Friday, February 27, 2009

"The Homeland"

We went to the Captains house in Poblado.  The following are images of the Caps childhood stomping ground.  
In front of La Casa
The Indoor Kitchen
The out door kitchen.  Yes, those are puppies and chickens running around in the "kitchen"
The tree that the wee Captain used to climb.  This also housed the water tank.  This tree is located next to the outhouse.  (yes, he used to go to the bathroom outside, just a big whole in the ground, you could see everyone's business everyday, it was the great honor of pooping in a campground potty everyday - sometimes up to four times of honoring a day. )
A view from the backyard.  Very nice (keep in mind while I type I am saying all of these things in my head in a really bad male Spanish accent)

Chicos Paradise

That little speck on top of the waterfall is Numero 1.  He was extremely brave and after it was done I think he really enjoyed the whole experience.  It was the 3 minutes in the middle that were a bit problematic.  The whole whirlpool sucking him in and spitting him out over the edge made him a wee nervous.

Fancy Night

You know how we Babbitts love the fancy.  It was interesting getting everyone (aside from you 2) to get in their nice clothes.  We compromised with you 3 - we did mandate bottoms.  Numero Uno you tried the Duck tonight and kept telling Marcos, our waiter, that he must be mistaken - it tasted like beef.

Can't keep up

First day on the ship and after swimming and play group you sacked out number 3.  You fell asleep for 3 hours.  

Monday, February 23, 2009

Dear Number 4,

We arrived in Long Beach after getting lost only a couple of times (Captain).  Number 3 was so eager to carry her luggage.  ( Okay I love this luggage.  The lining is pink and oh so cute).  I believe Number 3 is the MOST excited of all of us.  
We get to the room and seriously Number 3 - you explored every corner.  The rooms are SO tiny and yet you found things that we never would have.  It was kind of like you were an alien dropped onto the planet and had never seen things like - oh I don't know - a Blow dryer - really.  You kept turning it on and opening your mouth.  
The is at the EXACT moment that the boat left the pier.  Number 2 you are such a fashionista  - check out the knee high socks that sparkle.  NICE.  Number 4 - you enjoy power.  It is a bit Donald Trumpish.  You enjoy ---1. Being in charge of the walkie talkies  2. Carrying the room keys around with you.   3.  Getting our drinks and silverware.  
Look how Gorgeous you all look.  This is our first Fancy dinner of the cruise.  Number 4 you are missing and it is so weird.  I keep looking around for you and feel like I am forgetting something (YOU) wherever I go.  As I type we have abandoned your siblings to the Kid Programs.  They were none to happy of the first.  Then we went back to get Number 3 ( they called the room and reported sea sickness) we arrived in a panic and guess what?   She did not want to go with us after all.  heeheehee.  Number 1 is a wee bit sulky in his program,  but we have great hopes that this will change will all of Number 2s dancing to YMCA.  It is tirelessly difficult to keep a straight face when she is shaking her thang.  Cap and I are off to workout.  Talk to you soon.


The Mama

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bon Voyage

Tomorrow morning we leave on our cruise. We are taking you with us; that is number 1 - 3. Number 4 you get to stay with a couple of different people, mainly grandma and grandpa Wenzel. Tomorrow you get to spend the whole day with the Satos. I am sooo jealous. Ten bucks says you get spoiled.
So this is your first big trip to .......................Mexico. Hahahaha could we go anywhere else??? I have a feeling you don't get that the world consists of more than Arizona and Mexico. Although it is fun to have chickens running amoung us in the restaurants this doesn't happen on most vacations. I am super excited to see if any of you get some meat on your bones on this trip. What with all the eating availability you have a great chance to pack some cellulite on. I shall document the eating with several posts on the blog. Perhaps a video of some face stuffing. Although we will be away from thy home; there will be no sugar consumption. (I know I hear some booing. I am the enforcer so shut it - (when I say shut it - it needs to be done in an Austin Powers voice))
Well wee potlickers we are off.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Oh, Number 2

Hello there Miss.  You and I had a date the other day.   We went shopping and you experienced your first pedicure.  You picked gold polish and the lady helping you put a red heart on the big toe.  Due to a language barrier you kept giving me strange looks throughout your pedicure.  I know you thought she might be swearing at you, but she wasn't;  she was saying Hannah Montana.  

 Today was the first time you went to the mall with one of your friends (Tatum).  You two decided to purchase matching dresses at "The Childrens Place".   During dinner the phone rang and it was Tatum.  When you got off the phone I said
" I thought you had your outfits all picked out to match tomorrow?"
 You replied,
" Momm, there are so many accessories that we have to make decisions on. ( This was done in a tone that was like "duh")

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lucky Duck

The random picture tots is to remind you of the days when Number 4 couldn't pronounce duck. She ran around saying a rather naughty word instead of duck. You combine this with the b word she called me when trying to say chips and you have got you self a pot of dirty looks the mama received today.
The best was the dirty looks Auntie Kim and I received yesterday when we ventured into Last Chance. Why we decided to go with 4 children (the twins are now 5 months - Nbr 4 is 2yrs old and Little man is 3). Back to the story - we are moving the gang up and down the shoe aisles when a woman gets in Auntie's face with a sour look. It was like she ate a big piece of dog poo and wasn't caring for the after taste. You know what Kim does?
She said, "what, just because I have children doesn't mean I don't need shoes."
Now generally as a rule of thumb I would go with no confrontation with strangers who could be packing heat. But Last Chance tends to bring out the tiger in the mamas. I must say it was lovely to hear her stand up for herself that way. It would have been a bit sweeter if she had one of the babies hanging off her nursing at the time; but I will take what I can get. (Kim I know you are not nursing - all I'm saying is that it would have been trashy cool)

Saturday, February 7, 2009


At times I believe I am a professional at most things.  For instance - photographer.  Even though I own a tiny little cannon camera I will shout out different things while taking pictures.  
(I am sure when you are in therapy as an adult you will bring this up as one of the quirks of thy mother. )

This was one of those days where no matter what I shouted you only did happy.  I was like,
" Give me crazy.  No stop smiling.  I need more drooling.  Please baby work with me."
Back then you did look like a little boy.  Everywhere I went people would ask,
"How old is your son?"
I didn't want to make them feel bad or anything, so I did not correct them.  Instead I would say,
"Oh, he is 1.  Isn't he cute?"

I know that this too will be brought up in therapy.  Honey, it is called being polite.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dear #3;

Today you went to the dentist.  I don't know if you can tell, but your mouth is a little droopy on the right side.   Laughing gas little one.  Turns out you take to it.  Dr.  Morris advised that us that you have a wee bit of an addictive personality.  When Nick asked you what you were thinking during the procedure your answer was,
"I was listening to the noise in my nose."

So, we came home, waited the appropriate duration to eat our turkey burgers, and got ready for bed.  When I asked everyone to get into bed and read the above picture demonstrates what you were doing.  I must say it is rather awesome.  Yes, that is underwear you have on your head.   You found a training bra I was saving for a later time.  Although I never advocate jumping on your beds; it was kind of perfect for the attire.  

Point being - I usually don't care for the dentist (no offense Morris - you are swell and all, but I don't care for my teeth being touched.)  you on the other hand made a day out of it.  I totally dig your positivity.  


The Mother

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oh, Number 1

So remember the day you went with dad and everyone was kinda staring due to dads Hat.  This should bring back some fabulous memories.  Look at all of the people gathered around to take a peek at the Captain.   (Okay maybe they are also looking at this car)  

Monday, February 2, 2009

Dear Diary,

It turns out I can really get into a sports game. I was shouting like a lunatic yesterday while watching the Cardinals in the superbowl. My other personality comes out to play and she has sort of a potty mouth. When I was listening to her yell and cuss I thought,
"wow, she really needs to get her language under control - there are
children present."
Unfortunately, when the Steelers got the ball and were about to score I jumped up and down and shouted NOOOO to the point that I wet my pants. The Captain yelled that I go change my pants immediately. No, Captain I needed to finish watching the game. Pee does dry nicely on leather - it is ok.

(Children I gave up bladder control in return for all of you. It's okay you were totally worth it. Just don't get embarressed when I sneeze and pee. )

During half time we watched the Ted Haggard special from HBO (Love Tivo). I've decided to invite Ted Haggard over for dinner. We had a big discussion on not judging Ted. That is what he was doing for years after all. We are going to be a better example to him and show Paster Ted what it means to accept everyone. Again unfortunately, Eric and Nathan disagree with me on the whole Paster Ted dinner idea.

After all of the big fancy football TALK #1 put out last week he never watched the game. The Captain rented Mario Cart for the Wii and it turns out that trumps the Superbowl.

Quite the random day. Thanks to the Clancy Earls for spending some time with us and making some lovely food!