Thursday, September 24, 2009

Birthday Time #2

Dear #2,

This is the super cute sweater that Kimmy gave to you.  I bought "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" last month and we have experiencing the baracleness of it all ever since.  May I say here and now, that it may just be the BEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME.  I can say I LOVE the following:

1.  Helen Hunts' outfits - in particular the hat with a LARGE cricket.  Also her Catholic school girl outfit that can switch into a pleather / plaid vision of  loveliness.
2.  Sarah Jessica Parkers leotards.  I don't think the sports bra had been invented as of yet, but everything else is uptown.
3.  The music.  I jump and dance around the house the entire time.  DANCE TV!
4.  The dance moves are, how do I say this?        They rock.  Not a little.  A Lot!
5.  Shannon Dorety (can't spell her name - too lazy to check)  as the little sister who ........just wants to be understood.
6.  The snotty rich girl, Natalie, had a closet way beyond 1983.  It was so visionary.  
7.  The final scenes.  Sarah Jess wins the contest and HelHunt gets to be the "new" Ricki.

(Honestly, #1 you are so cute.  The winking, the glasses, the whole getup you make me laugh.)  #2 you were trying out the new video option with your ipod.  

The whole outfit from Kimmy.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dedicated to Barney

This morning I was talking the Captain's ear off while #4 was digging through my jewelry drawer. (My jewelry box was destroyed by #3 and now what I do have sits on the bottom of a drawer. Not much of it is still intact. Three girls came into my life and nothing in the drawer belongs to me anymore -they actually tell me this.)

Anyway #4 pulls out a necklace and looks at me and says,

"mom. This is awesome."

I love this little sqeaky voice saying something so beautiful to my ears.........AWESOME. What is funny is that Kim said something was awesome last week and this was Anthonys reply.

Anthony, "mom, you sound just like your friend."

Kim, "What? Who do I sound like?"

Anthony, "you sound like Aunt Jen."

How great is that? I have LITERALLY (so I met your mother Robin Rocks) spread my awesome word seed around the next generation. I am experimenting next with......

FANCY - BARNACLE (now if you watch How I met your mother you will know the context in which this word was used (Lilys painting) that however, is not my usage. I will be using it in place of AWESOME because Barney is awesome. I may also interject SUIT UP every now and then. Can you tell I love the show? How funny is it that Neil Patrick Harris hosted the Emmys and my 2 yr old shouted BARNEY at the TV?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Antonella's Bridal Shower

(Please read this entire post with the accent of any cast member from Sopranos)

It was Antonella's bridal shower this past weekend.  It was at Superstition Springs Country Club.  Funny that I have lived in this area almost my entire existence and yet didn't even know this place.   I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  The food was so good.  I will say it again.  The food was so good.  More specifically the desert.  All of the Italiano ladies baked every cookie/pastry thingy the day before and brought two GIGANTIC platers full of them.  In addition to the heaven in my mouth cookies there was a cake that was pure happiness in my mouth.  

I cheated on the "unscramble the wedding words" game (iphone -googled unscramble words).  Got caught cheating.  Ate lovely food and enormous amounts of desert.  Won the beautiful flower centerpiece.  Listened in on a lot of Italian and Russian conversations - obviously I didn't understand them, but I pretended I did.  I started speaking with an Italian accent.  Sat next to one of the new anchors in the valley;  she was nice.  We discussed our fav books.  Left totally stuffed and with stains all over my dress.

How awesome is it that this grandma was super confident with her fuzzy silver hair.  I can honestly say I have never seen hair like this before.  It was like silver cotton candy that someone licked and stuck to her bald scalp.  

I am so looking forward to this wedding.  I am going to fancy myself up and take April as my date.  
So the Captain and Uncle Danny drove into the driveway last night.  The following was their conversation:

Danny, "Who's bike is that in the driveway?"

(Mind you, this is the bike that Uncle Danny rides everyday.  Not just once a day, but 2 to 3 times a day.  He has owned this bike for the last 8years.)

Nate - ignoring question

Danny, "That bike is AWESOME!!!!!!"

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Word of the Day

#2 just came home from school and we had the following conversation:

#2, "mom. You know how Tatum and I have a word of the day?"

Me, "no."

#2, "yes, like buttock or lesbian."

Me, "really. no I didn't know."

#2, "today we combined the two words and it was buttesbian."

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Air Soft WAR

Top - Riley, Caden, Ryan, Ryan
Bottom - Colton, Joey, #1

#1 had a bunch of boys over for air soft wars yesterday.  (Gee, he looks like he is enjoying himself)  
Remember when I used to be the 

1.  No, You may not even pretend your finger is a gun
2.  Down with the NRA
3.  Need I go on.  1 and 2 kind of say it all.  (crap does the NRA google their name and then send crazies after them for speaken ill of their organization?  Does Mr. Heston get sent out to "teach me" a lesson?  ( Is he even alive still?)  Will he slap me around and be like, " I got rights to these here guns--- Even though it isn't like it was when the Constitution was written and people had to literally kill bears and those insane British folk--I got my rights to bare arms. (please implement his accent from 10 commandments for this monologue)   (okay I know my spelling is poor, but what spelling of bare/bear is it?  One is an animal and the other refers to my mans awesome bum???)

The Captain was hilarious.  I saw him hiding in trees for better aim.  The boys all got tagged by him.  He was very funny.  I didn't take many action pictures because I would have been taken down.  There was no mercy.  Ryan came in at one point with a small circular mark on his cheek.  He said it only hurt for the first minute.  (not a great liar child)  When I asked who got him he said, "Nate".  Oh really?  When the Captain came in I asked him what happened.  He looked at me and said, " Thats the game."  There was no remorse in his voice,  no sympathy.  It was all very boy.  I am not super familiar with boy so I found it a wee bit humorous.  

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

At it again

I came into our room last night to find this..............My hillbilly husband.  I really dislike it when he gets on his kick of trying to look like a (beepidy beep beep) Yes, he said he was going to work like this.  What is next?  Actually, I don't want to know.  I wish I was photoshopish and could put together this picture with the one where he wore the ascot and the one where he wore my girl hat.  

Mountain Weekend - Part 1

How beautiful is this ride.
This is pretty much what we did the ENTIRE weekend.  Yes, eat.  Notice the hot fudge sauce on the counter.  April makes the worlds best hot fudge sauce.  (maybe this is why I look pregnant in a picture in the 3rd Mountain post.  Darn you April Haymore.  Fattening me up.)

On an additional note:
I took three pictures of this eating experience.  In ALL three pictures Cole was looking at me and smiling.  I Love this.

Cody and April 
Ella, #4, and Landon/Amber.  

Mountain Trip - Part 2

Is that some serious posing or what???  The Captain caught me mid - trying to fling my body out of the Ranger.  We rode around all weekend to different spots in Forest Lakes.  There was so much to see.  The kids had so much fun.  
I Love that Micah and #3 are the two with their eyes open and Max and #4 are like, " No, dust in my eyeballs is not enjoyable."  (Yes that is a shotgun shell in #3's hand.  Cody was nice enough to actually fashion her a necklace with the lovely piece of gun )

Resolved:  Rock throwing NEVER gets old.  

These two had such a great time together.

#1.  You had suh a great time.  I LOVE this picture of you.  So intense - so handsome.

Two Cute

These two had a great time playing with each other all weekend.  For some odd reason #4 kept calling him Amber.  His name doesn't even sound like Amber.  This particular day we went out riding to an area that had ample amount of dark brown soft dirt.  They decided to cover their ENTIRE bodies in it.  At one point Landon was shoving it up #4's pants.  Did she stop him?  No.  She sat there and rubbed the dirt into all exposed areas of skin.  
And to prove how proud they are of their dirty hands.

Mountain Weekend - Part 3

Poor Cody.  Neither Ehren nor the Captain could get the hang of throwing the clay pigeons.  Cody was the thrower the whole time.  Both the Cap and Ehren did ok - -  that is until Kristine got up to bat (see next post).  
This is said dirt that worked perfectly as an all over lotion for the wee ones.  
Even though I birthed #1 out of my sacred birth canal I sometimes wonder if he is mine.  He takes to the guns like Uncle Danny to Razors.
The Teacher showing young Micah how to shoot a 22.

A dirt facial

My hero

After all the "men" were done shooting the big gun it was Kristine's turn.  Here is the awesome part:
Out of 3 clay pigeons she destroyed two of them.  What What????  That is what I said.  As you will read in the next post that shotgun has a kick back like a mother.  
Kristine is my hero.

New relationship

This is me mere moments before my relationship with a shotgun got intimate.  
(Ok just a side note.  I am not pregnant.  Don't know why it looks that way - hahahahaheeheehee I've had FOUR kids thats why.  So suck it all you skinnys.)

SO here is where I was told (By Cody) to hug it close to my shoulder.  See the Captain over my shoulder with a look of concern.  How sweet is he.  
This is where I am like, "what the crap was that?  My shoulder is no longer part of my neck area."  And now I can say that I have had a relationship with a shotgun.  

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dress up

#2 had a friend over after school today.  This is the outfit they "made" for #4.  I am really not sure where any of these fabrics came from.  I think the tube top is an old pair of nylons???   I'm sure this will be posted in a magazine someday showing #2's "EARLY" work.  

I was pretending to be Tim Gunn and Kept shouting "make it work"  and "I will let you caucus for the next 10 min"