Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cousins II

Since Christy was in town this week we got all ya all cousins together for a few photos.  

First, we have the babies.
There were a few photo challenges.
1.  The children wouldn't look at the camera
2.  They wouldn't smile
3.  The Babies didn't like the grass
4.  There was a lot of movement

Numbers 1-4
"The Family" 
Mind you Christy, Kim, and I were all shouting and taking pictures.  You will notice that all of you are looking at your perspective mothers.  This was as good as it got.  

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dear #4

Hey baby ( yes grandma I called her BABY) 

You just came up to me and said, "mum.  I have eyes in my heead." 

Super cute.  I am so happy that you realized that your eyes are located in your head.  You kept pointing to your eyes and saying, "in my heeead." LOVE IT!

(a bit of a Mike Meyers So I married an Axe murderer accent was in my head at the time of writing this.)


Auntie Christy came into town this week.  We spent the day with your cousins.  There was swimming and pretzel eating and loving on American Girl dolls and TONS of silly face making skills being exhibited.  (just a heads up.  I was totally trying for the worlds longest sentence just now. Awesome!)

All Five Ladies in their uptown gear.  Check out #3. 
 Seriously #3, when you look back at all of your younger pictures please notice that this is one of the only glorious photos of you dressed all fancy.  Typically we (your father and I) don't allow what we refer to as "ho clothes".  But I made the exception for you this day.  There was no fighting about clothes.  There was no argument about anything.  It was Beauuuutiful.

Some of the mad skills your cousin possesses.  She said, "I have lots of Tricks"
I don't believe you have ever swam without a popsicle afterwards

PHASE I - check

Number 1 is done with Phase I.  Yesterday the braces were removed. 

We went swimming at grandpa and grandmas house after the removal.  I asked for an "after" picture and the following is what I received.  
I really don't know how you make yourself look so...........I really don't know how to describe this face.  Please stop.  Please.  Really.  Stop.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Dear Uncle Danny,

You entertain me. Yesterday was such a vast array of emotions that I daresay some of the finest actors out there would have struggled.

You went from joyful to mad to interested to needy to mad to laughing (your fanny off when you let a LOT of gas mid sentence. In between laughing you told me that you didn't know it was going to happen.) to very mad. I believe you even threw your laundry bag when I wouldn't give in to purchasing another 10 razors this week. I thought it was kind of funny to point out that you may have a slight addiction to razors. You............did not.

All of this happened in a mere 4 minutes and 22 seconds.
It was like I was at the theater and I was able to participate a little.
Thanks.............Great Show!!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So we ALL stayed at Firesky a Kimpton Family resort last weekend.  It was our 13th Anniversary.  What an awesome place.  There was so much wildlife prancing around the grounds I felt like I was in the movie "Enchanted". 

  The pools were super fancy.  The kid pool had sand leading into the pool.  Everyone enjoyed this feature.  There was an Italian restaurant onsite.  The front desk advised us that it was voted "the best" in the valley.  It was just so so; with a pinch of "what the crap - why is this so expensive?"  Let's just say that dinner was more expensive than the hotel for the evening.  

So Number 1.  Have I mentioned before that you like to pose.  Not like a normal
"cheese" pose.  It is more like a "check out my biceps" pose.  I must say ..............always amusing.  

Now the Captain on the other hand is not one for posing.  He needn't not.  He is so uptown without posing.  This robe is rather dashing.  I believe he can pull off any animal print - - raaaah.  It is like he has just been unleashed from his cage at the zoo and he is ready to go out and find his mate.  KaaKaa.  ( It is not a post for accents.  It is a post for large bird noises and a few lion growls)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Home Tour

So, I had a thought the other day, several actually.  One about why people let anyone under the age of 18 read Twilight, one about the texture of the puss that emerges from pimples, and one about home tours.  


Mike and Lavona were out of town this past week.  We were dutiful and picked their tomatoes for them.  You know sometimes it is a burden to pick peoples tomatoes and make awesome salsa.  NOT  (Okay, so I just watched a wee bit of BILL AND TEDS EXCELLENT ADVENTURE I will try to keep the language to a min)  Of course The Captain experimented by roasting different things to combine.  I must say it was soooooo good.   

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Tonight was ladies drive-in night. (younger men were allowed.)  It was lovely.  The weather was perfect 80 with a hint of humidity.  It even sprinkled a couple of times.   #2 and #3 said it was like Halloween with all of the candy.  There was different flavored popcorn and candy coming out our ears.  

The BEST morning

I woke up this morning to two notes next to my bed.  (Yes, it is summer and I slept in.   Not my fault if you guys choose to get up so stinken early.)  The first is a lovely picture from #3.  This is a letter from #2.  It states the following:

Dear mom,I thank you so very much for taking us to makhautas   island yesterday    & for taking us to the drive in.Oh I am so very glad.


p.s. remind me to give
chiecka a bath

How cute is THAT !!!!! Your spelling was awesome!!!  I am so impressed.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Pants ......Check




Babe, do you realize how hard it was to get ALL of these clothes off of you to get your pull-up on?  Remember you think your pull-up makes your bum look big and I can't put it on you until you are slumbering?  

It was kind of like taking some sort of exam for PE in the 10th grade.  It requires random skills.

 ( I remember a PE teacher who thought we should "dance" for one of our tests.  Let's say "dancing" is subject to interpretation.  I might not call what she did "dancing".  Isn't it awesome that everyone is sooooo uniquely different?)  
Back to you #3.    I had to balance my on my left elbow and delicately pry off the LAYERS of clothing.  At one point you woke up (let me state that it is not a state of awakeness it is rather a state of bizzare behavior. )  On this particular night you "woke up" and stated,

"I said, Look me in the eye.  Lalalala"

I am still balancing on my elbow trying to undo your pirate belt - arrrr.  You "wake up" once again and say,

"Peanuts and grapes and big elephants"

I pee my pants a wee bit.  Sorry, changed your sheets the following day.  My thoughts, what's a little pee to someone who hates a pull-up?

Once the job was completed I was exhausted.  

I need to rest up for tonight.  

A mom-date

Dear offspring:

Last year we initiated mom-dates. This is pretty self explanatory - a date with just YOU+ME. Thus far I have received the highest feedback. The latest set of dates were:

#1 - Went to see the Will Ferrel movie "Land of the Lost" This was enjoyable. There was some inappropriate language and inuendo (sp). I think the implied situations went over thy head. It was hokey and funny. We both gave the date a solid B+

#3 - You chose to go tour the Bass Pro Shop. After that was Old Navy and then Rubios. I believe you told the Captain that our date was "FANTASTIC"

#2 - We went shopping. You picked out a couple of dresses. We grabbed a snack at Starbucks and went nextdoor to get a pedicure.

While I was out on a date with #1; the Captain took #3 and 4 for icecream. (#2 you were not forgotten. Take a wild guess as to your whereabouts .............Hadleys ) So anyway the following conversation occurred:

#3 "when mom took me on my date it was FANTASTIC. My date with you is good to dad."

Captain "we aren't on a date."

#3"anytime I am with you and I am having fun - It is a date."

Friday, June 5, 2009


So when the Captain has to venture among humans it is as stressful for ME as it is for him.  Sometimes he acts as though he just moved here from Mexico - let's say -------yesterday.  

THIRD, Some lady on the light rail didn't understand what personal space was.  I believe she may have backed the Captain up against a pole.   ( He may never go out again.)

When I asked #1 what it was like on the light rail he said,
"Little A sat on my lap.  He is not light.  My leg fell asleep.  I didn't want to tell him to move."
  On the upside, check out Little A's face.  He looks mighty happy to me.  (note: #1's legs sticking out from underneath Little A)

The seats were in the 2nd row.  No one was in the front row, so you gave yourself complimentary upgrades.  

Check out Uncle Dave.  (okay this is in my creepy molester voice) 

Uncle Dave,  "come here little girl, I have some candy for you."


Thursday, June 4, 2009

How do I parent when are too cute

So, I spent the day at cubscout day camp.  Quite a bit was outside.  I am tired.  I am in bed and typing a wee bit.  I turn to the Captain and say (oh, so sweetly) " Can you please read her a story?" He read a long story.  I hear him walking back to the room and I hear a whispered warning that someone is following him.

#4, (in her high fairy voice)" Mom - your turn."

Me,"what"    (I was like, does she even know what your turn means?)

#4" Mom, your turn to read me story."

How the crap can I parent you #4?  You make me want to squeeze your cheeks and tuck you in with me.  ( I know that this is not an option.  I learned this lesson the hard way.  Number 2, we kind of let you get away with sleeping in our room when you were her age.  It took mommy 2 YEARS to ween you back to your bed.  -----Does anyone realize how long 2YEARS is for weening.  Let's just say that it is ---to be literal---730 days.  )

Best Friends

Mrs.  Lisa M.  sewed these matching pj's for the Best Friends.  #2 you are still planning on putting off your attendance to Brown (we will see how long the all girls school lasts) to wait for Hadley.  She is one year younger than you.  Number 2, you talk about Hadley in terms of forever.  This is super cool and totally awesome.  For example:

#2, "when I get married I think Hadleys dress should be pink."

#2,"when we go to Brown I think Hadley and I are going to save up and buy a corvette to drive."

(I must stop right there and say that the Captain was like "really" a corvette.  Where did this child come from?  I must say there are ample opportunities for him to question paternity.  ----The red hair of #4 really made him wonder------- He neglects to remember that my gene pool comes in to play once in awhile.  It is not like his are always dominant or something.  I tend to think polygamy weakens the gene pool - Call me crazy.  No wait, call them crazy. Heeheeheehee.    Back to the story.  The thing is my gene pool wouldn't pick a corvette either.  I must say dear Captain, I believe our daughter has a mind of her OWN.  ( that was done in an accent also. Kind of Peter Pan / Oprah.)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Captains Day

For Fathers Day this year you all have been busy. Since we recently learned that the dad was a wee bit obessesed with the SMURFS as a young lad, our shopping was expedited. Cousin Greta called urgently last week with the news that Target now carries smurf figurines. We made our trip to buy out Papa Smurf. Mission accomplished.
Now we are just waiting on the ebay auction to end and to win this most amazing lunch pal.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Can't Get Enough

Yes four, we like to taka pictures of you 

There may just be a tiny adult living inside your body.  I have never had another child that was 2 years old and was able to reason.  (Don't tell anyone, but I don't know many adults that I can impart reason on very well.) It is totally unbelievable.  You will start to whine or cry a bit.  I will calmly give you the reason for whatever is disturbing you.  Heck, let's do an example:

#4,"waah, cry, cry."

Mom," #4, I can't have you running with a fork.  It is dangerous.  You could fall and get hurt.  You could accidently cause severe damage to your forehead, eye, or brain."

#4,"Dangous.  Okay mama."

And that is it.  You stop crying.  You stop whining.  You move on to something else.  Really?  This is just so crazay to me!  And I meant that CRAZAY.