Friday, November 22, 2013

Paige's TO DO LIST

(you just showed me this.  Your to do list for the REST OF YOUR LIFE)

  1. 14 yrs old  - work at shop
  2. 15 yrs old  - work at shop
  3. 15 yrs old  - buy a few stocks
  4. 15 yrs old  - get mutual fund put in as much money as I can (add in money when I can) (when I need the money in the future use mutual fun and savings account)
  5. 16 yrs old  - get job at clothing store18 yrs old  - credit card only use for lunch once and awhile
  6. 18 yrs old  - quit job
  7. 18 yrs old  - go to college and get job at college. get student loans and try for scholarship
  8. 19 yrs old  - 2nd credit card
  9. 21 yrs old  - house at least 30% down payment rent out until college is over.use rent money for mortgage
  10. 24 yrs old  - finish college. quit that job and start paying off student loans
  11. 24 yrs old  - get job with college degree
  12. 30 yrs old  - buy second house try for 50% down payment
  13. 30 yrs old  - rent out house that I'm not living in use rent money to help finish paying off mortgage and student loans
  14. Sometime in 40's - become a millionaire
  15. 45yrs old  - have both houses paid off keep renting one of them. use money to add more money to my mutual fund
  16. 45 yrs old  - quit job and open restaurant
  17. 60 yrs old  - pass down restaurant to kids and retire
  18. 60's           - live off all of my extra money
  19. DIE           - pass off houses to kids, pass off mutual fund and money in savings account to kids.    

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ellie - Birthday #11

So, for your 11th birthday your dad decided to build you a cafe racer.  This thing is amazing.  There is a vintage light on the front and a hood ornament in the middle from a vintage truck.  

It is far from done, but here are a few pics for now.  He is having it painted at the body shop = Burnt orange.  I can't wait.

Your dad has trouble with pictures

Ellie's birthday 2013. 11 oh yea

Dinner - Baja Joes

Gee, this may be the picture that exemplifies your childhood.  Carter, you are bugging your sister and she is saying "hell to the no."

Dorothy in Wonderland

A day in the life of Paypay

So, when you were 14 you liked to talk - - - a lot.  As we were standing in the kitchen this week you said the following to me:

Paypay "I think we need to volunteer more as a family."

Me, "I love it.  Where are you thinking."

Paypay, "I'm going to start researching it.  I think we should do more with our weekends.  Also, during Christmas break I want to do a Scientific experiment.  I want to eat a ton of food, go outside and get really cold, and then come inside under my covers and try to hibernate like a bear."

Me, "Really?  Is that what it is called?"

Paypay, "Well, not typically, but I believe if I take it to the next level then yes it is a science experiment."

The Danny

Monday, November 4, 2013

This weekend

So this weekend was crazy - per norm.  Golf lessons, play practice, friends houses, cousins in town.  Tu' padre either wore out his tired body, has the flu, or has the food poisoning.  Who knows, but he was rather sick Saturday and Sunday.  I video taped it and think it's hilarious.  I actually showed the video to a couple of people and they don't see the humor.  That's sad.

Anywho last night you, P, read to Ava to put her to sleep.  You came into my room after she fell asleep to tell me the story you shared with her.  Something about a son and a mom texting and she texts him WTF.  The son responds with, "mom, why would you send that to me?"  the mom replies with, "Well that's fantastic" seemed appropriate.  This is awesome on so many different levels.  I appreciate this mom for she and I may be brain twinners.  Your dad also related to the WTF and even in his state of being a puke whore he laughed a wee bit. Poor guy.  Not really.  Why are boys / mens so drama with the sicknesses?  Why must one hear a man toss his cookies/taco across the house?  

Halloween 2013

Rocky Point

Whilst in Rocky Point recently, we enjoyed massages.

And a campfire

And delicious food

Great company

And the Chicken Shack

I was not so bueno about taking pictures on this trip damnit.  I need to search your dads phone and see what I can find.