Monday, October 31, 2011

Glorious Paige

Before running over to your class to help I dropped Miss. A off in Kristin's room for some fiesta time.  Kristine loves herself some Ava and Lacy was there to assist.  You, Miss A, said

"I know why Kristen loves me.  It is because I am cute and small."

Yo, like 6th graders.

I helped a wee bit with your 6th grade "fall / Halloween" party.  Your classmates are super swell and very polite.  You, Alyssa, Allie, and McKenna huddled up and didn't really participate in the game so much.  You did partake of the candy.  Latrenda, Alyssa's mother helped with the game.  It is so lovely that all of your friends have such great moms.  

Miss. Pahina.  You have been cracking me up today.  You came home from school, hopped on my bed, and started the following conversation (one -sided I must add):

P:  "Soooo, I didn't study for my Science test in ELP and so (giggling in a super nerdy way)  I thought I would only get 100% on it.  (excuse moi.  I may not be in ELP, but that doesn't sound super smarty pants) "

Momtastic: "Interesting.  I will keep listening and hope that I catch on.  What grade did you get?"

P: "(nerd giggling to the point you couldn't breathe)  I got 119%.  I answered all of the extra credit and the bonus question.  Do you want to know what the funniest is?"

Momtastic: "Of Course (trying to giggle like a nerd)"

P:  " I actually missed one on the test, but I totally shouldn't have.  I thought it said extinct when I answered it but it said extant."

Momtastic: "Let me interrupt for one sec.  What is extant?"

P:  "(LARGE sigh)  Really mom?  It is when something is livin............It is the exact opposite of extinct."

It was like you decided not to waste your time explaining it to me.  Rather you simplified it as much as you could and dumbed it down for la Mama.  Mucho Gracias Grande Cabeza.

P:  "I scored 3rd highest in the class.  I had to come back and forth to the extra credit because I didn't remember everything right away.  If I had answered the extant one correct I would have been 2nd."

So you went to a Halloween party at Rachel's house over the weekend.  I dropped you off at Alyssa's and you two went together.  You said the Haunted House was super scary.  Tonight you went back to Alyssa's and went trick - o - treating in her neighborhood.  We just picked you up and you wouldn't stop talking about how "friendly and polite" the neighborhood is.  You said that no one really knew that you were a 70's girl except for Jarin's girlfriend named Seaver.  Funny story about getting ready for Halloween tonight;  it goes a little something like this:

P:  "Mom, can you help me do my hair for tonight?"

Momsome: "I need to finish Ava's hair.  Blow dry yours and then I will curl it."

P: "(whiny whiny)  Fine."

At this point your dad and I are on our bed and I am combing Ava's hair and putting it up.  Suddenly I hear:

P:  "Mom come help me.                                Mom come help me.                                      MOM COME HELP ME.  (at this point there is complete panic in your voice.  Did I mention that the blow dryer is STILL on)  MOOOOM THE BLOW DRYER IS SUCKING MY HAIR UP.  HELLLP"

Momsome:  " (running at the speed of light and yelling)  TURN THE BLOW DRYER OFF.  TURN THE BLOW DRYER OFF."

Unfortunately some hair had to be removed with scissors.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cassidy's 16th Birthday Party

So, the night before dad's birthday party Tia Karie threw Cassidey a Sweet 16 party at our house.  The theme was Alice in Wonderland.  It was awesome!  Most of the cousins showed up and slept over.   Cassidy is so lovely and we adore her!

Check out Silvia, Sarah, and Jordan!  Oh Miss. E you were/are a wee bit obsessed with the hat Tia Karie made.  You wouldn't take it off.  She let you keep it and you wear it ALL of the time!  

Uncle Larry hooked up the Wii outside and hung up a sheet for ya'all to play Just Dance.  It was outside next to the pool and it was HI- ar-ious.  Little Nathan is quite the dancer.  The girls were all normal and you, Car ti er, and your wild cousin danced your rears off.  (check out you Miss. A.  You were right on in there)

Oh, another picture of you in the hat.  

Oh son.  You wore dad's birthday suit to Cassidy's party.  Hahahaha that's awesome.  I'm not referring to the suit of his birth / his skin suit.  Ewe Mom.   It was like today at work when I asked your cousin Kameron to take the luggage rack off of the top of my car.  He walked out to the shop and shouted.
"Hey Uncle Nathan.  Aunt Jen wants me to take her top off.  Where do you want me to put it?"

Dad just stopped working, stared, and then said in an uber creepy voice, 

"Aunt Jen makes me feel dirty."

Back to the shindig.  Cassidey met some new Sirrine cousins.  She looks so happy in this picture!!  Love you darling!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oh My

When I arrived at my lovely job today your father had this on my desk.  He walked in a bit later and I said,

Me, "Why is this on my desk."

Hot Tech, "I walked in to find Kameron's girlfriend and Bobby looking at this and giggling."

Me, "That is strange.  What am I not getting?"

Hot Tech, "I know.  I asked them what was so funny.  Turns out they thought stalking and stocking were the same thing and thought it meant - STALKING IN PROGRESS."

Me, " (silence).........................  I never would have thought that."

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Glamping part V

Whilst strolling on the beach you, Mr. 1, decided it would be an opportune time to wrestle with tu padre. I believe it took him by surprise.

There was some head butting and then some sort of spinny leg move.  Zoom in on your dad's face in the below pic.  Hahahahahahaha tis hilarious.  It looks like he is laugh-pooping.  

It looks quite uncomfortable.

Did I mention there was constant spinning like that tea saucer ride at "The Disneyland"?

Dad finally threw you off of him and you darted back to jump on top of the old guy.  I would say that old man Babbitt held his own.  It is sometimes surprising how strong this Gibb brother is.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oh Little Princess

Tomorrow is the day of thy birth.  Tis a blessed event.  Angels sang and your dad passed out when you were born.  You have been just a smidgen excited about it.  You have basically proclaimed it to anyone that would listen.  Tonight you said to your manly dad and I,

"Tomorrow I am 5.  Tomorrow I will grow up."

After I came home from running.  (Yes, I ran when I was 35.  If I am a fat ass when I am older please remember that I advocated running when you were younger. )  You said the following;

"Mrs. McClure is going to give me a crown for my birthday.  She says we can have birthday spankings.  No one ever takes the spankings.  I am going to trick her and tell her that I REALLY want them this year."

You then proceeded to spank yourself with a smile and shout,

"Her spankings don't hurt!  Watch me spank myself.  It is awesome. "

Monday, October 17, 2011

Glamping part IV

El Capitain lived up to our memories.  We were able to fit a trip in to Santa Barbara once again.  This time we got lost in the nicest neighborhood we have ever been in.  We wound our way along some back roads along a cliff.  Paige, you were sick.  Car sick that is.  When you were 12 you tended to get car sick.  We are hoping you grow out of it - - soon.  

Glamping / Mustaching

We had such a wonderful time getting to know Luke and Charlotte this trip.  It is muy enjoyable to see emerging personalities the older they get.  Before we parted ways we all had a wee bit of lip sweater fun!

Glamping Part II

Glamping Part I

We went to El Capitan Canyon again this year.  It was soooo great that Tia Allie and Uncle John (plus kids) could join us.  Everyone had such a fabulous time!!!  There are cute tiny cabins,  a creek, fires to cook your food on, the ocean, bikes, an outdoor pool, playground, and total relaxation.  Here is our trip down the block to the ocean.  You will remember that the Lebaron's turned their back on La Motha Nature and she came rolling in to surprise them.  Check out William's face "Surprise".

Whilst we were on the beach Tia Allie took some family pictures for us.  LOVELY peeps.

We were hanging at the pool and I asked you, Miss, P to take our picture.  This is what we received.  Aside from the white moon in the picture,  you dad looks like he is Super tired from singing "Tragedy" with his brothers Gibb.

This is what I was going for.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Just the Good Ol' Ladies (sing this to the tune of Dukes of Hazzard)

Hola Lovers.  Remember when good times like the above picture happen?  I love some good Ol' Hermana bonding.  This is one of the first pictures EVER of you, Ms. E, putting on a shirt with a little girliness to it.  Pahina you have skull leg warmers on your arms.  Oh wait, upon better inspection it is just the one arm - Rad.  The reason I post this is because I was just reminiscing on my ipod and heard "Another One Bites the Dust".  You both know that this is one of my all time favorite songs and this is in part due to the fact that I skated it to it at THE SKATELAND.  I loved skating.  I ran across this pic from a year ago when the 2 of you were on your way to the exact same spot.  Ahhh, Ellie, you totally kicked some Skateland ASS.  Good times ladies.

Onto another subject of mine:  Mesassissippi 2011.  Instead of black people or the ladies being discriminated against tis the Mexicans and the gays.  No, I'm not kidding.  If there is the google when you are older look up the year 2011. ...........................see crazy right.  

I just had another person tell me they think people choose it and can stop being gay "like an addiction."  Holy smokes.  Here is a little poster someone put on facebook this week that I enjoyed:

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Porfa Please Darling

It seems as if pretty much anything can make you cry or go into a tailspin as of late.  I do not mean this as a negative I just write this to give perspective.  Yesterday you came home and dad I were sitting on our bed reciting poetry.  You stated (very fast):

P: " In Math today Ali didn't sit by me.  She sat by someone else and there was a spare spot by them for a minute and she didn't save it for me.  I had to sit all by myself."

Tears started

Super Mom: "Huh.  Well I guess this was a great opportunity to make some new friends just like Ali."

P: "MOOOOOM.  (now screaming)  I don't like making new friends and these weren't new friends for ALi.  I had to sit by mean kids."

Somewhat Super Mom: "Oh.  Sitting by yourself isn't that bad.  Sometimes it is nice to have a little quiet time.  This is especially nice while studying Math."

P: "You DON'T UnderSTAND!!!!!"

Not grasping what is going on Mom:" It is just that it is so nice to get to know everyone and be friends with everyone.  Half of my friends are new.  It is so nice to continually make new friends.  (Smile and sigh)"

P: "(scream - crying)  I didn't want you to solve my problem I just wanted you to comfort me!!!!"


Sunday, October 2, 2011

The40th Birthday Party of La Year

I threw your padre a birthday party last night.  Twas an event people.  We had a caterer come in and serve street tacos, there was a Mariachi Band, there was a neighbor that crashed that was 3 sheets to the wind and jumped off of the diving board whilst the band played,  and there was just plain awesomeness.   
The theme was a tribute to dad's homeland of Mexico.  Your dad and I picked up some cute duds at a thrift store in Phoenix.  Below you will notice that Benjamin showed up as some Napoleon Dyno- Mite character.  I believe he is pulling it off with finesse.  

Here are 2 happy party goers.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Mariachis.  

A few others took the theme seriously and I muy appreciate it.  

Look how serious I am.  I take partying seriously.  I made bread pudding.  Enough said.