Monday, November 30, 2009

Family Pictures with Randy

Nate's friend Randy Leseuer came over on Saturday to snap some family pictures. Here are just a few samples of what we are ordering. Randy is so amazing!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Ladies

Yesterday I went out to lunch with some of my high school friends.
(Left to Rt. Becky - holding Jake Karie's son, Me, Allison with Issac, and Karie)

There are so many hilarious stories that involve these three ladies. The one that I tell you guys the most is the time that Allie, Karie and I were at Taco Bell sitting by some cute boys. We started laughing and Allie farted super loud. I wet my pants. It was so bad that Allie wouldn't let me sit straight in the backseat of the car. She had me lay down on my side so as the pee wouldn't soak into the upholstery. Can I just say that the fart was LOUD!!!!

The other story is also with the three of us. We were driving who knows where, windows were down, and we were singing some Peter Citera(sp) song really loud. A car next to us with some angry women started shouting at us. I can't remember the full sequence of what followed, but I do know that two of the angry women opened the back door to the car (this is where I was located). Allison started crying and saying, "Please don't hurt us." over and over. I really don't remember if I uttered a single word. Karie was silent. They eventually shut the door and we drove away. This is why I am a crazy nutter about the doors being locked in the car. Duh!!

Becky feels like she was a staple in my life from 7th grade on. When I saw her yesterday I felt so good. Being around these lovely ladies made me realize that my high school years were very nice.

Karie and her son Jake.
Allison and Issac
One of the most awesome facial expressions I have ever caught on camera. He is sooooo cute.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The day when I knew #3 would be a doctor

Since April Miss. Sue and I have been raisen us some Turkeys and Chickens. The chickens are for the eggs and the turkeys are for...........................................ThanksGiving- whoo whoo. What an ordeal. The turkeys were pigs the first four months and then the chickens decided to retaliate and peck the crap out of the turkeys bums. Eewwwwee.

Since this is the week to get oneself some turkey we decided it was time to give our turkeys the royal treatment. We hacked some heads off last night. Let me remind you children that your mama here isn't a big fan of meat or blood. Nonetheless it was Turkey Time (I can't get MC Hammer out of my head today. I think it is because I saw someone with pants that didn't have a diffinitive crotch today. Gets you thinking. My my is there a reason they have a pair of MC Hammer pants. Do they love him? Do they have a rash? Are they trying to start a trend? Do they want to date Danny? (He loves himself some MC Hammer)) Da da da da.....da da.....da da...Turkey Time.

Below is a picture of some heads and a turkey body running around squirting some blood in the air while it tried to find its upper region. Of course #3 you loved it. You were curious about the whole process. When Glen Nelson said to get on in there and start plucking ----------------------You totally did.

Turkeys Part 2

#3, you got right in there and started pulling feathers. That smile right there and the complete interest in the organs, blood, and grossness made me realize that you may someday be in the vet or doctor profession.
Mr. Glen boiling some turkeys before we completely removed all of the feathers.
Raymundo was a complete expert when it came to all of this. He knew how to find the joints and chop off the legs. Did I stutter? NO. I really just wrote that he knew how to properly remove the Turkeys wings and feet. FEET!!!! Can it get any worse. Oh, why yes it can. Take a peek at the following pictures.
The pulling out of the insides. Can I say that when they were grabbing the intestines a foul...........FOUL (hehehehe) smell came over the area. It was like someone was in a hot air balloon and decided to sprinkle poop that they had steamed and then made into a fine powder.
And here for you viewing pleasure..................................Turkey guts.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Captain and the Chipper

I just happened upon your father the other day working on a car. Look at his amigo there - the chipper. They are so muy lovely.

Anyway, #3 you start a new class tomorrow and so dad and I took you to get some new pants to start off the day. Dad picked out the cutest little shirt for you. It has Wonder Woman and a couple of other female superheros on the front. It says, "Girls rule the world. Boys just live here." As we are driving home here is our conversation:

#3, "Tell me what the shirt says again."
Me, "Girls rule the world. Boys just live here."
#3, "That's right. Boys suck."
Me, "That is not a word we are allowed to say."
#3, "I am not allowed to say SUCK?"
Me, "That is right you are not allowed to say it."
#3, " Sometimes it is used in sentences. Like Ava sucks on her bottle. What else would I say?"
Me, "Don't ever say it. Also, Ava doesn't use a bottle."
#3, "What if a sentence calls for it."
Me, "Use another word instead."
Delayed reaction
#4, "Ava doesn't suck on a bottle. Ava likes a sippie cup. I only suck on candy."
#3 (laughing hysterically. Whispering - "she said it.")
Me, "Hey #4, I love it when you speak in 3rd person."
#4, "I like sucking on candy."
#3, "Boys are evil..........................except for you dad. "

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

One last Time! What - Oh Yeah.

The puppies leave tomorrow. They have been SO much fun!!!! What an amazing experience. It has been great to have so much happy running around. From the crazy birth to the piles and piles of poo. ( Can I say that these wee pups can produce such a crazy amount of crap. I won't miss that. AMEN)

Ok I'm watching the Biggest Loser while writing this and can't stop crying. Oh my goodness. Give me a sec. .....................................

I'm back. Vaccines, de-worming, potty training, trying to get them to not eat the potty training pads, watching them get beat up by their mama - it has all been super educational. Kind of knew Chica was going to eat the sacks when they were born. Who knew that for the first couple of weeks they can't go to the bathroom unless their mom licks them (you know where).

So this gets me to thinking. If I had been birthing children thousands of years ago would I have chewed off the cord, eaten the sack, and licked their bums to help them poop? Would I have had a snarl tooth to eat through the cord - or would that have been Nate? Gross. Do you think eating the cord is like a shot of B12 and the dad would have had a super hero boost of energy and gone out and tackled an alligator to feed to his lovely licking wife?

"Arrgh, your mine little alligator. You are no match for my snack of umbilical cord."

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Auntie Greta

Greta came in to town to visit us last weekend. We had the best time. ( Check out the Cuban sandwich recipe that I will post in the near future - to die for)

We went to the spa, out to eat, shopping, played with puppies, you name it. When we went out to eat on Saturday it was Scottsdale Fashion week next to our restaurant. That was really interesting to watch. We went to La Grande Orange for breakfast; I even took her to Last Chance. (she actually left without finding any shoes - no I'm not kidding - yes I'm serious. Ok stop, I told you I was serious. Yes, I bought a couple pair; you're ok now? Good - breathe) You guys went to Cottonwood with Dad and Ted for #3's birthday. It was an RVing good time.

She was such a big help with our babies. She even gave the Chica a massage in the bathtub. Seriously.

We capped off the fun weekend with a family birthday party for Miss. E on Sunday. Nana, Papa, Uncle Gilbert, and Kim/Dave and the kids all came to join us. Greta made the most wonderful dinner. Blue cheese coleslaw, spinach salad (this was soooo good) , and Cuban sandwiches. I made the coconut cake that was requested.

#3 you received the American Girl doll that you asked for. I believe you uttered.....yeeeeesssss quietly under your breath.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Car Talk

I love the conversations we have on the way to school every morning. This morning was of course no exception.

(#2, you are so funny. Every morning it is like you forgot that at 7:10 you have to leave the house. It is always a "SURPRISE". Guess what you have to get in the car. Guess what you need to have clothing covering your arms and legs when that time comes, possibly some homework and your instrument. Maybe you could make yourself a note that reminds you that you have school..................................................................everyday!!!!!!!)

This morning we are discussing our piece o 'crap car - - - 1996 Landcruiser Yo. (This is the problem with me be a car dealer ..... Me, by the way, not your dad. I've become SUPER picky and cheap. I know what I want and I know that in the next year, if I play my cards right, I can get what I want really cheap. There is always one to two cars a year that are such a steal because there is something wrong with them - sort of. Your dad can totally fix the (what looks like major, but really is a minor) problem.) You guys are asking all sorts of questions about it. Here is our conversation:

#2, "Why did it take dad 6 years to fix your antenna?"
Me, "We are probably going to sell it soon, so it is the time to get it fixed."
#1, "How much did you pay for this car?"
Me, "About $13,000 six years ago."
#1, "Oh, that was way to much."
Me, "No at the time that was a great price. Remember it used to look a lot nicer when we got it. You guys have sort of trashed it."
#1, "Mom, that's not trashing it. We just loved on it too much."

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Tonight I was a baker. I made three different desserts. It was for a Pre-Thanksgiving dinner for 25 young people and a few adults at the Nelsons. Glen was the super Chef.

They were:
1. Coconut cake with a dark chocolate ganache
2. Pecan-Pumpkin Layered Pies
3. Bread Pudding

Apparently the bread pudding was the big hit. Some shy young men even came up to tell me the bread pudding was "the bomb". Due to this great response I thought I should try to remember how I made it and jot it down. Here it goes......

1. I picked up 2 loaves of Rustic Italian bread at the BreadSmith (Aaaamazing)
2. cut the bread in slices and then triangles
3. Butter each piece and then sprinkle white sugar on top
4. Stick them in a couple of ziplocks
5. On the stove top combine
1 qt heavy cream
1 vanilla bean
Heat them together until it almost boils.
6 egg yolks
2 cups sugar
Put eggs and sugar in mixer. Slowly ladle the cream mixture into the eggs to temper them. Once they are combined / strain / and place over low flame to thicken.

6. Dip all bread into #5 mixture and layer in pan.
7. Top with white chocolate chips and chopped up milk chocolate
8. Top with rest of bread and top with the more chocolate
9. Make a caramel sauce
1 cup butter
2 cups brown sugar
Heat the above ingredients until melted and take off heat.
Add a splash o vanilla
honey ( I squirted the bottle)
1 cup 1/2 and 1/2
10. Put some of the caramel sauce on top / add tin foil on top / put in oven at 375 for 40 minutes.
11. serve with some of the caramel sauce on top

Monday, November 9, 2009

What is your Noise?

So Greta was in town this weekend. We were driving over to Sprouts with #4 when we hear her making a noise over and over again.

#4, "Eeeeeehhhghh. That is my noise."

Greta, "That's your noise?"

#4, "Yes, Eeeeehhhghh"

Greta, "Does your mommy have a noise?"

#4, (in a light and sweet voice) "Let's go to the store."

Greta, "Does #2 have a noise?"

#4, "Flowers"

Greta, "What is #1's noise?"

#4, "Eeeeeeeehhhhghh"

Greta, "What about #3?"

#4, "Coloring."

Greta, "What about your dad?"

#4, "My dad is like me. He has my noise Eeeeeeeehhhgghh."

(the noise she made for herself, #1 and the Captain sounded like a fart. Awesome)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bedtime with #3 and #4

#3, "Mom, you always read to her first. I want to be first."

Mom, "Ok, you are up first tonight."

(while I am reading SkippyJon Jones goes to Spice #4 is shouting at me.)

#4, "Moooom, you scratch my back!!!"

Mom, "I'm reading to your sister right now. Just give me a minute Little Burrito - El Skipito"

(I can't help it. I speak like the Leetle Chiwawa when I read about SkippyJon)

#3,"Thanks for reading to me. Go ahead and read to her now. I am going to close my eyes, but that doesn't mean that I am asleep or even tired...................... I just feel like closing my eyelids. OK!"

Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Little extra birthday

Grandma and Grandpa Wenzel dropped off Auntie Kimmy's birthday present for #4 tonight. When we returned from our Halloween extravaganza the present was opened and the dancing Dora outfit was put to the test. Check out the moves with the wand. The Captain and I sang - another one bites the dust - (have no clue why, but that is what came out of my mouth. I am curious if let's say I was in a life or death situation and had to belt out a tune would it be Queen? )

Halloween 2009

We headed over to the Masseys for Halloween tonight. My old babysitter was in town for a work conference - Pam. She, her husband, and their two boys came along with us. #2 went with the McNeilles to their church party.

I spent the day baking two shockingly amazing cakes. The first was orange and dark chocolate - and the second was lemon coconut. They turned out so well I wouldn't mind adopting them as my fifth and sixth children.

Let's start the fashion show:

Lisa sewed an alien siamese twins for #2 and Hadley. So cute. #2 asked me the other day , "are you happy you married into the Babbitts?" I said,"Yes" Then she says, "because I may not have met Hadley if you and dad didn't have me."

#1 and Cousin Nathan had a glorious time dressing up as ladies. (Actually Little Nathan looked really uncomfortable most of the night.) #1 was all about putting the lipstick and makeup on - Nathan ran from the room. The pink wig really made Nathan's eyes pop. Check him out winking in the picture - nice!
#1 swears that another boy tried to pick up on him (ok son. You are a handsome boy, but my Robin Sparkles wig did not do you justice. I am pretty sure that the young man "picking up" on you may have been pulling your long lovely leg. How are you bending like that?)

Paige Nelson posing with #1 at the Masseys partee.

#4 you crack me up!!! We tied your scarf on backward and you turned from Little Red Riding Hood to a gipsy.
Thank heavens so many people brought beans to the party. You consumed about 3 different bowls of beans. We then went trunk or treating and you would get as close as you could to the person with the candy, lean in, and say "treeeat". I had the best time walking behind you and watching the shock on your face every time someone gave you a treat. It was like, "I know I keep saying treeeat, but they are giving me candy. DID YOU HEAR ME MOM - CANDY. Wait, you are going to let me keep it? Where am I and what happened to my mom. (at one point you bit through a piece of candy with the wrapper on.)