Thursday, November 15, 2012

Electric Boogaloo next Generation

Carter, when you were 14 you were in a crew.  Break dancing crew.  You were all bad ass dancers that popped and locked your joints like the pros.  Your first gig was at the fair.  Above is the Uncle waiting for the performance.

He had to go congratulate the rockers before you and shake their hand and say, "You rocked"  

I videotaped the dancing.  In the year 2012 videotaping means that we can watch the pop y lock y on our computer box.  Who knows what fancy gadgets you will have as an adult?  I bet your car will fly.  Would that make it a plane?  How about a clane? Or a plar.  I dig PLAR.  Random, yet it is what I think about.  A lot.

I asked you if you were nervous prior to performing and you said, "No, not at all."  You are a man. Damn

We ventured out through the fair after the experience of la dance.  Hahahaha.  Uncle Danny went on a roller coaster with you, Carter.  He looked like he wet his pants and threw up at the same time.  Twas awesome and has prompted us to plan a trip to Disneyland.  He has never been.

Miss, Ava it was your first time at the rodeo and you went on a couple of rides.  On the slide below you sort of flew up a bit into the air while sacking it down.  The look on your face was pure terror.  I felt bad for like a second.  After that second it was a happy high like no other.  Your gifts to me are immeasurable.  I loved watching you fly in the air whilst riding down a fairly unsafe slide at the fair.  Life experiences darling.  

Phoenix Open Market

For National Food Day we visited Phoenix Open Market where we continued our stalking of St. Francis.  The chef was there teaching a class on Squash soup.  

We purchased food from a Soul Food truck, a hotdog truck, and a pie truck.  Hot Damn it was good.

1st place bitches

Last month you, Carter, and your father took little Nathan and your Datsun truck to a car show.  Ya'all won 1st place.  Nicely done lovers!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Daniel SON

The morning ride to work today was Uncle Danny and myself.  It was interesting that he was telling me about an employee at the Tempe shop whom he has never actually met. 

Danny, "I really really like Mike.  I think he is nice and a really good tech.  Is the guy that is going to start on Wednesday really big like I've heard?"

Momager, "I don't know I have never actually met him.  He did a working interview at the Tempe shop and they said he had a great personality and was very professional."

Danny, "Yea, he is really loveable...................................................Long pause........................................................Maybe he is just to loveable.  It is okay.  I will teach him the ropes.  If I have to I will stomp on him."

WTF.  Did I mention that Danny has never ever ever met either of these people?

Monday, October 29, 2012

Kindergarten playground antics

Ava you just came home from school and said that Ethan (who is your dream lovar at escuela this year.  Every single day I get to hear what you and Mr. E did.)

Ethan said, "Are you ready to kiss?"

Apparently you just turned your back to him.  No, you didn't give him a yes or a no.  You are a diva.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The lovelies for the week. Guess who said what

When I grow up I'm going to be a professional singer.

Gingers are really good whistlers

When I am grown I will have my own island.  Only rich people will live there and it will be a Monarchy.  I will be the Queen.  Scientifically speaking I would like to create my own race of people.  (I pointed out that this was what Hitler did and you disagreed.  a lot.  You just want to try and then people can do what they want to do after you are successful.)

I can't help it.  When music turns on my feet start moving like they are dancing.

If I had been there for the first half of the movie I probably would have lol'd for the 2nd half. (Ok this one was Uncle Danny and he WAS THERE FOR THE FIRST HALF OF THE MOVIE)

Mom,  I won't claim your gas in front of dad.  Now maybe if Randy was here I would,  but there really isn't anyone here who doesn't realize it was you.

Dad, mom said I could see an R rated movie.  I think you need to sit her down for a talk.  (It is ARGO darlings and I still stand by letting your see it.  Hint, you are in h.s. for heavens sake. )

Dad, mom just sent me a text picture of her poop.  Do we have to dance every time she goes to the bathroom on her own now?  ahhah.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

J MRAZ part 2

You and Alyssa were able to sit in the row in front of us.  You are semi adult.  It brings a tear to my eye to think that you will only be living here for another 6 years.  Time goes by so fast and you will be at some amazing college before we know it and I will be a mess.  I may have to make your room into a glamorous closet to console myself.  

Ellie, you know all of J.M's songs.  I love your voice.  

After we left we got a bit side tracked in the down town area.  A Diamondbacks game got out at the same time and there are ONE WAY streets.  Damn.  Thank goodness we had a great playlist.  We listened to Solid and some Black Eyed Peas and some other classics.  You guys danced yourselves crazy.  Twas fabulous.  

Jason Mrazzzzzz

Uncle Dave scored us some Mraz tickets for Tuesday night.  Since Carter and dad felt like it should be a "girl thing" we invited Alyssa, her Mama, and Lacy.  Everyone had a friend.  Since I was "technically" not supposed to drive, Ms. Latrenda escorted us to the show.

That is a picture of her singing.  

We parked and walked around looking for comida.  We found a place called THE DUCK AND DECANTER.  hmmmm it was good.  I had low expectations and when I bit into my "pocket" it was yummy.  

Everyone was super polite and happy.  It's Jason Mraz for Pete's sake.  

I believe it was a great experience to walk around downtown Phoenix.  It is good to get out of one's bubble once in awhile.  

It is good to see street performers.  

Okay, not to talk about me, but my boobs look like they have their own zip code.  I have no clue what is going on here.  

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

13th birthday

The morning of your birthday and this is what we had at the table.  Hunka hunka.  I love nutella.  I also love me some handsome Carter.  

I look gooood.  Damn.  Hysterectomys do me good.

You stayed up late and pre-made crepes to have for your birthday breakfast.  I know, I know.  BEST MOM IN THE WORLD.  I let you make your own birthday breakfast.  

13th birthday

Friday, September 28, 2012


Your bff, Emi brought over some "notes" the other day for you.  I gave them to you upon your arrival home and you asked to be photographed.  What is awesome about you Ava is that you model every time I take your picture.  Here are just a few of the "faces" you gave the phonera whilst I was snapping away.


Latrenda and Alyssa planned a super fun surprise birthday party for you while I was at the hospital.   You and Alyssa and Ali had cake and presents and then went to IPIC to see a movie.  You have some amazing people in your life!!

You and the cute ladies.