Friday, February 24, 2012

Ex-Mo Picnic Time

Ava ran into Annie at the picnic the other day.  Ya'all were mucho muy excited to see each other.  

As a side note:  You just asked me if we could go to the prison to visit the people there.  You do not want to stay there.  Just have a visit.

Carter.  You are awesome and had a lovely time with April and Kristine's boys.

Paige,  you kept asking dad if he was wearing the scarf to embarrass you.  He said "no" an awful lot.  

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Date Night a la no tattling style

We went out for a date the other night and came home to this.  Ya'all rated each other on the evening's best and worst behaved siblings.  AL LA VOTING ESTILLO.  Tis muy cute.  I was very impressed with the lack of tattling and the innovative way of getting the others to shape up.

Waking up to find you wearing clothes that are super fine.

The phenomenon only started occurring earlier this school year.  Cute clothes.  It started out to be rare and has progressed to almost every SINGLE day.  Kindergarten you would be shocked.  Today though, was on the exceptional side.  I ran and grabbed my new uber cute camera and snapped some lovelies.

Pahina, you found some jeans in your sister's drawer that actually fit you.  You were extremely proud.  It turns out you were channeling some 1994 with this photo shoot.  Can I get a 

"slight look over shoulder, whilst looking like you are sniffing the roses floating down from the heavens,  Kenny G is serenading you some "I will always love you" and puppies are gathering around your feet and slowly shaving your legs. AHHH amore"

Yes, This is IT!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A day at San Tan with The Captain

We met Julyssa and 2 of her kids at San Tan awhile back to grab some paperwork.  Julyssa and I ran to the Apple store whilst your Captain was on Captain duty.  He goes all crazy and takes you guys on the train around the place.  (He is a baller yo)  Below is the picture after "someone" let some really stinky gas in the caboose.  Ahh gross.  

He then stuffed all ya'alls in a grocery cart and made his way over to the Apple store to let us know that you, Miss. A, needed to use the facilities.  AND.  Really, you didn't just take 5 kids to the bathroom?  You are such a muy complainer.  

Here is the trend I'm noticing in ALL of la photos.  That would be Ms. N takes a great picture.  She is posing for every single shot.

Monday, February 6, 2012

1st Tooth is OUT THE DOOR

We came home from the cruise to you, Miss A, with 2 very loose teeth.  I asked if I could feel them.......heeheehee you learned the lesson that your siblings already knew.  That is......I LOVE TO PULL TEETH.  You cried for a bit.  The next day it was all sunshine and butterflies, for you received $2.00 from Ms. Tooth Fairy.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

L A Cetto

This is the second winery that we visited.  Apparently Mr. LA Cetto came down to Mexico from Italy in the 30's.  His three sons (Also L. A. Cettos) run it now.

A lovely photo of La Nathan's.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bedtime conversations

A: "I don't want to go sleep.  I keep having bad dreams about blood sucking poodles."

Me: " When I can't sleep I like to think about things that make/made me happy.  Disneyland is a great one.  Just lay there and think about riding Pirates of the Caribbean."  

E: " I like to think about my fingers."  (giggling)

Me: "What?" (strange face made by your mother)

E: "Yeah,  I really don't wish to be fingerless, so I am happy I have fingers and like to think about them."

Last night whilst I was cleaning up the counter in the kitchen you walked over and said,

C: "Hey, I heard this line on Dinner for Schmucks and was wondering what it means."

Me:  "What was it?"

C: "Hey I lost the clitoris."

Me: (in a very calm professora voice) " It is located at the top of the vagina.  It is under a small hood of skin and women have it to help them have an orgasm.  Would you like to know what an orgasm is?"

AT this POINT you make a face like you licked Uncle Danny's black head that is the size of a walnut on his back.  I wish we had cameras on you 24/7 because it was one of the funniest faces I've seen from you.

C: "NO, no I don't want to know."

Me: "Really, I would love to explain it all to you."

C: "No, really please don't tell me."  

You ran away from me as fast as possible.  I walked in to my bedroom and dad was on the bed in hysterics.