Thursday, September 18, 2014

Lady Scouts

The first day of Little Lady Scouts is upon us.  How did she do?  She loved it.  Besides selling cookies she wants to go camping.

2 days after the meeting I get a message from her teacher

"The kids got in trouble in music class today and lost recess time.  5 of the kids were crying.  Ava raised her hand and told me she wasn't crying because her mom told her puppies die when you cry"

Badass little A.

Unfortunately it is a wee bit off.  I said, "puppies die when you lie"  Anyways while asking you about getting in trouble you said the following:

"I was talkative not chatty.  I may have a problem.  I'm working on it though so we shouldn't have gotten in trouble.  Why are there Brownies and Daisys in Lady Scouts?  I bothers me and makes no sense"

Well there you have it.  I seriously bet you were discussing this Lady Scout problem with your fellow music students when you got in trouble.

Sur La Table Cooking Class

April and Ehren invited us to a cooking class the other day.  LOVED it.  I made 2 of the meals thus far.  I really want to take another one.

Family Night a la Steeds

We had the Steeds over to swim the other night and we somehow ended up in our room.

Shop Bonding Day

Paige had a partay

Date Night / The day we put Otto to sleep and had to have a nightcap

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Paigé's Partay

Paige lover of lovers.  I just went outside to "check in"with all of your party guests.  I was "yo yo whatever cool talking it" when a boy asked if we were sisters.  I said "of course" and then Rachel outed me as your Mama.  Then you look miffed and say " We are only 24 years apart" like this is a thing to say.