Thursday, September 30, 2010

Our Newest Nephew / Cousin

William was born last week and I must say he takes the BEST pictures. Every single picture has excellent facial expressions. When Tia A said she was looking for a middle name suggestion we texted her Bimmer. Unfortunately our Apple phone decided to spell check Bimmer and change it to Bummer. To which Tia replied "William Bummer??". I must say I felt really bad about this one. Thankfully I had just sent a fruit basket. Nothing says, " I didn't mean to call your new baby Bummer" like a basket of fruit and cheese.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


We were at Target, I know HUGE surprise. I am briskly strolling through all of the aisles when I notice that I don't have my tag along close at my heels. I turn around and see the above picture. You kept smelling all of the detergents. I couldn't peel you away from sniffing.

Me, "A, what is up with all the sniffing?"

#4, "Mom, I enjoy lovely smells."

Me, " Wow, I really appreciate you incorporating the word lovely into your vocab."

#4, "I don't know what that means. Dad doesn't always smell good."

Me, "Good point. Would you like to bring a bottle home to smell when dad stinks?"

#4, "Oh mom that would be the best."

Monday, September 27, 2010

Reading Class

#1, I found this on your facebook page this morning. It looks like you had a great day in Reading on Friday.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Paige Birthday #11

Everyone arrived at 6pm. They did such things as throw Elle around, play the Wii, and eat tea sandwiches for the 1st hour. The 2nd hour everyone snuggled on the couch and watched "Watcher in the Woods". There was so much screaming going on. Screaming that sounded like someone was being questioned by Tony Soprano and were about to loose a finger. Screaming like that vegetarian friend that was with us when we chopped our turkey's head off. Screaming like that time I found that weird bug on the tomato plant that had a huge jaw and teeth. Yes, this bug/catapillar/alien had a jaw with teeth. It had the jaw and jagged teeth open and prime to bite me when I came upon it. The 3rd hour was nail painting and dessert.
This is right after the sugar high.
Super ready for the PJ part.

Show and Tell

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Me, "Ava, stop picking your nose please."

#4, "Mom. I have a friend named Leeza and she is a baby and she picks her nose and it is ok."

Me, "Who is Leeza."

#4, "She lives on her planet. Sometimes I go and visit her on the flying turtles. Her planet is over there. (pointing to the sky). Mom, Leeza has a Robot and her name is Sheera. Do you like that name."

Me, "By the power of GraySkull I do. "

#4, "Mom, Sheera and Leeza ride a whale..............quiet..................Mom. Do you hear that?"

Me, "Who are you?"

#4, "Mom, the people that live in my ears want some more food from the ants. I need to go lay with my ear to the ground. Bye."


Movies in the Park
Friday, October 1, 2010
7:30 PM - 10:00 PM

Enjoy classic and favorite American films under the stars every Friday night at 7:30 p.m. on the Center Lawn.

This season's movie lineup is:

October 1 – Funny Face
October 8 – Raiders of the Lost Ark
October 15 – The Seven Year Itch
October 22 – Chinatown
October 29 – Young Frankenstein
November 5 – Bye Bye Birdie
November 12 – North by Northwest
November 19 – The Great Gatsby
November 26 – no movie
December 3 – American Graffiti
December 10 – Holiday Inn
December 17 – Scrooged

Movies in the Park are complimentary. Movies are shown in their original, unedited format.

For more details, please call 602.955.1963.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fall Frenzy 2010

We will work backwards through the evening. The following picture is Emily and I after thoroughly dancing our fannys off to "Pork and Beans". I did wet my pants. It was worth it. I LOVE that song. Not to mention that River was dancing right next to the VIP section where me and my pimps were hanging out.

Kim and I enjoying Sublime. BTW they are dirty boys that use foul language. Their music was fine, but I much preferred Primus and well, Weezer was AMAZING.

Dad, #1, and Eric hanging out eating the free tacos that were super tasty. Your dad only inhaled 10 of them for dinner. Yes, he looked 6 months pregnant. Yes, he had to consume 10 tums. He says it was worth it.
#1, you were asked to get on stage and sing with Weezer. You got up and left with the guy who asked you if you wanted to do this - without even blinking. Your dad and I stared at each other and thought, "what just happened?" About an hour went by and you returned. You said that they went from asking you to sing the chorus to singing the entire song. You told the guy , "thanks, but no thanks." Carter, I think you are freaking amazing.

1. You went for something new. New is sometimes scary and you didn't hesitate.
2. When you felt uncomfortable you told the adult in charge that you didn't want to do said thing. You totally stood up for yourself and recognized your feelings. I am proud of you!
3. You let me dance with you during Pork n Beans without being mortified by your mother.
Riding around the place in a golf cart driven by Uncle Dave. He really made our evening the most fun.
Uncle Dave getting us around the concert.
Thanks to X103.9 - You really rocked the Frenzy out.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lip Sweater Party

I stopped by La Grande Orange last week and purchased some candy mustaches.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A night out with my man/men

We picked up Rand the other night from the airport and headed off to Culinary Dropout for a snack. We headed in to Urban Outfitters before and unfortunately while I was shopping these guys were doing this................

There were some people standing in front of us that looked like they were close in age to us. Your dad wondered if he really looked "their" age. He kept sneaking over near them and casually standing next to them and having me take his picture. I was laughing so hard I had a difficult time taking the picture at the right time.
Us - the Lovely couple. We ate homemade pretzels, mussels, and a cuban sandwich. Fun was had by all.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


#4, "Mom, you don't have the real Tarter at home. That is a monster in a Tarter costume."

Me, "Really? Who told you this."

#4, "Crazy Ava. She lives in her house."

Me, "Wow. You have a big imagination little one."

#4, "Mom, they are real. Pshh. Tarter is not here - THAT IS A MONSTER IN A TARTER COSTUME."

Friday, September 10, 2010

Life today

Yesterday you - #4 - woke up asking when you could go to school. Seriously, how did I get you for a child. It is like you are the most perfect kid EVER. At 8:45am we went to pick up Bryce and Erica. It was quite different than the day before; now NO ONE will shut their yappers. Boy was it funny,

Bryce, "My mom is taking her car to get the mail. Hahahaha that is sooooo funny. What else is she going to do in the car? Does she go to the bathroom in the car? Hahhhaahaha"

#4, (singing) "My moooom is the greatest."

I parked in the tiny cul de sac and walked the 3 of you within 10 feet of the door. Cars started filling up and I ran back to the car to get out of the next persons way. In the midst of traffic I see you start running out screaming. Your face looked like you had just witnessed some indiscretion that may warp you for life. AHHHHHHH. I think to myself, "I knew it. She is normal and is finally missing me and is a bit nervous about going to school."

I run out of the car and I see Erica holding up her hand in the driveway to get my attention. I wish I had a picture of this. Little Miss. 5 yr old is an adult. I may call her Erica the adult from now on.

I run over and sweep you up and you say, "Mom!! The door is locked, I can't get in!!!!!"

Seriously? You are upset because you can't get in to the school? Here I thought "normal" and what I am getting is "perfect child". You didn't miss you favorite person (Yes, Captain it tis I and Not U). You are freaking out because you may not get to go to your most special school. Awesome. I was literally 10 feet from the door and there was another mom and her kid there. Did they really shut the door and not let them in? So, from this point on I will OPEN the door and let my perfect child in.

Since I didn't have my camera on me at the time I thought I would post an old picture showing the extremism on your face.

This picture is perfect if you were playing the role of Oliver, "Please sir, may I have some more?" Or what about a PETA member who just saw the latest Lady Gaga magazine cover. Really Baby Gaga -Meat covering your body? Push the envelope - lentils maybe or jalopenos - Now that would be Craaaazzzy. Jalopenos on your eyes. Wicked. I don't know, the cow is just throwing me into the fetal position where I randomly scream, "Baby Gaga, baby gaga, what happened to you as a child? I wish I could help you. On a side note baby, I really enjoy dancing to your music."

On another note, The relatives returned to Germany and we miss them so much. We had such a blast with them and can't wait to plan a trip to visit them!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The last one is out of the house.

This morning was heavenly. You couldn't get it together last night. You kept asking when you would be able to go to school. This morning you ran around shouting,

"I am going to school. I want to go to school and sit by Bryce."

Ellie, you went in to school late so you were able to be present for the pictures. We ran over to the Campbells to pick up Bryce and Erica. Everyone settled in to their car seats and we were off. No one spoke the entire car ride. Awesome!

The picture below is one of my favorites. I love the looks on your faces. Bryce honey - I know you weren't in the mood for a photo, but pull it together. Ava dear, you were speaking and couldn't stop talking - - even for the picture.

This is where we were able to preview the school before the 1st day. I had never her seen you become so ADD before. You couldn't focus your eyes on one thing for more than 2.3 seconds.

You came home from school today and calmly told me

#4, "I LOVED school today. Bryce and Erica are my best friends. When can I go back?"

Me, "Tomorrow."

#4, "Whyyyyy. I want to go back to school now."

Thursday, September 2, 2010


I know I promised not to post this picture, but.........................I couldn't resist. It kind of looks like your dad is pouring puke into a tupperware container, while admiring our fancy waffle maker.

Take it all in my sweets. Check out your Captain's earplugs and eye patch. A fashion tip, eye patch can double as a headband while getting up at 2:30 am to slosh in water.