Friday, May 29, 2009


That is what I called the Captain the other day.  I WISH I had a picture to go with the rest of the "Oh, he is trying to embarress me again" experiences.   (Please refer to previous posts where he wore my hat or shaved his face and looked like a molester or wore a scarf that my mother gave my daughter.  Not just wore the scarf, but wore it as an ascot)  

So, we went swimming the other day.  When we were done he put his white t-shirt back on.  According to him, (ALARM BELLS GOING OFF)  he didn't want to get his t-shirt wet, so he tied it.  I mean literally Jessica Simpson, tied it in the front of his belly -----ABOVE THE BELLY BUTTON.  Oh, but that isn't the worst of it.  He then wore that into the grocery store to buy some cucumbers for our salad.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME.  

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Oh what lovely pictures of us walking along the road at the ranch.  Tralala.  Notice how you are nowhere to be seen #1?   Let me explain.

I promise I was not posing for this picture.  The Captain was sooooo into taking pictures that this was kind of like me saying, "whatever, take the picture paparazzi man.   I will placate you with me stopping; yet I refuse to give you a decent facial expression."

Number 2 you are so cute.  ( Please note that #4 didn't want to walk our whole walk.  Doesn't this defeat the purpose of a walk.  Little one we were trying to wear you out.  )

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Hey Number 2 pose with me for dad.  He is sooooo super silly wanting to take my picture ALL the time.  
I know he has taken like 100 of me.  It is like he never gets tired of taking our pictures.  Honestly, I really don't mind.  Actually,  I rather like getting my pictures taken.  
Whatever, I am otta here.  I am sick of smiling so much.  It is against my nature.

Kindergarten Graduation - Part 2

Monday, May 25, 2009

Kindergarten Graduation

Your teacher had a baby the end of April, but returned for your graduation.  (notice the Captain behind the microphone)  Here is a picture of you and Mallory B with your teacher..............Mrs. Marthaler.  
When your teacher left to birth her offspring you had a long term sub.  It was Miss. Kline.  She was the BEST.  Carter had her for 2 months at the start of the year and you got her at the end.
You and Mallory B
Singing some fab songs!!

You were Uncle Sam

Hey Number 1,

Dear Number 3,

Last week I was reading to you and caught a whiff of some really nasty odor coming from your boca.  I asked if you had brushed and you "almost" said yes.  You changed your mind and told me , "no".  As you ran off to brush you wrapped yourself in a blanket.  On the return trip you had once again mummy wrapped yourself in a VERY LARGE blanket.  (Let me specify and state that your arms were inside of the blanket)

At this point I jumped up from the bed, picked you up, and noticed the blood pouring out of your nose and mouth.  ( I used pouring for a reason.  I MEAN it.  You also sneezed blood across my shirt and coughed up blood.  The coughing up blood was what threw me over the edge.  It was what they always do in those trama  - ER shows when someone has a brain tumor and doesn't know it.  They stupidly play with a bear because the brain tumor can't let them think rationally.  The bear tries to eat them and paws at the girlfriends head - removing part of the scalp.  Anyways, they always end up in the ER coughing up blood. YUCK.) I ran to the kitchen screaming for the Captain.  (He thought I was playing a joke on him at first and took his time)  Once he realized that it was not pretend he took you to the couch to assess the situation.  

This picture was 1 hour after the INCIDENT. How freaky is the look on your face.  And you wonder why I kept passing out.  

Some visual of the mouth area
Some , "hey, I want to sleep after hitting my head. " Did I mention how awesome it is to have head trama.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Under Attack

Dear Little Ones,

It was a regular day at the Babbitt House. (since we discuss poo so much please note that I am referring to our schedule and not our bowel movements.)   We were on our way home from tutoring darlings.  Your Captain had arrived home a bit early.  I walked into the house and
he says, "hey do you want to see something really weird?"

The Captain had some photo difficulty and it really should be a horizontal picture.  

Chandler advises us that there are 50 to 60 THOUSAND bees.  

He also tells us that there is about 30lbs of honeycomb.  (Check out all of those dead bees.  I am so sorry lovely bees that make honey  but it was your time.)
The coolest part, I must say, is that the lovely scent they left behind will attract more bees.  Chandler was fab and put up some bee fart so that this is not our fate.  Thanks Chandler!  Who knew bees dislike fart as much as me.  

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Only 6 more days of school.  Last summer was fab! This summer is going to be divine!!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Summer 2009

Today was our first day back in the pool.  Check out number 3 swimming and behind her the Captain installing the new diving board with papa.  Number 1, I hope you marry someone that likes to take pictures of you.  You are the best poser EVER!!! I haven't been able to sneak up on you yet.
Onto you number 4.   You are so silly.  You witnessed Number 1 jumping off of the board.  You took off and ran down to the end of the pool.  I yelled at the Captain to catch you.  You jumped in without even pausing at the end of the board.  
The water was chilly.  You were chattering your teeth, but refused to get out.  Saying that you Loved it is an understatement.  You are nutty and I will have to be crazy cautious this summer.  Please stay sane!!  Don't go all " I have to swim or I'll die" on me.  Swimming for 1/2 hour at a time is reasonable;  please be reasonable.  You are 2 for Pete's sake.

Number 2 is so Cute

Nick's lady friend Brittany graduated from Tony and Guy school recently.  We enlisted her to assist us with #2's hair.  Number 2 you were very specific about what you wished for your locks.  Brittany did a fab job and we are all so pleased with the outcome.  You are looken smoken.  Number 3 said, "you look like a lady."   This first picture is you describing how long or rather short you wanted the hair.  
And the finished product.  I am totally whistling right now little one.

You are really into making clothes out of felt for your barbies.  You set up a design studio in your bedroom and there is felt all over every surface.    Check out the fancy shoes.  You are soooo talented!!

Danny's Birthday

Grandma Wenzel brought out some great treats for Danny's birthday.  (Check out that sexy body behind him.  Is that Number 1?  Why cover up your face handsome?  Are you blocking out some stink made by the uncle?)
I was trying to snap some pictures of Danny and noticed how he looks like an angel with a halo.  This is humorous to me.  Yesterday I took him to Urgent Care for some severe stomach pain.  The front desk person asked for a drivers license and was extremely insistent about it.  I finally told him,
"hey he is mentally handicapped and doesn't drive."
  Danny did not like this, starts getting upset, and then says,
"hey,  Last night I found out how old I am"
I said, "how old did you think you were?"
He said, "35.   I am so surprised I didn't know that I was 38."

 After 4 glasses of water he still could not produce a urine sample.  We then had to move on to a catheter.  Oh joy of joys.   A large male nurse  performed the job for us.  I of course left the room.  When the doctor came in she learned pretty fast that she had to dumb down her speech from "bowel movement" to "poop".  She was awesome.  He says,

" I went poop a couple of days ago and I ripped myself a new a______"

To which the doctor asks a couple of more questions.  May I restate how lovely she was.  And then the winner---- Danny says,
" Why the h___ are you speaking so slow to me."

After figuring out that Danny has a severe kidney infection they sent a cute, young nurse in to start him on a shot of antibiotic.  To which Danny giggles, looks mortified, and says,
"Can you give me the shot through my pants."

She says, "no"

He then drops his pants to the ground.  Awesome.  I left the room again.

So I will keep these pictures to look at and remember this peaceful look when you are cussing out a doctor.  

Friday, May 1, 2009

The Ladies

Enjoying a wee bit of water time.  Yes, they all have the same dad.  Yet isn't it weird that they all look completely different?  If I hadn't witnessed them emerging through MY sacred birthing canal I wouldn't believe that they were related.  

Boar / Pig / Swine

Why swine flu - why not pig flu.  Are we trying to sound fancy and educated?  How about boar flu(because this isn't the feudal system.  They are all the same - just some are wild.  Did you ever see the discovery show about pigs / boars.  When they released pigs into the "wild" they grew hair and teeth within a matter of weeks.  It was Crazy.
 "well, now that we are away from our cushy life our primitive selves will emerge and we will become.................dadada................BOARS."
 Honestly, they are fun to hang with ------not to eat!   But the foreign pig flu needs to go.  Auntie Kimmy and I feel like we are watching "Outbreak" with Dustin Hoffman and Renee what's her face Russo.   I can't wait until they fly in a helicopter capture the pig (monkey) that flew illegally to the US on a plane and create a vaccine that will save all of humanity.  GO DUSTIN GO!)