Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dear Children:

As of today you are puke and lice free. Thank you. If you noticed I have been listening to books on ipod for the last 3 weeks and ignoring all of you. This is not due to a lack of love; this is due to the fact that Jennifer had to go away for a little bit.

I am back now and oh how I have missed you. Let's catch up. Don't mind the skin falling off of my hands from the bleach that I have been using on everything. Hold my hand - it is OK.

Don't mind when I randomly shout out
"no make it stop".
Don't look at me like I am crazy. Promise - I am not.

Don't think it is bizzare when I start scratching my head uncontrollably and yell

"no - no -I know you are in there - GET OUT - you are not welcome on my head."

Thank you for not bringing home any new illnesses in the last 10 hours. Happy Holidays - It is good to be home



Thursday, December 11, 2008

A curious Night of Lights

Everyone was running around the house trying to find their "winter gear".  This crochet hat was the closest thing we had to it.  Number 4 was so excited to GO.  She didn't know where we were going; just that she was going to get out of the lice house. 
 (After being cooped in the house for 8 days we were bored out of our minds.  Number 4 now speaks in animal.  I don't know how to even type the noises she makes.  She has watched so much Dora and Diego this past week that she no longer uses the English language.  We are going to go along with it  - for now - and enjoy baby jaguar, owl, pig, dog, kitty, river dolphin, and horse.  Today started a new facet of the animal in her.  She now hunches and creeps around the house.  Kind of like an ape, but I think she is emulating baby jaguar (he seems to be her favorite)

The Cap and I had our picture taken.  Problem: I look large - and here I thought this jacket was super cute.  Darn.  Also,  I tried out the new bangs, and ........they haven't been tried out since.
This is the CUTEST picture of Number 4 that I have ever seen.  She looks frozen in time.  

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Family Pictures

We had family pictures Thanksgiving morning. 5th grade, 3rd grade, kindergarten, and 2 yrs old.
Okay little A, you are not so into pictures.
That's okay neither am I.
Check out Riley checkin you out.
Who knew there would be so many little ladies.
All of you son-in-laws are totally posing.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Cap's trip to Mexico

 Really Babbitt - and in Old English.  How about a German or Hispanic name.  Like Von Trapp or Gomez.  Maybe Von Swenzel.   You know I love   THE SOUND OF MUSIC.  A tribute to Gayog would have been fab.  

Struggling with the fact that the family didn't know about the tattoo you:
a.  Pretend it is henna and will wash off later
b.  tell them you went to the dentist and after your root canal you were so loopy---- a tattoo of YOUR NAME sounded like a great idea
c.   Tell them you can take a pill and it will disappear (Gabe, seriously don't fall for these things.)
d.  Just lift up your shirt and hope that your muscular physic will distract from the LARGE tattoo of your name.
The nephews friend Mark eats a fish eyeball.  Why? Really, an eyeball.  Was the trip that boring?  
So the Cap says that you really stated,
"I will eat anything.  If it won't kill me I'll eat anything."
Sooooo looking forward to the event!! See you soon.
The House that Mike and Lavona built
The nephews and their friends sleeping spot.  Is that a sand castle?  The Cap just informed me that they were sand couches ----NOT castles ---phew.   Johnny made the couches so they could be comfortable while sitting in front of Nick's fire (attempt).   Good times boys.


and told his cousins to stop being so lame.
This is Gabe after he shaved off his "no shave November" beard.  Reason:  He forgot his id and had to use his 14 yr old cousins birth certificate to get across the border.

The preparation for the removal of the hair

Thanksgiving with the Babbitts

Where are you?

Finally you realized mommy was above you taking pictures.  This is The BEST smile in the world!!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

One Word - NICE

At night, I get on this.  Currently I am belting out:
1.  Pork and Beans- Weezer
2. Friday Night - Craig David
3. Suspicious Minds - ELVIS
4. You're my 1st, my last, my everything - Barry White
I am NOT a singer.  Yet, I find that I can't help screaming the lyrics out to the songs I listen to while running.  When I am running the Captain is.........
Reading the Snowball by Warren Buffet.  He doesn't look up while I am "singing".  Even when I point and do hand gestures - no looking.  Whatever Cap.  Number 1 pays a nightly visit to tell me that his mom is weird.  Then he sits on the bed and smiles at me.  #1 I love when you sit and smile at me.  
So tonight I decided to switch it up a little.  Hence the 80s attire.  Take it ALL in.  
1.  The white socks pulled up
2. The 80s poly shorts - Nice
3. The shirt that hangs over the shoulder (purposely) and shows the strap to my sportswear.

Tonight - he looked up..................................and laughed and ran for the camera.  I tried to do 80s model faces.  You know  - the tiger   raaa - the flashdance - and electric boogiloo.  He was not into my model faces- whatever Cap.   #1 liked them.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


The appropriate flag for such a place.  Big shout out to opposing pirate brigades "Watch out for the pirates that occupy this fort.  Don't mess, Don't mess , Don't mess with the pirates of the Wilderness.
A bit of a frontal view.  Totally scary. 

The Loft - aka - the secret location
The table where all of the historic documents will be signed.  "the proclamation of ......"
And of course the beautiful graphics that a la pirates put on the fort.  You know how those pirates LOVE bmws.  

Air Soft WAR

Okay, so you don't know how to actually use it, but you like to pretend to hit the Cap.
See the Cap running off into the orchard?  RUNNING FOR HIS LIFE.  Okay, he is the one that made up this game and keeps having Carter hit him to see if "it hurts".  Mind you not just hitting him, but anyone that shows up at the door .  Sorry nephews!
This look ROCKS.  You look great in anything 3, but I dare say the gogles are divine.

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