Monday, January 30, 2012

Bus tour of wine country with mi amigas a plenty

Look at that beard.  Do you even have an idea of how bad it smells after he drinks wine and eats some cheese?  Think back to your younger years and remember the odor...............

It smells like hummus that has been left in a Ford Flex after being on a cruise for 4 days muchachos.  Aside from the ass beard he was having such a bueno time that it was easy to ignore the stench.

This was one of the best tours we have taken.  There are so many vineyards throughout the area it was so beautiful.  It reminded me of our trip to Spain.  I felt so warm and fuzzy ( No, not from wine)  it was because it was so dreamy.  The first stop was La Casa De Dona Lupe.  I introduced myself to her and she told me to facebook friend her.  (Remember facebook was a way for us to make friends on the computerbox)  I purchased tons of olive oil, jelly, and hot sauce.  We munched on bread, cheese, and pizza during the tour.  Bellin was our tour guide and she was very informative on all wines and olives.  Your dad hit it off with her and here is their pose.

It was such a relaxing outdoor eating area located inside the fields of grapes.  

Dad, Toby, and Greg stared lovingly into each others ojos during the tasting.  Well, maybe just Toby and Greg.  It looks like they have a real connection and your dad might be a bit jealous.  

 Heather, Lauren, Chris, Nate and Greg all posed for me in front of the bull arena.  

August 17 is when they have a huge fiesta.  A bull fight, mariachis, and food from 10am - midnight. 


Dad and I just went on a wee cruise around the......tiny area of Ensenada.  Twas lovely.   Dad belongs to a group where the people are on a spiritual journey.   26 of them were on board with us.  I formed so many wonderful relationships.  It was such a lovely time and yet we missed all of you so very much.  

Our first/only stop was in Ensenada.  We left the boat a couple of hours before our excursion to tour the town.  We landed on Main St.  Your dad plopped himself down for some of his Mexican favorites - beer and salsa.  

Look at his face; he is so happy that he is about to taste the corn of his homeland.  
He is thinking, "Aye Mehico,  land of my home.  I have missed tu queso y mono.  Diga me, lover Jennifer, do I look more Mexhican today than yesterday -YES - I do.  I can convey all of this with my eyes.  I don't even have to verbalize this to my lady.  She knows me.  She amores me."

We traveled with the Leavits.  They are awesome.  We drove over and back with them.  It made the ride muy pleasant and entertaining.  On the ride home we sang some Flight of the Concords.  I love Bret and Jermaine.  Seriously,  I would consider polyandry if Jermaine would wish it so.  Your dad just seconded the motion.  Ya'all would get a song every evening that would intrigue - AND - put you to sleep.  Add to that it would be done in an accent that would make everything sound sophisticated.  Damn, that man can sing.  

The L's purchased some rice necklaces for their children.  After the necklaces completion we joined The Captain for some comida.   

Look at his face lovers.  He is in Mexican bliss. 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cowgirl Day 2012

I think this may be my absolute favorite picture of all time.  Ava darling, you were exquisite.  You told us that you are going to be a cowgirl when you grow up.  NOT A FARMER GIRL.  They have to pick up animal poop and you just want to catch bad guys.  I picked you up today in this outfit.  You came complete with "Purple Girl" your horse; as well as, you 2 marshmallow guns.  Holy smokes you are hot stuff.  This picture reminds me of OKLAHOMA the musical.  

Five thought you were crazy and kept growling and chasing you.  You rode "Purple Girl" and ran after her.

Oh my goodness.  You are insanely funny.  I kept / keep getting pelted in the face with candy.  When I said, "Don't shoot me in the face."  your response was, "Mrs. McClure said just not the eyes.  Your face should be fine.  It really is too bad you didn't get to go to my school when you were little."

Hiking South Mountain

We hiked South Mountain the other Sunday.  It was so amazing.  70 degrees, everyone hiked, and then we went out to eat.  
Gracias amigas

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

So we wrote out our New Years Resolutions.  Quite the list this year.  Top priority - working out.  I know, I know, so cliche.  Whatevs.  We are pursuing the goal of the health with vigor.  I received the BODYBUGG as of yesterday and we will torture our bodies once again tonight.  I appreciate all of ya'alls support.  I know it is super hard to set the table and miss us whilst we are away, but is soooo appreciated.  I know you wish for me to live Faever and constantly say things like, "I think that plane is flying to low."  or   " In etiquette school you need to learn to look people in the eye and speak clearly."  or  "No, I swear this is my real accent. "  or   " Seriously, you guys are the smartest kids on the planet."

Mucho Gracias for la patience!!

La Madre

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Monday, January 2, 2012

Party till it Yurts

Your dad thoroughly enjoys coming up with funny names / sayings.  Since we recently put up the yurt, it has been all giggles around here with his funniness.  We christened the yurt on New Years.  Dad had a friend in town staying with us.  Add a few other friends and strangers came over for a dance party.  I made burritos and put a very fancy 80's playlist together.  

Tis Kristine and I.  Below Kristen is trying to convince Garrison that 2nd cousins are allowed to have children together.  (I don't believe he is so sure.  Look at his body language.  The chick in the middle could care less;  she is all about the brownie sundae in her red cup.)

The YURT was awesome.  Check out this lovely pic prior to people arriving. 

So one of the guests teaches film and such at Collins College.  According to him he is "a big deal".  I'm thinking he thinks dad is a "big deal".  If this isn't the look of amore I don't know what is!  

Smeeks y Frances

Smeeks = happiness 

There is also muy bonding at the Smeeks

These pictures make me laugh.  It is like you two were in a modeling shoot and I was like, "Smile  - no frown - someone took your candy - you are mad - mad I say.  Pensive.  Deep in thought. "

We sat outside whilst the Tia went to the boutique next door.  Everyone inspected their candy boxes and started partaking of the fruit.

Oh Tia Allie loves herself some Frances.  She finds the cutest necklaces and bracelets there.  

Smores A LA Lebaron

The worlds cutest baby factory like - - - - EVER.   Then when you look to the right of the breeder you are all "Damn, look at that bad ass.  He must fly helicopters"

This last picture confuses the hell out of me.  Why can the Captain not take even 1 good picture?  This one of like he just caught an Armadillo and his friends call him Squirrel because he likes to catch and eat baby squirrels.  

I must say, you #3, aren't any better in the photo op area.  DEER.  For Petes sake you two take a class if need be, but get it together.

Lebarons Day 2 y 3

You look old

The Lebarons Visit 2011

We love ourselves some Lebarons.  We took a little hay / Christmas lights ride through the neighborhood.  Hot damn it was cold.  We last only a couple of blocks.

Miss.  E.  You received some new arrows for Christmas and this pose reminded Tia Allie and I of Katniss. 

Check out this face.  Hilarious.  You, #4, thought you were a pirate.  You were yelling " Arrrrgh"  and swiping your arm like "You were having a jolly good time."