Monday, March 28, 2011

Our Morning Routine

THE Captain and my Conversa sion this morning:

Me, "Do you ever wonder why Ghadaffi's name is sometimes spelled with a G and sometimes spelled with a K"

Captain, "DO U ever wonder why girls wear bump-its? Is it to look taller it to make their brains look bigger? Those are the things that I wonder about."

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Days at Sea

I finished The Lost Symbol. I LOVED it. So interesting to connect religious histories.

Again with the interesting facial expressions. I am not determined to enroll your father in class that teaches him how to take a decent picture.

Friday, March 25, 2011


Did you just get Panama Canal ed?

We headed into Panama and realized, "This place is crazy dangerous. It is also so poor and ultra sad." Instead of sightseeing too long we took a taxi to the canal. This was muy interesante. When the US lost control of the canal 11 years ago the government decided to charge you insane amounts of money to use it. What pray tell is my version of insane?
For example: A cruise ship=$400,000
A cargo ship= $250,000
From this point forward I declare: When someone takes advantage of a situation or charges too much money for something I will refer to it as being...................Panama Canal ed!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More Zip line

Zip Line

Zip lining was extremely awesome!! I thought I might get a bit concerned with the height and safety of it all, but Hell to the No. I was great!!!!!

Funny little side note: Ehren could not go straight down the zip lines. He would spin like a bad set of rims while coming down the wire.

Costa Rica

We had signed up for a canopy zip-line tour for our Costa Rican excursion. Since we didn't have to depart for that until 2:30pm we got off the boat and started walking. A gentleman who called himself "Super Mario" propositioned us.

S.Mario, "Hey fellas I have a drivers license and I lived in the USA. I will drive you around for a tour."
(Nate is always up for anything!!)
We headed off for a couple of hours of pure delight.
1. He stopped at the place in the picture below. This was a cave that Christopher Columbus had as a hangout. I should mention that Costa Rica is infatuated with Chris Columbus. Their money is named after him and he was mentioned on our "tour" numerous times.

This centipede was HUGE. April spied it just crawling by our feet. AHHHH

So after the cave Super Mario took us to a cool hotel with a restaurant on the beach. Gorgeous! As we are driving toward our next destination Super Mario leans out the window and says to some guy he knows,
"Hey Nigga - Two mother f....ers want to keel you."
Not kidding. We all looked at each other and were like, "Who are we with and what just happened?"
Turns out both of the bad phrases from above are common language in Costa Rica. Most of the people are of Jamaican decent and I am told, call each other both of those things as terms of friendship.

Oh The StingRays

Our Trip 2011

We left March 11th for Miami. Your dad actually slept on the plane. SERIOUSLY. Check out his relaxed Castro face.
We arrived in Florida and went to our hotel. It smelled like cigarettes. I abhor that smell; on the other hand I own Phillip Morris stock and am happy that someone is supporting my family.
Shandon Ray picked us up for some Thai food on the beach. We had such a lovely time and it was so nice to see Randon Shay again.

The next day we boarded our ship and set sail for Cozumel. Since I have SOOOOO many pictures I am going to select a few to describe our fab time. Below is your Captain and I eating and enjoying ourselves after swimming with some StingRays.

The ocean in Cozumel is intensely blue. I enjoy it and could have stayed here for a very long time.

Monday, March 7, 2011

The past couple of days

Do you think the above 2 pictures resemble each other?

We went to visit grandpa Babbitt this past week. He enjoys posing for the pictures. Paige, I think you may lose your reign as the posing queen. Check out #4, she is all up in grandpa's grill and popping her shoulder.

The Haymores came over on Sunday. All of the kids were so good. You two young ones had a wee picnic outside. Paige, you made them mac and cheese and chocolate milk.

Mid-morning convo

Ava, "Mom. I like to eat a muffin and the blueberries and the muffin mix in my tummy to make peas."

Me, "You make pee?"

Ava, "Mooooom. I make peas."

Me, "Yes, we make pee/urine when we eat food."

Ava, "Mom, tell me the truth. Why are you not listening to me. Another name for peas is beans."

At this point you are so exasperated that you walk away. I notice whilst you walk away that you have a ball of toilet paper stuffed in your undies. When I ask you why you say,

Ava, "Really."