Tuesday, June 28, 2016

My 40th Birthday Party Estillo 70's

Leigh came to Visit

Christmas 2015

Day Trip To Prescott

19 years together

One of my Oldest and Dearest

Becky was in town and we went to Barbara and Marvin's house to see her and her husband and the baby.  That Baby is amazing.  Good Lord he is adorable.  

P.S. Paige, you and Ava came with and Barbara made you Christmas Gingerbread cookies.  Paige you couldn't get over that she made Christmas cookies - you were so impressed.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Like Father Like Son

Paige, Our Stylist

Paige dressed us for our date night.  Very interesting outfits.  

Civil War Re-inactment

Our new Junior High does a Civil War Re-inactment.  Twas Rad.  Dad volunteered and it was quite the epic day.

Halloween 2015

Braces are OFF

Ava's birthday 2015 - 9 YEARS OLD

Ava ank Inkiri

Cassidy Got Married

My favorite people came to visit when Cassidy got married.  I love this woman so much!

Hawaiian Cruise September 2015