Saturday, April 25, 2009

You make me laugh #3

Little 3.  Yesterday we had a date together.   You requested that we go the The Bass Pro Shop.  You LOVED it.  Then we went to Rubios, got some gelato, and to Old Navy.  On the way home you asked me how babies are made.  I said,

"a mommy and a daddy lay down together and kiss. You need to be married to make a baby."

Miss. 3 I can use my keen parenting skills to acquire the knowledge that this is all you were ready for.   I knew that if I went into IVF your brain would go to places that you are not quite ready to explore.  I could just visualize you creating things in a wee dish.  Combining hair and pee to try to create a fingernail.  I get you little one.  I get that you hear only part of what I am saying and then you interpret the rest into your sci-fi brain.  I wish I could have recorded our conversation.  The tone in your voice was soooooo pissed off.  You will be having none of the boy / husband talk.


I said, " yes"

You said, " geesh well what about adoption.  I am never going to get married."

I said, "yes, you can adopt."

You said, "I kissed Mallory B like 5 times.  We played house in the treehouse and I was the dad.  We danced and kissed and we pretended we were sleeping and kissed."

I said, " cool,  sounds like fun.  Maybe should wait to kiss anyone until you are older.  It is up to you who you kiss, but you really should wait a bit."

You said, " I LOVED kissing Mallory and I am NEVER going to get married."

I said,  "that's fine I am just requesting a lot of grandbabies."

You said, " Fine......... I will give you those babies. "

On a depressing note #2 you asked me what rape was yesterday.  You sat and cried for 45 minutes.  THIS WAS ALL IN ONE DAY.  


I didn't think John even liked the dog.  This dog who is not super fond of people spooned Uncle John for a couple of hours.  

Monday, April 20, 2009

The BEST Museum EVER!!!!

In the craft room making egg thing a ma bobs.  Tia Allie and Charlotte!!
Puzzle Time
A really cool sand table.  Look how well Lucus and #4 are sharing - Sweetness
This was a room for 3 and under.  We were allowed to take in cousins that were a bit older.  Then after altering the rules for the siblings we got spoken to in  a harsh voice.  I soooo didn't like being reprimanded.  Allie handled it with such ease.  (I am not saying that you get reprimanded a lot Allie, just that you have tolerance for different types of people)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"The Talk"

Dear children,

I know someday you may ask me how our "birds and the bees talk" went. Now know that is an extremely progressive process, but yesterdays talk was one of the BEST I have ever had.

Me, "hey number 1 I bought some facial cleanser that I want you to start using. I think you are at the begining stages of puberty and it will help keep your face clear."

#1, " Is puberty the same thing as a period?"

Me, " No, periods only happen in girls and women. It is when the uterus.....blah, blah, blah..eggs...blah, has other names like menstration, Aunt Flo, the curse, being on the rag. Why do you ask?"

#1, " Some girl in my class just got hers and I didn't know if I was going to get one. She is Native American and got some tatoos by her eyes because she got her period."

(Honestly son, you are so comfortable saying the word period. I don't know how I was able to keep a straight face through our whole conversation.....Wait, it gets better.)

Me, " Puberty is when your hormones shift and your voice changes, you will start to get taller, you may get pimples, and for boys you may notice that your penis will be hard in the morning. This has many names erection, boner and if your sheets are wet some people call that a wet dream. This is nothing to be scared of. It is completely normal. If you ever have any questions I want you to feel free to ask me."

#1, " Do you get wet a lot in the mornings from Dad?"

Me, " Of course
(Okay in my head I am thinking - Don't laugh. You also want him to know it is normal for young men and older men. Go with it.)
Dad gets me wet all of the time.
(Did I just say that? Am I really having this conversation. I can't believe they are so relaxed. Am I too relaxed? )

#3 , "Why don't you want me to squeeze?"

Me,"I just think this is a feeling you want to wait to have with your husband someday."

#3, " I am NEVER getting married - so why can't I squeeze?"

#2, " How big are my eggs?"

#1,"Can I get a tattoo?"
(Ok does tattoo have 2t's and 2o's???? I never write about them so I don't know off hand.)

Me,"Wow look at the dog she is totally eating that paper plate someone left on the floor."
(And here is how we ended our conversation.)

I will NEVER forget our "talk" you guys were great!!! Who knew I could still be shocked. Of course when I told the Captain about it he covered his ears and told me not to say such things in front of him. heeheehee Captain - you are sooooo silly.


Director of Public Relations regarding The Birds and the Bees

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dear Me;

Just a reminder to myself

1. You are totally into Ingrid Michaelson - She takes you to your happy place. Nothing can make you impatient (mentally handicapped brother-in-law) when you have Ingrid in your head. You may look a bit crazed because you turn every sentence into a song; but the patience stays strong. Even when you warn Danny not to say anything offensive at church

(in song "lalala Danny, please don't say anything rude or unkind tralala" )

and you find out he told someone that you may be having more children because the Lord decides when I am done breeding and not me - PATIENCE was strong. I tried to explain a vasectomy. He shakes his head and walks away. Even when he told someone in the grocery store line that he was the father of number 4 - patience. (the problem is he kind of thinks he may have fathered one of my children. Does it make me handicapped to pretend that Taye Diggs fathered one of my children?)

2. I am REALLY into big hair. I don't know if I hit my head and my style from 9th grade returned? I am strangely attracted to myself when I have BIG hair. Sometimes it doesn't have to be big - just 70's ish. I purchased some large purple rollers from Target and they are oddly addicting.

3. I went to the Chiro to get checked out for some vitamin science thing. I was advised that I may have to give them a pubic hair sample if they could not get the 1oz they needed from my head. This was totally funny to me. I still can't stop laughing. Sure, get on in there and get your sample. Really, who would want that job. I would be swallowing small amounts of puke on a hourly basis. Yuck - Yuck.


1. Number 4 you were in a fight with a scorpion. He won. You are really into kissing anything that hurts. Good thing you are so flexible because you were stung on your feet. (see picture below)

Monday, April 13, 2009


We had so much fun this past week with Allie, John and the kids. (this picture is supposed to signify Fun- hello) I must say the best day was at the Childrens Museum of Phoenix. It is in the old Monroe High School and it is ...........Phenonminan -heeheehee. Super cool place. Can't wait to return.
Also, took a bit of time off from company to go on Paige's school field trip to the landfill. I LOVED it. I found it fasinating and alarming. Turns out the dump (I know you dislike the name, but if the shoe.....) was supposed to close in 2003. The new close time is 2021. Way to go in prolonging our trash time with you. But when I asked where we were going to dispose of our waste after 2021 you stated, "We have no clue" I must say that is not so good.
I am off to the chiro today. He is going to take a hair sample, blood sample, and a wee bit of pee. No it is not a DNA test for Number 4s birth father; rather a way to ensure I am taking the proper vitamins. (#4 darling = I only tease, tis the red hair that throws us off a bit. I know we should be used to it by now; but it is still a surprise. Most of the time when I see you it is a shock all over again. Maybe it is my bad memory or maybe I still don't get the whole gene thing----maybe it is both. tada - that is it. I do say this with a wee bit of a leprechaun (I had to spell check that word - whoa) accent.)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Babbitt Gathering

Grandma Sylvia and Lona (Shelly and David's daughter)
Grandma Marjean (Mother to Phillip, Connie, Lisa, Larry, Danny, and Patty)

Babbitt Gathering

Shelly Babbitt-Cluff, Lisa Babbitt, John Lebaron, Cecelia Lebaron, Allie Lebaron (married to John) and Aaron (Married to Lisa)
Phillip Babbitt and new baby Clarisa
Homer Babbitt, Larry Babbitt, Danny Babbitt, Gabe (Lisa's Son)