Friday, April 25, 2014

1st Grade Testing

Ava, "Mom.  My teacher said that if we don't believe in ourselves during the test that we won't go to the second grade.  She is lying and that is tricky.  She was passing out candy so I decided to believe in myself for a minute to be able to get the candy."

I emailed your teacher lover and this is not exactly how it went down.

Monday, April 14, 2014


This morning I had to cut a rubber band from your hair Ava.  I handed you the piece of hair I cut off and you respond with,

"DNA man."

I laughed so hard.  You asked me what was so funny with such a serious face that I laughed even harder.

Ellie 2014

In the year of the mom - 2014 (remember how I saved your lives from the red light running maniac?) you enjoyed having boys for friends.  You had a lovely friendship with a young man named Cayden.  When I picked you up from a birthday party the other night I snapped a picture you with two of your friends.

What is hilarious is that the cops were called on the party.  The game that was being played was 007 (you like to explain this to thick adults as "Hide and seek in the dark and the house is home base") gracias por la explanat ' ion for I didn't understand what it was.  Anyways the coppers were called since the neighbors didn't appreciate young people running about the streets at night - Yo.  

Your first night time co-ed party and the cops were called.  Awesome.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Hey Ginger, remember when you spoke with an Irish accent and liked to pretend to be from France?

WTF - Babbitt Estillo Royal Tenenbaums

Carter, you really LOVE your interesting outfit here; you even wore it on the plane trip to Mexico.  Check out all the pictures yo.  All of you went to the store like this.  Check out tu' padres socks and shoes.

Paige, I just don't even know what to say anymore - do your thing lover.