Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The VonTrapps

After returning from Jen and Jason's wedding you guys still had more questions regarding divorce and marriage. Since these are the first people that you are close to that have gone through a divorce the questions have been endless.
#2, your questions lie in the area of what I wore when they met, what I wore when Jen got married the first time, whether or not I would have been a bridesmaid if she had them in her 2nd wedding, is female baldness hereditary and have their been any problems with that in our family, etc, etc. Your FATHER decided to bring up the fact that I prob wouldn't be able to wear the original bridesmaid dress post 4 children. I was all, " Oh Captain, you are soooo foolish. Shall I prove you wrong?"

Ta Daaaaaa......Below is me spinning in my original bridesmaid dress. Zipped and all. Look how all of you are gazing at me with ..................awe. I am spinning like Maria VonTrapp pre VonTrappness.

After I squeezed back into the dress we decided to white trash the afternoon by going swimming in our pool. You guys know that we tend to spoil you and go out of our way to let you know that we will go into mortgage and cc debt for you - hence - the expensive baby pool.

$69.99 at Frys. You guys are worth it!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


So, while I was up in our room almost dying of an allergy to lobster, Rand and Dad were out gallivanting around the posh hotel.
I believe this photo is entitled "Try to say no."
How handsome. Your dad looks like a hot cowboy that wants to take me dancing.
Rand was pondering about his dog's welfare. After I regained my ability to not die, I joined them for a stroll through the hotel gift shop. There was the most bizarre item for sale. It was a headband with baby hair attached. Both Dad and The Rand tried them on and posed like true pros for the camera.

Our Fancy Adventures

An excellent food shot.
Some expensive race car that your dad was obsessed with.
We joined the Ukulele society for a sing/play/dance along.
Nathan fell in a hole on the beach.
A coffee pit stop.

The Reception

They look like models. Eating their model food. Modeling orange juice glasses.
Chocolate cake - - - my lover.
Nathan - talking cars with Ross.
Look how white my teeth are. THANK YOU DR. MORRIS

The Wedding

The Lovely couple
Posing with part of the lovely couple.
Jen's mom, Jason's grandpa, and the lovely couple.
Their best friend Danny.

Below: Jason's grandma, dad, and Jen

Rehearsal Dinner

We arrived in Carlsbad Wednesday late afternoon - STARVING. Thankfully Jen and Jicama met us at Argyle Restaurant for a pleasing time. We ordered Lobster Mac n cheese, Goat Cheese salad, pork, steak, desert. I really enjoyed all of it. We shared Vanilla Ice stories and remembered their first time meeting. We did NOT bring up Jason's habit of falling asleep. We could not get Jicama to shut it; he talked for 4 hours. The Captain was super mature and only spoke of grown-up things, like cheese tasting and bran consumption.
After we finished we headed over to.....................................Target of course. I don't know if I can go a day without visiting. If I were in a polygamist relationship it would be with Target. She would totally be the 1st wife. I wouldn't mind taking a backseat to her.

Dearest Children,

Today you are not acting like my dear lovely children. Dad and I returned from Jen and Jason's wedding (I will post pictures in a bit) to find you children acting out of sorts. You are all whiney and cryee and bursting into tears like you've had an arm bitten off by a shark.

#3 you just screamed, "No one is nice to me, not even dad and you."

To which #4 asked me, "Mom, why are you not being so nice to my sister? Ma'oom you need to be nicer to Ellie. Have you thought about it yet? Mom, mommy, mama no listening to me. Oh, never mind Elle is behaving poorly."

#2, when I advised you that we would all be going outside to assist your father in a bit you said, "You won't hear a complaint, but you will see one."

Mom, "What the what? Hand me your book."

10 minutes later

#2, "Ok, I'm am sorry I sassed you, can I have the book back?"

#4, "What does assed you mean?"

Mom. "SASSED - it means to speak contradictory to your dear mother."

#4, " Assed means being mean?"

Mom, "AHHHHHHHH. I want to go back to the Four Seasons. I don't care that it was crazy expensive. I don't care that I almost died from an allergic reaction. I want to go back to my happy place - where the Captain acted like he was 10 and I laughed my actual ASS off."

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dude, you are awesome.

I need to give you a shout out #1. You are sooooo super patient and kind to #4. You do the mommy talk to her and placate her when she makes bizzare requests or statements. Today you are taking her in the baby pool for a swim. Thank you for your brotherly love, darling.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rand and Michelle

We attended Rand's art show the other night. It was so nice to view his photos in such a beautiful setting.Check out the lovers look Rand is giving dad. Your dad has one of his many pirate smiles. "Arrr I love it when Randy looks at me longingly. He be my main man."
One of our favorite photos Randy was showing.
I loved getting to know Michelle. Can't wait to attend some of her yoga classes with the girls.



Nice pose Ellie. It was just so cool walking behind the flamingos at SeaWorld. Who knew they actually take these things for a walk.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dinner out

We went out for dinner the other night to Kabuki. Here is what I LOVED about the evening:

1. Even though it was a sushi restaurant you all were open to going. (This was mostly after I answered "yes" to there being chopsticks.
2. I ordered Hibachi for everyone and there were no arguments about it
3. #2 and #3 - you guys downed the miso soup. You requested I purchase some additional soup to take home for later.
4. Everyone cleaned their plates.
5. #4 -------------We were in a both that had a small glass barrier at the top to work as a "noise barrier". You turned around mid-dinner and I said, "Ava turn around." and you said, "No, mom I'm watching a show." The ladies sitting in the booth behind us didn't mind being your tv program for the evening.