Monday, May 31, 2010

6th Grade Graduation

Memorial Weekend

You went to Double Tree Paradise Valley this weekend with your dad. Saturday you all arrived, went swimming, and met Randy - Eric - Ethan - and Sean at Sauce. After dinner and a brief visit to the mall; you went swimming again. I joined you on Sunday and we went home Monday morning. Here are a few lovely pictures of the vacation.

As a side note: As I was changing out of my swimsuit last night (in the bathroom) you, Carter, walked in on me. I had no clothing on. You screamed like a girl and ran and hid under the bed. Your face turned white and you looked like you were in a foreign country and the people you were staying with offered you monkey brain for dinner and you didn't wish to be rude and say no. I found you in the fetal position rocking and saying, "Why didn't you lock the door?" I was laughing so hard I could hardly breathe. You kept saying, "You've scarred me." I would respond between laughs with, "Hey, I'm hot. At least you didn't have to catch a glimpse of something gross." to which you would say, "You are my mom and I just saw you without clothes on, you've damaged me." But then son, no matter how much I scarred you - - - will never forget the kind words you spoke to me,

"Mom. The other woman at the pool are skinny on top and then have kind of a belly because of having children. You don't have that. Have you had some work done?"

Hahahahaha How is "Have you had some work done?" in your vocabulary?
Dad strolling with you over to the mall.
Paige getting caught mid-blink eating dinner. This really looks like a scene from a movie where you are channeling your friends grandma, who wanted to tell her daughter, how she left her a necklace hidden behind "A Tale of Two Cities" in her home that now belongs to the town photographer.
Randy and Eric
The coolest picture EVER!!! Ethan flying
Ellie Flying

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Turn the Paige

Turn the Paige

Hey 2, You told me yesterday that you have been practicing your walk. When Randy joined you, dad, and the siblings last night - he shot some video of it!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

ZOO Animals

This picture always reminds me of a zoo animal. A baboon sneaks up behind, let's say a fox, and turns around and shows his red behind. The look in this picture is pure surprise. The reason for this zoo story revolves around your Grandma Babbitt. She has been in the hospital this past YEAR. Yes, it has been one thing after another and it seems like her second home is the hospital.
Dad and I went to visit her on Sunday. She was muy grumpy to the hospital workers. (I'm sure it is not so fun being sick and in pain. ) Your dad referenced the fact that Grandma is like a zoo animal that is out of control and the zoo workers post her picture up to educate all zoo workers about her mala leche. (On a side note. When I was ever a wee bit moody after having a baby, your father thought it was funny to say that I had mala leche. Since I was a vaca and had milk squirting out of my body I too thought, "Yes, Senor Babbitt. If you are not careful with your words, you will wake up one morning with a paste I made from my MALA LECHE covering your lovely locks. You will smell like my sugary MALA LECHE all freaking day.") Back to your Grandma. She actually laughed at the zoo reference. We were all giggling about how she was a bit out of control when a hospital worker taking food orders arrived. The worker gave grandma options for her meals. You need to read the actual conversation so - - - - -here it goes:

Worker: " Would you like salad, or chicken for lunch?"
Grandma: " I want cottage cheese. I know you have some pudding too. I want Tapioca."
Worker: " Ok, would you like salad or chicken?"
Grandma: "I want a salad."
Worker: "Oh, it looks like you are on a low fiber diet. You can not have the salad. Would you like juice or milk?"
(ARE YOU KIDDING ME. DON"T MESS WITH THE FOOD OPTIONS. This is like if I offered you lamb stew over and over again and then said " never mind I only have hotdogs." You guys would stampede over me shouting, "Lamb stew or die.")
Grandma: "I would like something else to drink. I also want that pudding."
Worker: "We only have chocolate or vanilla pudding."
Grandma: "I want Tapioca."
Worker: "We don't have that."
Grandma: "You had it one time. I really want cottage cheese. Nathan do you see what I have to eat here. The food is horrible."
ME: "Give her the chicken, fat-free milk, the chocolate pudding. Thank you so much."
Nathan: "Hey mom I have a surprise for you. "
Grandma: "What?"
Nathan: "This is not a resort."

At this point we laughed until the next worker showed up to get verbally assaulted.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


So turns out you are a wee bit of a liar. Turns out you say things to Alec (your nanny) like,

"You know my mom says that if you brush my hair I'm supposed to tell you NO."

Turns out you do this a lot if there is something you don't like. Priceless. When I was leaving the other morning I asked you what you were going to do and you said,

"I am going to tell Alec I want to go to the park. (then in a high squeaky voice) She will say, Yes, Ava I will take you to the park. I love to take you to the park."

It is super interesting to me that Alec is real, yet also your imaginary friend whom answers your questions exactly the way you want them answered. If not you answer them for her with your imaginary mother by your side.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


You know when there are times when you stick your foot in your mouth wee ones? I'll give you an example. I was 20 and had just gotten the Supervisor position at America West. It was SUPER hard being sooooo much younger than everyone else! Ok, not really, but there were a few disadvantages. I couldn't always carry off a joke, or relate to "adult" issues. I had just gotten married, owned a very modest house, and didn't have any offspring yet. I remember being in a meeting and someone started speaking with an accent. This was a fake accent they were "acting". I then put on my best Frank impression from Father of the Bride. I was repeating the lines in the movie where Fraaaank talks to them about the cake. Unfortunately when I used my "accent" cake came out as word for the male anatomy.
I was very flustered. There were many many many laughs - not from me.

So, I felt bad for Uncle Danny yesterday when your dad took him to a wholesalers lot to drop off a car. Dad has been friends with this particular dealership owner for the last 10 years. This guy has been through so many life trials the past decade that I am surprised he is able to show up for his life anymore. So Dad and his friend walk out to the car so that he can introduce Danny. Dad's friend starts talking about how his mom passed away 7 years ago and how tough it has been. To which Danny says,

"Eventually that always happens, they all do that"

Of course I was flustered when I said __________ during my meeting. Uncle Danny - - - -not so embarrassed at his poor attempt at communication. I think he is at home right now watching Cops, eating 4 frozen burritos, and NOT thinking about it at all.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Unfortunately, I was ill today. Still, we had some LOVELY conversations. For example:

E: "Mom, what is a period?" (We have had this conversation sooooo many times. I really think the amnesia is a cruel trick you play on your dad.)

Dad: "Ahhhhhh.'

Me: "Leave the room then.....................Well, Ellie remember how there is a uterus inside of women. Remember how the eggs drop down every month and if you don't create a baby with your husband your body flushes the eggs out with blood?"

E: "Remember that one time I used the bathroom at that restaurant where I had the potatoes that had that cheese that was gross? Well, I used the bathroom there and some lady must of had a period or something and didn't flush."

Me: "Very well could be. You will probably get yours in 6th or 7th grade. It happens every single month for the rest of your life." (I didn't go into menopause. I need you to grasp this topic first.)

E: "That is great. I am a big fan of blood. Every month? Can't wait."


A: "Oh mom. Happy Mom day. Do you like eating boogers? I really don't like boogers. Did you know there is a fox that is orange just like me? I have orange hair. Give me some salami."


C: "If you let me stay up and watch the history channel special with you I'll let you get a peek of the hair in my armpits." (Damn you child. You know just how to get to me. I've been trying to see how hairy your armpits are for weeks now. You always catch me trying to get a glance.)

Me: "This is super tempting! You have stayed up late rubbing my feet and if I'm going to live up to the whole "Mother's Day" thing you had better go to bed." (By the way, you were rubbing my feet because I put the Table of Contents together for your homework. Ahhhh I love projects too much.)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Uncle Danny

Turns out Uncle Danny got the camera in his sticky fingers again. Below is just one of MANY pictures that involve pictures of a tablecloth and Danny's crotch.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Your dad - - - The Hero

So your dad and I ran to the bookstore tonight to pick up the latest book by Rick Riordan. On our way home we notice a neighbors truck going really slow at the stop sign intersection at Lehi road. We know this neighbor and know that he suffers from epilepsy. I tried to peer into the truck as he was going super slow, but couldn't see him. Your dad told me to follow him. I started to and then he slowly pulled over to the side of the road. We started to drive past him when your dad realized that the truck was falling into the irrigation canal. We flipped around and a couple of other neighbors were also stopping.

El Captain jumped out and tried to help get Sam out of his car. He was extremely incoherent. They got him into the back of the truck and your dad hopped in the drivers seat. Two other men jumped on the back of the truck and tried to jump and shift leverage while your dad stepped on the gas. Nothing happened. Your dad said he was going to get Miss. Sue's tracker. As we are driving to Sue's house we notice that someone had called the police and they were pulling over to the truck. (The problem with this is that Sam does not have a drivers license due to his epilepsy. Let me say children that having a disease that changes your life in such a large way causes many struggles. Sam should not be driving. Many people can be injured as a result. After all of this happened I went and spoke with Sam's wife about him not EVER driving again.)

Dad grabbed a chain and the tractor and drove back to the truck. He hooked it up and pulled the truck out. Then he walked over to the police officer and said,

Nate: "Listen, we've got this. You can go now."

Popo: "I know that he was driving and he is going to kill someone someday. Are you family."

Nate: "Sort of."

Popo: "Are you family."

Nate: " Listen, we all go to the same church and help each other out. We've got this. Please go now."

Guess what. They left. I'm serious. Your dad is AMAZING!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sisters from the same Mister

(Shelly, Elisa, Mickie, Angie,Irma -Larry and Sam)

As you know grandpa has a checkered past - hence nine siblings that we have/had never met. Mickie made a brief visit to us a couple of years ago (VERY BRAVE). Can you even imagine flying by yourself to meet sisters and brothers with whom you have never spoken a word to? She is super super brave. This time Irma came with her. Can I tell you I felt like I have known them forever. They were gorgeous, funny, grateful, and kind.

It was a great visit. Uncle Danny told his jokes, handed them half eaten food to hold, and kept saying things like,

"Well you know sisters..............That's why we stay single." They aren't!!! Awesome.

I love that him staying single is a CHOICE he has made. His dance card is super full. We celebrated Danny's birthday this weekend also. We gave him a bag of ..........................razors. He was so excited. He had 2 birthday cakes and kept trying to blow the candles out with his nose. There is a video floating around on youtube of him trying to blow out the candles.

It was a great experience seeing similarities with these to ladies to dad and the siblings that live in Arizona. Such a sad past - not really anyway to make it funny...............wait, unless we count the fact that ticks feel like beans when you comb thru your hair. As a kid who is hungry do you think it is comforting to know that you can grow beans on your head? I would be like

beans beans the magical fruit,
I am so lucky they grow on my head.

It is also super funny to be put in special ed because you are white and don't speak English. Oh No, I might go into the immigration debate again. I.....................will................stop............myself.

Ok, I'm back to sanity again, although I must say I am muy disturbed that Willard Scott still does his Smuckers bit on the Today show. It makes me anxious.

Great weekend. Learned a ton. Gracias mi hermanas!!