Bowie's song from Labrynth while shopping in public.

Carter also found you licking your arm. Your response, "I'm not sure if it is truly a mole or if it is just food or a scab."

Rand's Birthday Celebration

Christmas Parties

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ladies Night

We went shopping and out to dinner the other night.  Anthropologie and Pita Jungle.  As we are sitting have a peaceful yummy dinner ya'all start talking about moving out and what your rooms will look like empty.

You know I can't handle this.  YOU KNOW I UGLY CRY when I think of you leaving.  And yet you won't stop with your independent words of growing up.........................

And then you take photos of me crying.  Damnit

And then you take a picture of how happy you are that I am crying about you going off to college in 3 years.

Dragon Dash 2014


A Photo Shoot with Rachel

Kitten Watching

A Hipster Party

Random Darlings