Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Word to the Liars

As you and I are sitting in the drive-thru at Dutch Brothers today;

Ava Darling: "Mom, are moms and dads liars?"

Me:  "No."

Ava Darling: "Just stealers then.   Obviously they live alone and don't have mathers (aka mothers).  Ellie keeps saying that I am lying, but I would never do that."

I'm just sayin


This was taken immediately after waking up.  It looks as if he is a heavy metal singer and his family just sat him down for an intervention.  By the looks of it he is NOT very happy about this intervention.  

Me, "Darling, I love you.  The thing is I will not enable your habit anymore..........................................................If you don't start using hair product,  I'm afraid, well, you might have to go away for awhile.   Your hair has gone beyond Barry Gibb and is now boarding on Phil Spector. "

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Date Day

Dad and I planned a date day this past week.  Our date days consist of a thriftish store and a great restaurant.  We headed over to Zinnias to grab a chandelier that we had spotted on our last visit and then stopped in at St. Francis.  Ava darling, you ate 1/2 your kids pizza, a bowl of quinoa, and this lovely dessert pictured.  I thought you might be sick on the ride home, but you kept it down and ate again an hour later.  

While at Zinnias we spotted 2 berets.  One an brown wool one with 2 pins and the other a navy velvet one.  When we arrived back home I asked if I could take your picture in them.  What followed was a cover shoot.  You, Ava Esther Wenzel Babbitt absolutely LOVE to pose for pictures.  At one point there was muscle flexing.  Here are a few pics from the session:

1st day of school 2011

8th Grader and some random pirate with really LARGE hair.

3rd grader standing next to my best friend Dyson.

6th grader and Barry Gibb and Five.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Yesterday whilst sitting in the pool

A: "Mom, dad says there is a secret door in the pool where dolphins come out at night to swim."

Me: "Really? "

A: "I would like to ride one."

Me: "I'm thinking they come out at night because they don't wish to be ridden."

A: "I had a dream that there were cows that walked around on their back legs and they spoke."

Me: "What did they say?"

A: "They had machine guns and they wanted to overrun the human race."

Me: " WHAT?"

A:  "Did you know that you can be an AirBender when you are a grandma?"

Friday, August 19, 2011


This is one of my favorite pictures EVER!!  It makes me laugh almost as much as Anderson Cooper getting a fit of giggles.  Holy Heck Anderson I LOVE that you took it so well.  You even posted someone tweeting,
"Anderson Cooper's giggles are like watching unicorns fart rainbows."

How I love to laugh my dears.  Here is another one that made me wet me pants a bit.

You, numero tres had Dylan over to play on Saturday.  Come Sat night Kristen and Matt came by to swim whilst their 3 children were playing joyfully in the toy room.  We were discussing Pioneer Woman's iced coffee tip when Dylan came out crying and saying she wasn't feeling well.  They all went home.

Come Monday you and Dylan were on the playground when she said to you,

"I was tired of hanging out with you and that is why I said I was sick and went home."

Ellie, "Mom, I think that was so mean."

Super Mom, "Really?  It totally sounds like something you would say to her.  It may not have been the nicest, but it was honest and really you."

You sat there for a full 15 seconds and then said,

Ellie, "You may be right.  I think it was honest.  I probably would say that to her also..........OK."

I love this about you young thinker.  You actually considered what I was saying to you, thought about it for a second, and then changed your way of thinking to a new idea.  You are superb!!!!!  I laugh at bit, on the inside of course, while I watch you process ideas.  I dig you darling!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Teeny Tiny pictures.  Ya' all went out to lunch with Grandma and Grandpa before shool started.  Since tu padre is sporting the largest hairdo known to man,  I quote Megamind on a reg basis.  

Oh my, what a surprise, you and your chickens.  Who knew that pollo would bring you and #3 so close. You two bond all day long over the Mias and Bubs.  You have shown muy dedication to them E.  I'm so impressed with your attention to their needs.

The Captain had some of "The Cancer" this summer.  He has kept his mane long and his beard all shaggy to thwart the summer rays.  Every morning he wakes up with hair taller than his head.  It has become a bit of a contest to see if it can stand up much more without product.  It is proven that it can, especially when he considers swimming "showering".  Did I mention that he didn't wash his hair for 4 days because he thought "Shwiming" would take care of personal hygiene. 

This picture is to serve as a reminder to all of you young ewoks that "The Cancer" runs in la familia.  This is tu padre at Dr. Glicks office for his 2 biopsies.  (That reminds me of the Aunt in Big Fat Greek Wedding.  Remember bibiobsy.  Hahahahaha that Aunt and her hairy tumor twin.)   Look at the love in his eyes for me whilst I take this picture.  He said,
"Mi Amore.  My love for you shines so bright I can't see.  Tis why my ojos aren't working so well these days.  I know you so well.  You enjoy that poem by the Shel Silverstein that is about a boy not wearing the pants.  You also enjoy cleaning up my messes and making me tasty treats.  You are my truest love ever.  Stay Cool."

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

1st day of school dialogue

Paige, "Moooom.  You and my teacher are so much a like.  She loves shopping and pedicures and said she is not our maid so don't leave our stuff on the ground.  Isn't that funny,   you've said that before."

Dear Future Paige,

Yes honey you were in advanced classes.  Yes dear you really said shit like this.  I know, I'm in shock also.  


Carter you just came home and said something so mature:

"Mr. Russel my Math teacher says that if we don't turn our homework in when it is due we can't turn it in late for any credit.  This does seem reasonable."

San Diego Summer 2011

Auntie Kimmy forwarded me some pictures - Yeah!!!  The problem is they are TINY and I am a Jetsons-tard I can't figure out how to make them larger.  Deal with it mighty ones.  Someday when the old yous are reading this fantastic "scrapbook" you will be all

"Our Mom was Super Terrific.  She also had a way with The Google.  Even though she and her computer-box didn't always see eye to eye;  we appreciate her efforts of keeping a journal for us."

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mama Mia y Mia

Dad and I were out to eat the other night with some of our lovely friends "The Dovers".    As our fabulous evening progressed we got onto the topic of chickens.  It turns out that a myriad of 12/13 yr old ladies are into "the chickens".  Brascia, their daughter, needed to find a new home for 3 of her chickens. Miss. B has horses that take up her time;  and since you Miss. P wanted some Pollo I offered our place.  

You, Paige and your dear lady Alyssa had the whole thing mapped out.  It involved a binder of info you wrote down off of the internet,   a chicken book checked out from la library,  a commitment from 4 families to purchase la eggs, and now a wikichick brain.  It is very interesting to me how much pollo information is stored in your heed.  You started quoting stats on some chicken named a "Sussex" and asked your father if he needed you to spell it for him.  Hahahahahaha.  

You and A figured out how much the feed would cost every month and how much you would charge for a 1/2 dozen "organic cage free" eggs.  $1.50

Your dad is required to do the most work in this project.  He and Carter started taking apart the pirate fort in the back.  (You can also witness him training Otto in the above pic) It is going to be remodeled into a hen house.  Every piece of wood that is removed 5 devil tails sprang out.  Holy Hell  - LITERALLY.  He killed 20 scorpions with la help from hermano.  Alyssa's father offered to assist, but I am afraid to invite anyone into Satan's den.  Remember that Aracnophobia movie that was made years ago?  How scary would it really be if it were done with scorpinos?  That is some scary beepidy beep beep.  People could actually die and not just get a bug bite.  Did I also mention that Uncle Mike killed a RattleSnake at our house whilst we were away.  AHHHHHHH  What is happening.  I'm sure it is because we aren't receiving any blessings right now.  Hahahahahaha  I can't help it .  It is so easy to go there.   

When Brascia and her motha, Suzie, dropped off the chickens we made a day of it and had the Haymores over to swim also.  Check out Ella.  Love her.  The chickens laid eggs the 1st day - Yippee.  All of you ladies in the house have been carrying them around and talking in baby voices to them.  Oh I almost forgot the best part of this whole damn story.  THEIR NAMES.  

Mia and Mia.  There is also a baby chick named Bubbles.  Nope, not even close to kidding.  

"Hi, this is my chicken Mia and my other chicken Mia."

Am I so freaking old that a NewHart joke is still funny?  Ahahahahahahah Yes I am.  Uncle Danny has 2 close friends and they are both named Darren.  Ahahahahahahahah

After you fed your chickens scrambled eggs (What What.  Yes, old Pagie that will be reading this.  You fed your chickens eggs.  Let that sit for a wee bit.  Eggs)  we skirted off to "Meet the Teacher" at Ishikawa.  We ran into Tatum on the sidewalk and stopped for a quick pic.  3rd grade and 6th grade.  AWESOME!

San Diego Summer 2011

I was none too good at taking pictures this vacation.  I am emailing Auntie Kimmy to get some pictures that show more than a glance at us.  Here are a couple of action shots I managed to get my lazy butt to take.  Enjoy.

Daniel-Son A LA Hospital