Monday, April 22, 2013

Science Center II

This area was awesome.  You could pick a tune and the magnets would dance.  Carter, I am going to predict your future right now.

Whomever you Marry will be a Ginger.  You have a way with them and they tend to flock to you.  You will also write love songs and can jelly on the side.

There was this cool area where you stood in the middle and were able to experience some different types of weather.  Asher was hilarious.  He kept warning us that we may get wet.  Paige, you had just straightened your lovely locks and this put you in a wee panic.  I believe at one point you tried to lift up the back of my shirt and stick your head underneath.  Since I am not one for back nursing a 13 year old I put a stop to it.  

There was a screen that you could dance behind and we would watch your shadow.  A, you are on the far left and Finn is next to you. No, I don't know who the random is on the far right.  Knowing you though you got their name and phone number.  Yes, you were that type of kid.

This was a thing - gadget - sciency display of wonder where you took your picture and it put you on the BIG SCREEN.  

This is how it turned out.  Finn looks like he should star in the Alien flick that comes out and Ava you look like someone from Finnland that has food poisoning.  This is totally going on the slideshow when you two get married.

Jessica called Cebo to see if they could get 11 of us in and guess what - Hell yes.  We sat outside; it was 86 degrees and we chowed on pizza and crepes.  I love this picture 

Ellie, you and LaCie look super pissed that I asked you to look at me and stop the delight that is crepes.  Ava, you were like @#$@^ you MOOOOM.  I am totally going to take advantage of the older girls being polite and take as much ice cream as I can.

Arizona Science Center Estillo Steed

So I purchased a pass for the Science Center this year.  For our first trip al la season de educational we went with the Steeds / Jessica's step-brother Kyle / and Ellie, your bestie LaCie.  We arrived and there were some food trucks in the area outside the entrance.  Since you guys are always hungry and we can not turn our backs on a food truck we invested some time with burgers and fries.  Delicioso.

Carter, you were not trying to pose for GQ.  You were trying to be super annoying and not stop eating while I was taking a picture.  I would say - La Backfire.  Instead you look like you are a gross Muchacho trying to pick up on a classy lady using all of the wrong skillz.

WTF is up with my head today?   I feel like I am Dora the Explorering the hell out of everything.

Ellie, you and LaCie had your nails done in some glow in the dark polish prior to even entering the Center of Science.

There are wheel chair races when you enter and Carter, you and Kyle tried your best to get your cousin/sibling to win.  A, you and Asher had the best time together!

Next up it was the big boys turn.  You were both muy enthusiastic about it.  

I rather enjoyed the bed o nails display.  A, you were super distracted with your feet and E, you were super distracted with the girl picking her nose at the end of the nail-bed.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Dad's field trip

Dad is on his boys trip to Coachella this week.  He left on Thursday and comes back on Monday.  Just now, Miss. A, you came in to wake me up and said, 

A: "Hey, where is dad?"

Mom: "He is still gone."

A: "He is STILLL on his field trip with his boyfriends?  That's crazy." 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Easter and the Day of thy birth

15 is old man.  No, I'm not crying.  Be quiet, I'm not crying.

During the Easter Egg hunt you heard your new phone ringing.  In 2013 it is muy fancy to have an iphone.  Fancy es your middle name Muchacho.

Uncle Danny

Take it all in.  Yes, those are cowboy boots with a mechanic uniform.  You are most welcome.

McDowell Mountain Music Festival

We are on a BOAT

Let me say first off, in 2011 there was an SNL skit that was something about, "I'M ON A BOAT" and I had heard about it and thought I would play it for you guys.  It turns out I had a complete heart attack as we were watching it, for every other word is the f word and it is super inappropriate.  Damn.

I don't know why I brought that up.  Guilt I guess.  So two weeks ago Dr. Otto gifted the Captain a boat.  Yes, a boat.  I know crazy.  Your dad helped him with a bunch of work on his Range Rover and he thanked him with a vintage boat.  Your dad is super happy.  I think it is cute. 

We may or may not have had an experience like the Titanic when we first set sailed on our Maiden Voyage.  I will not speak of it unless you guys (I mean Ava) ask me to be a part of your therapy sessions when you are older.  Until then my lips are sealed for your mental health.  BTW I scream like a normal mother when their boat is being tipped sideways with all of their children in it.  IT IS NORMAL.

Carter you have given me so many photos to show your future girlfriends, thank you!

You may have had a hard time getting over you near boating disaster.

Once we had time to find a cool spot and eat we all had a wonderful time in our newest addition to the family. 

The year of Seis

Dearest Ginger,

When you were six it was an extrodinary time.  You enjoyed everything in life, but food.  One of my personal favorite things that you enjoyed during this year was...................

Socks with the sandles. 

Can I just say a big , "Thank you lover."  Every morning I wake up and feel like I am lying on the beach in Florida and you come walking by with your socks and sandles.  I can almost feel the ocean breeze and see the unattractive flower dresses that the old ladies wear.  Thank you thank you thank you.

The Mama

Ms. Farla Roja Blanca

My birthday in 2013 was amazing.


Your dad ran a 1/2 marathon again this year and Carter you ran a 10k.  You guys were impressive and we showed up with our signs to cheer you on.

Look at you go young man.  It always appeared as if it were effortless when you were running. 
Did I mention that neither you or tu padre prepared for this. 

I don't have a single picture of your dad running.  I do have a picture of him getting rubbed down because he didn't prepare for this race and felt like dung after it was over.


Twas Carl's birthday recently and the shindig was at Leisure Planet.  Tis a place when the seniors dance, eat, and dress up like cowboys.  I might have wet my pants ......................................again.  Sorry this keeps happening.  I know it is disappointing to me as well.  I know.  Geez guys.

So, I wet my pants as a result of the hee haw dancing that mostly you, Paige, were letting us witness.  I dare say it was quite aggresive.  There is video that goes along with this most pleasant evening.  Paige, you can get down like Usher, if he were into country music.

At one point you said,

"I think country lives in my heart."

Really, this is beyond surprising and fascinates me.  I feel like you might have a couple of personalities and you know that tickles my fancy.  I too have another personality and she abhors country music, btw.  Your's on the other hand might have a pretend best friend of Garth Brooks.  Yeehaw you are cute and sassy.  You stomped around the dance floor like you lost your cat and your boyfriend ran off with the girl next door.  Nice work.

There were moustaches on the tables that we may have stolen from every table at the entire party. 

Girls night Pre-game. Alyssa and Ava

Our girls night was preceeded with some model posing.  Ava darling, when your Mama's camera is a shooting you must not dance so fast.  You know I try so super hard to be tech savy and yet it challenges me in a way that reminds me of trying to back up an SUV with a trailer.  I try and it doesn't ever work out.

THE Wedding

Charbel and Jessie were married and it was an amazing event.  Let us start out with the fact that your dad wore a BLUE suit.  It was hot. 

They wore crowns people.  Seriously, crowns.  I kept gasping and yelling at your dad - crowns, there are crowns.  How bad ass is it when you get a crown during your wedding.  Not only that, but the bridesmaid and best man had crowns.  It was a good sign that this Par tay would be fab when we witness crowns. 

I still can't get over it.

The entire ceremony was in Lebanese.  I found it so damn funny that I didn't understand anything except the name "Jessie" every now and then.  Close your eyes and think of a Priest speaking in Lebanese and then there is a pop of  "Jessie" that is super fast and distinct about every 2 minutes.  Awesome is what I call it.

The mother of the groom likes to have fun.  Not joking.  Look at her all, "I may be the mother of the groom, but I can still wave my hands like I just don't care, like I'm 22. Bitches."