Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Monday, July 28, 2008


Not the movie, rather the Ranch.  We had some wonderful adventures this week at Big Mamas Ranch.  As you will see from the following pictures - there was horseback riding - cooking - backyard chananigans - and a couple of cowboy hat mishaps.  The Captain is STILL sore from the short time he spent on the back of Besty (that sounds a bit naughty - Besty is a 20 year old horse)  Seriously, the Captain realized that he is a bit out of shape.   Number 3 wouldn't get off of the horse.  She insisted to Mr. Glen that she be allowed on Becky all by herself.  (This was after I walked back to the house mind you).  You will never guess - she got her way.  The Captain and Mr. Glen said she was FABULOUS.  She was all over that horse - telling her what was up.  So, Number 3 starts horse lessons in a month.  When Mr. Glen told her what a great job she was doing - she said, "Yep.........I Know"  She was born to be a cowgirl and we didn't even know it.  The Nelsons are so great we had the best time hanging out at their spread!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Muffelata night.  So Greta gave us the great idea of making this for dinner.  You will note the trip to the grocery store, the preparation at the kitchen island, and the delicious dinner.  EVERYONE ate it!! Nice work number 2 and 3 - plus cousins S & S.  

A night with the Clancy / Earls.  Ms. FancyClancy made amazing cupcakes for all of us.  


Really, what possessed me to take 7 children to the orthodontist? Seriously, what happened to my brain to make it think it might possibly be OK to take all of them with? Ava dumped a BOTTLE (entire bottle) of water on the big leather chair. And the rest of them........crying - whining - shouting - running around - YOU NAME IT. Help - my brain may very well be malfunctioning.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


SO, I went to see Mama Mia yesterday with Angie and Jyl (two lovely sister-in-laws).  I must say I haven't laughed out loud at a movie in YEARS.  Seriously, you know it's good when wet your pants when laughing.  What does a woman do who has birthed more than 4 kids?   It was such a great time.   The theater clapped when it was done.  

The Joy of Singing

Number 1 and 2 
attended Miss
Class this summer. 
The performance was 
Sooooo amazing.  Both of
them sang their solos loud
and clear.  GREAT JOB YOU TWO!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Captain Blames me

Sooooo the Captain ran the RV into a neighbors mailbox last week. This is the neighbor that had him arrested for the dog trespassing. Needless to say - we don't talk much. So he fixed the mailbox and set it right again, informed me that he would let them know what happened, and was on his way again.
Tonight five of us squeezed into the small car (gas -yuck!!) and the Captain proceeds to tell me that he let the neighbor know what happened.
"Good, did they want you to replace it?"
"Well, Jen I should let you know that I told them that you ran it over, due to the fact, that you are not a very good driver."
Once I stopped laughing I had to remind him -------who has NO tickets (ME) and he who gets one to two a year (HIM - last week even).
I guess we are even since he had to take the fall for the dog. (fingerprinted - had to hire a lawyer to represent him - dog trespassing case)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Number 4 Obsessed with her "AT"

Number 4 can't say her "h"s.   So when she kept yelling "at, at, at" I didn't understand.  She yanked opened the drawer and stuck this on her head.  She didn't take it off for the next four hours.  

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Swimming Tales

So, we went swimming tonight at Miss Sue's house. We had Uncle Danny with us. He hasn't been swimming since before his accident - like 20 years- CRAZY. It took 30 minutes to convince him that swimshorts don't turn invisible when wet. Once we finally got that into his head we were able to get him in the car. Once we got there - same thing all over again. Then he sat down on the side of the pool for the next 1/2 hour. At one point he stood up and asked my friend (who he has never met before) if his bottom is invisible because it got a wee wet.

Finally he got into the pool when everyone affirmed that his shorts were not invisible. What a nite. He played basketball without his glasses and kept smacking the neighbor kid in the head with the ball.

It was AWESOME!!!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Number 4 wears a barret

Number 4 will never let me put anything in her lovely main of red.  This was the first time!!!

Number 3 ate the bird

So, we haven't purchased the bird -----yet.  Number 3 is protesting  - she really wants a pet.  

The Captain became a Farmer

The Captain started a garden.  He is an excellent farmer.  

GaGa for the Captain

Spring Break March 2008.  Number 4 is a bit obsessed with the Captain.

Lehi Days

Yee Haw.  This was the greased Pig contest at Lehi days.  Daniela was the only contender out of our crew.  Her shirt had the most disgusting grease? that I have ever seen.  

The day was fun.  Ted and Lisa showed up looking like hics.  I didn't even know it was them when I turned around.  I think he had wranglers on - yuck!!

What the Disney

This is my Favorite picture of number 3.  She is trying to stand as tall as she can for the rides.  Everytime Captain Nate would say "Elle now."  She would do this.....

Then we ventured over to the Lego Store and number 1 did this.......

This was such a lovely trip.  Can't wait to do it again.