Monday, August 25, 2014

New York City

Bruce Beyer is the Best

Bus Tour

Chelsea's Market

The Highline Park

Breakfast at the Hotel

It seems people are really into eating with their dogs.  This was Archie and he had a hard time not going after skateboarders.

The Evening at The Spotted Piggie

Second Half Of the Second Day

We had beautiful pasta in Little Italy for lunch.  Then we needed cannolis.  Paige had just received a text from Arie stating we HAD TO GO TO Ferrara's Bakery.  We were only 2 blocks away so it was meant to be.

Central Park Bike Tour

Bike Tour !

On our way to the bike tour we passed by BMW of Manhattan.  They had an I8 in the window.  So beautiful.

Day 2

First Night

Our hotel was amazing.  The Highline hotel.  This is a wee view of the courtyard in the back of the hotel.  The hotel used to be a home for the monks.  Cute.  Twas the Night Prior to Christmas was also written here.  Super cute.  Oh and they have 2 coffee shops in this tiny hotel.  Hell yes.

Oh no, the walking was tough right from the get go.

We were sooo hungry that we stopped for Italian food and met the most charming couple from Scotland.  We had the best time trying to understand what the hell they were saying.  Man that was a tough one.  I nodded a lot.

Nate and Rand went to the show our customer got them tickets to and then literally ran in to Suzie and George when exiting the show.  Hilarious.

We "sort of" ran in to Diddy.

Times Square