Thursday, December 30, 2010

Oh my goodness you are like a cupcake!

I forgot to post some of the most delicious pictures that Randy Lesueur took of you at your preschool program. Holy Moly look at the singing in this first picture. You were a SINGER. During rehearsal you grabbed the micyour solo you grabbed the mic at the performance belted it out. Randy was amazing and took video of the whole thing. There may be video montages at all of your weddings (No Paige, you don't HAVE to ever get married). I'm giving you ample warning that
1. I like videos
2. I love recording you guys
3. I LOVE John Hughes movies and their random song montages
4. I may wish to cry my ojos out even more at your weddings and show you growing up over a 2 minute period.
5. Don't be surprised if it is set to the song "Imma Be" by the Black Eyed Peas. That is always a jam we can count on.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

DJ Little What what

For Christmas your lovely father gifted me an ipad. I REALLY wanted a dj mixer. Instead he purchased the ipad and an app that is FREAKING AMAZING. It is a dj mixer, like a real one. It wikiwikis the songs and does all the REAL dj stuff. Your wonderful boy-parent hooked it up to the raipod and mixed us up some grooves.

Gracias por la amigo husband.

Look at the hat, the finger movements, and Randy - the dj assistant. What is a dj without their assistant?

Christmas Day Morning

Everyone waited in their rooms until 7:30am. I noticed when I went back to check the rooms later in the day that you, Ellie, had gotten lap desks out for you and Ava. Thank you for being soooo awesome!!

Everyone enjoyed the fun of the day. Most of us stayed in pajamas until 3pm. I would never have changed if not for the welcomed surprise visit of Nick and Kameron. I am afraid that Aunt Jen in pjs is NOT their idea of an image they want imbedded in their brains.

The picture of Harry - below - looks like he is a host to an alien with spooky blue eyes. NERAK. Ok, I am once again referencing Watcher in the Woods. How is randomly robot voicing NERAK not super awesome? IT FREAKING IS.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was spent at Nana Wenzel's house. A great time was had by all. Auntie Kimmy made a taco reference at the adult dinner table, Uncle Danny was asked why he, a mentally handicapped person, doesn't drink alcohol, and the kids LOVED the thing a ma bob's that pop open with crowns and small toys inside. Did I mention that Santa showed up.

#1 - thought the elves were cute
#2 - way to busy reading her book
#3 - Why are only our names on the clip board that Santa was holding. Where were all of the other children's names.
#4 - Oh my goodness Santa showed up

Christmas Eve Morn with the Captain

Dad has a hard time sitting still -duh. So, Christmas Eve morning was dawn of the photo session. I LOVE this swing he got me for X-mas. It was from Modern Manor (my new FAVORITE place). I went back and bought dad a couple of things there for his Christmas presents.

Monday, December 27, 2010

This past week

We all had a lovely time in Mexico. When will I finally get around to downloading pictures?? Who knows. Christmas was also great. Some of my favorite conversations:

#1 (watching the Today Show) "What is up with the racism on the Today Show? What is wrong with people?"

Me, "What are you talking about?"

#1, "They said that some people didn't get the "White Christmas" that they were hoping for."

Me, "Really??? You really thing this is about white people? hahahahahahahahahahahaha."


Me, ( Loading everyone in the car to go to the park and shoving tampons in my purse.)

#1, (smirking) "Ohhhh, is it your month?"

Me, "Really?"

#1, "I once made a joke on a girl when she was a little grumpy and asked her if it was her month."

Me, "First of all it is "time of the month" and Second of all IT IS NEVER FUNNY!!!!!!!! I will not come to your aid when an angry girl stomps your face into the dirt over your jokes regarding her hormone cycle. I may in fact step in and assist with said jumping. You will have to carry around tampons in your back pockets for a month. I will call it "Carter's time of the month tampon parade."

Friday, December 17, 2010

Thursday, December 16, 2010

We just finished your Christmas program #4. We just walked in the door and I am desperately trying to understand what you are saying:

#4, "I mean it, there must be 2 of them. I am trying to figure this out, the beards were different. (pacing) I think there are 2 or maybe more. Why are their beards different? "

Me: "What are you talking about?"

#4, "(high - loud - elfish voice) THE BEARDS WERE DIFFERENT. There must be 2 Santa's on this PLANET."

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Look at the happy look on your face #1. You want to know why??

Why oh why are boys sooooo into guns, arrows, swords, and remote control cars? I just assumed when I got married that because I said, "Oh, sorry I don't like guns. I really don't like anything to do with guns." That it would mean that I would never like ever have to see one.

Nope, this meant -----We will use gun type products all day, everyday. Below is a picture of Gun Captain (a.k.a your biological father) loading his most current GUN. Look at the smile on his face. Honestly, can you even see his smile hidden in his lip and chin sweaters? Obviously it is a big damn smile if you can see it, right. So much joy with shooting???? Whatever.

I refuse to post the picture that shows your Son of a Gun holding the pistol like a mustache. Yes, it was like I sent out to him, "I HATE guns. And you know lover that this H word is not one I allow to be said in our home. You must understand the power of my distaste for the Saturday Night EVIL Special."

This is what he heard, "My wife absolutely LOVES it when I handle my peashooter. I must make sure that I have a 38 special in my paws at ALLLLLLL times. She might leave me if I don't show her how into guns I am. Since she is all that I live for I can't let that happen..............That's it, I will ensure that every hobby I involve myself in revolves around revolvers."

Friday, December 10, 2010

Weekly Update

Tis Friday and we have had a crazy week once again. Carter, you my dear, weren't looking where you were "running" in the hall at school and jammed your broken thumb into the wall. I was actually at the school dropping off your epipen when I ran into in the hallway a bit teary.

Add to mix that you, #4, decided to dislike school this week. You pretend you are a tick sucking the blood from my chest when I try to pry you out of your car seat and into the classroom. Your angel teacher, Mrs. McClure, gently undoes your fingers from my neck and takes you away so I can swiftly bolt to our vehicle.

You, #2, had a lovely surprise last night when you came home from dance. Your room had been painted. Can't wait for your dance performance next week.

Last night Ellie, you and I were invited to Phoenix Symphony Hall to see the Nutcracker. IT WAS AMAZING!!!! The sets, the costumes, the company were exquisite. Jen LMN invited us. It was kids night and everyone in the audience was a child (Don't take that literally. There was adult supervision. As you would say "duh".) Due to the fact that the audience was comprised of children there was random clapping when something/one came on stage that the kids found charming. Great time!!!

Tonight shall be interesting. Piano lessons, Carter's friends coming over for an airsoft war, Cassidy coming to spend the weekend, and whatever craziness arrives without invitation. Tomorrow is your piano recital. Carter, you are SUPER excited that your thumb is broken and you can not perform. No worries, I will make sure you play a couple extra songs at the next one to make up for it.

Back to you #4. You and I have the most interesting conversations. One of this weeks favorites was this one:

#4, "Mom (grabbing my stomach), why is your tummy so big?"

Me, "This is how my body was made. Isn't it lovely?"

#4, "Mom (soft gasp), Are you.......................going to have a baby!!!!???!!!"

There was so much excitement behind this last statement/question.

Me, "Oh, I am so sorry to disappoint you. This belly will not house another baby. "

#4, "But it is so big."

Me, "No it is not so big. It is nor'male. Look out the window I think I just saw a squirrel."

#4, "Really?"

Me, "No."

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I have to share a couple of funny therapy stories, Since I HEART therapy it is no surprise.

1. Daniella (your cousin) had some weird experience where some boys prank called her and said,
"This is the Sherrifs department and we are coming to get you."
She wigged out and Carter helped her in some respect, I am still unsure what exactly happened. Either way - here is what went down yesterday.

#1: "Danny what happened with the principal?"

Danny: "I don't want to talk about it."

#1: "Ok, don't stress out."

Me: "Hey guys whaz up (hand signs)"

#1: "Danny doesn't want to tell me what happened with the whole phone call thing."

Danny: "It is embarrassing."

Me: "What does it mean to be embarrassed?"

Danny - perplexed.

Me: "It means you care what other people think. What is your goal in life? Is it really to care what other people think? Seriously, you felt uncomfortable. You told an adult you trust. You did what was right."

#1: "My mom goes to........................................what's that again, (look at me -light clicks) oh yea therapy. SHE knows things."


We (your dad and I) are in therapy last night when Dr. Broadbent is talking about learning to enjoy things that you may have "thought" you were adverse to. He gave some story about how he used to enjoy Cream of Mushroom soup as a kid. That is, until he projectile puked said soup for an entire day. After 16 years he decided to get his "bad feelings" out and try to enjoy C of M soup once again. The conversation turned toward my hatred of onions. Yes children, we spoke of food and we did it with authority. (BTW I get his point. Don't just think you don't like something because you always have. You can try to enjoy anything.) This is where the story gets..................................hillllll ar ious.

Dr. B, "You know there is a restaurant that serves the best liver and onions. It is a buffet. I'm trying to remember it's name. It is a famous one."

Me, (Laughing in my head) "Since I am a great cook I don't tend to frequent buffets. I find that they don't really measure up to my standard of cooking. Perhaps it was Sizzler?"

Dr. B, "No, anyways they do such a great job with their liver and onions. ..........................................................OH, I remember what it is called.....Lubies" (or is it Lubys???)

No I am not kidding. Lubys. High end fo sure. Wee humans, Lubys is what can be equated to hmmmmm - - - - your elementary school cafe freaking teria.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Tree Shopping

I took you, Carter, Ellie, and Ava to get new shoes while P and dad went Christmas tree shopping. You picked out a fab tree Paige. It is soooo large around that it takes up the entire entry area. Mucho gracias chica.

You remember how your dad is a wee bit rude to our new dog Prince Harry? Well, he actually took him with you to the nursery. Turns out EVERYONE there LOVED the dog. Check out the pictures of your dad "pretending" to get along with the dog.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Craziness and a weird TV show

AHHHHHH - Crazy time people. It has been a busy week and I am now sitting down to reflect on it while
A. Drinking a coffee with large amounts of Chocolate
B. Watching a show with crazy, fake, plastic ladies that fight.

While B is not usually my thing, Auntie Kimmy, told me to watch this specific program and I taped a few. May I say that since we ALL LOVE Watcher in the Woods it was a lovely surprise to see one of the plasticy ladies used to be Nerak---AHHHHHH WESOME. Bettie Davis you rocked it in that one my dear. You be so scary. Actually, the more I watch this I think that facial plastic surgery in extreme can make one look like a man. No offense to these nice ladies.

Back to the week at hand. Lots o running around, lots o crying over normal activities like - going to freaking school. Some Christmas songage and performing your part numero quatro. Delivering of pizza to you at school #1. Having lunch with the Captain and you #3 at school. I finished reading "The Help" which I absolutely fell head over heels with. A couple of you have a very full weekend and I may turn to drinking.....................................................more coffee that is.

Ok, I have to interrupt this post to say this TV show is insane. ARE YOU KIDDING ME - this is such a strange paradigm that these ladies partake in. Fighting amoungst grown-ups?? Saying such things as, "This 3500 sq ft apartment is just so cramped for us." That Kelsey Grammer lady wifey person be needing some therapy. Holy Prince Harry she has some interesting issues.

Back to the week - I am super looking forward to not answering the phone and not doing ANYTHING this weekend. May we all read, watch Annette Funicello movies, and eat yummy food.