Thursday, July 2, 2015

YMCA Camp Bound and then an unexpected Return

We left for YMCA camp on Sunday.  Both of you went; as well as, Ella.  Twas a swell drive up and the drop off was smooth.  

Fast forward 48 hours later to a phone call from the camp stating that you - ELLIE BABBITT - are sick.  Carter was the best brother ever driving up right away to grab you.  

I personally think you just missed me so much and needed to hear my lovely singing voice so much that your body revolted with vomit.

Ava Esther, you had them call me right away barely breathing.  You were super upset that Ellie left.  We had some words.  It took a minute, but you totally came around and pulled it together.

So Proud of you.

You are a fancy smart LADY.

Tia Allie and Uncle John handle two 17 year olds on their first BOYZ trip. SOLID

Tia Allie and Uncle John took care of you on your first BOYZ trip.  They are rad and you guys were so responsible.  GREAT WORK EVERYONE.

Ellie's Trip To Aunt Christy's House

E, you went home with Aunt Christy, Madison, and Riley for 10 days.  Carter came and grabbed you and took his first BOYZ trip Ever.  You had a blast with your cousins..  The following is a stream of pictures you texted me one of the days.

Polygamist Pictures

Back in the day - TBT 

Polygamists in Vegas

When Ava Became Independent

This is actually a BIG deal.  You wanted a treat at the Cafe - no one wanted to help you.  You HELPED YO-SELF.


The Summer Carter Went To France

Latrenda's 50th Birthday party

The three best friends

6th Grade Graduation

What What

Lincoln the Best Dog and MY New Best Friend

Me and My BAE

First Prize is just my SIZE

When you were 17 you LOVED getting your picture taken. It was so hard to go 2 seconds without you asking for me to take a photo.  LOL - you are a funny man-boy and make this interesting smile-clench whenever I take a picture.  It is a bit like you are in constipation pain.  

You made this ring.  You are a bad ass.  FIRST PRIZE in all of the high schools for the casting jewelry.  SING IT LOVER.  You are a fabulous jeweler.  


Welcome Tuesday

Paige, you have been begging for a puppy for years.  You met the requirements and signed the contract and went to pick out yo puppy.  Please welcome Tuesday to the Familia.

The Ging