Monday, June 28, 2010

Dogs and their movements

Your dad and I went away for the weekend to the Hyatt Regency at Gainey Ranch. It was lovely. Just outside our patio area was a huge grassy courtyard that was extremely private. As we were eating our yogurt and bagel yesterday morning a lady came out to the grass with a cute little puppy. We both stared dreamily at the puppy thinking, "Wouldn't it be awesome if we had a little dog that was nice?" All of the sudden your dad's neck whips around to have him staring into the bedroom. I was all
ME: "what the what? Did you just get whiplash?"

To which your dad says,
"You know, when I was a little kid in Mexico we were told that if you stared at a dog while it pooped you would go blind or turn to stone. It's automatic I guess; I can't look while they are doing their business."

ME: "How many blind people did you meet as a kid."

DAD: "None, but there were a lot of statues."

Monday, June 21, 2010

Family Night

There are a couple of shows the the ENTIRE family looks forward to and is appropriate for all of us to watch together. Our number uno show is American Pickers. We tape this show and watch it every Monday night. Your dad fancies himself a picker and all of you wee potlickers fancy yourself garbage pickers. Why just this morning I found you, #3 in the kitchen trash, digging out finds you deemed lovely. #4, you haven't distinguished between crap and treasure. I mean this in the most literal translation possible.

Tonight we are watching American Pickers and the group commented on how much we like Danielle's neck tattoo. It makes #4 run around while growling.

We noticed that Frank must now have a stylist for his jeans were looking sooooo much better than the norm. Frank, my dear, we are super appreciative to your new jeans. Your bum (yes we were looking) is in such a finer light now. Now you need to splurge on a new pair of sunglasses.
We love that you retain your serious demeaner when someone is trying to high ball you.

What can I say, Mike's laugh rivals mine. Mike, you say the funniest things. I love the honeypot references, the style cramping mantra, "smoken", Farm Fresh, Freestyling.

We LOVE everything you guys buy!! We may be visiting Antique Archeologists soon. Me love me-self some American Pickers!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Vacation 2010

Our first trip of the summer involved going to Sue's ranch and visiting Carter at Boy Scout camp. Cassidy, your cousin, came with us and we made the rounds to several restaurants. The first restaurant was Brandy's. Captain had visited this restaurant previously and had built up our expectations. (unfortunately they did not live up)

Picture this: We are sitting there when you, #2, talk about how you might like to order the quiche. Obviously, your dad is not listening and 2 minutes later Mr. Mexico says,

"What is KweechA?"

Ok............I still can't stop laughing. I keep shouting kweechA out every time he speaks. Who knew French words could sound so crazy with a Spanish pronunciation? He had also never heard of a quiche before. (remember how dad wouldn't even try eating eggs until last year?)

So after we ate we headed back to the Ranch. You know how your dad gets distracted and often doesn't watch the road? Thank heavens for Paige shouting, "AHHHHH DEER." The above picture is a good rep for the elk that ran across our path.

So the next day we headed off to the 2nd restaurant that Cap Nate recommended to us. There was a wee wait so we walked to the small waiting area in the front. There was a smallish OPEN sign that hung in the window. YOUR FATHER decided to touch the exposed wire on the sign while holding #4. Yes, I'll repeat that one. Kweechaa decided to touch a LIVE WIRE while holding his precious youngin. They both let out a scream and now your dad's finger smells like fire.

All in all it was a fab time.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


So I hear really bizzare comments from time to time while working in the shop.

The first was when a customer in from New York was having his daughter's car worked on. Great guy, super friendly, says

NY guy: "Well little lady what do you do around here?"

Me: "I own it."

NY guy: "What?"

Me: "I own it."

NY guy: "My daughter has a job too."

Awesome. I am sooo happy you just pointed out another woman that you know that has a J..O..B.


Customer: "I am a lawyer. If you guys ever need any collections done just let me know."

Eric: "This is not a problem that we have."

Me: "I usually just ask once or twice and I get paid. I tend to be a bit aggressive about people not getting their cars if they don't pay for the repairs."

Customer: "I'm sure that's why the big boys keep you around here."

Eric: " This is Jen Babbitt. She is the owner of Babbitt Motor Werks."

Customer: "Oh....................Well, if you ever need a lawyer let me know."


I walked in the back entrance only to find the air conditioning was broken. Yes, little ones, it was 110 degrees outside and our air conditioning was broken. I saw that Eric was with a customer. I walked around him to grab a water in the lobby and when there was a break in the conversation I asked if he had called Gary to get the A/C fixed. At this point the customer says:

Customer: "Wow Eric, this is a hot young lady you get to work with over here"

Me: "Awesome." (Seriously, I love that he said young. I don't love that he said all of this like I wasn't even standing 2 feet in front of his face. Mr. Chef, tis rude to be so male in my face. I will TOTALLY forgive you though, because my uterus has been the home to four children and I didn't think hot and young would ever be words to discribe me. So, gracias and shame on you.)

Eric: " Jullian, this is Jen Babbitt. She is the owner of Babbitt Motor Werks."

Customer: " Well, I guess I should meet you since you have a lot of my money."

I wish to write a book of all of the interesting comments I hear in the shopffice. (that is a made up word - duh. It rather rolls off out of thy boca don't you think?) How about the time we found a pair of underwear in a guys dashboard that didn't belong to his wife. (His wife was the one that brought the car in) I know it is unusual for a woman to own a repair facility. I get that. I must say that if I had chosen my profession, it wouldn't have been this. The thing is, I enjoy it and I really enjoy all of the lovely people I get to meet and work with.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Loss of Locks

The hair is gone. As much as you loved the locks, you made the choice to chop it off the day school got out. We've have been waiting for your grades to come in the mail and guess what young man - - -You made the honor roll!! You know what that means time for a ..........................Limerick

There once was a boy with long hair
Who no one said was a square
He did his school work
Never acted like a jerk
The honor roll he NOW will wear. Whooo Whooo

Like a sash in the Miss. I have a brain and not just good looks pageant. I'm not kidding around. I am making a sash. When you get back into town, jet setter, you will be wearing a manly sash or wait...........a crown.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dear El' Capitan

IF you are ever going to give your lovely wife a pool (with money you have saved that I don't know about). I would like this one.
Lady Verde