Monday, September 29, 2008

The Captains Birthday Weekend

The Captain was playing some of the music on his computer and baby was dancing away.
The Golden Ticket.  The VIP pass to hang out with all of the bands.  Did I mention that he got phone numbers for Flight to London.  That is the group he has followed and "according to him" is one of the up and coming Big guys.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

K1 and K2 Whooping it up

Some Party Games

                         Who can wrap a cowgirl up like a mummy the fastest?
                                                                     Dress up Relay
                                                                     Bobbing for Apples


Some Good Party Dancen

Okay little one, I don't mean to burst your bubble, but you have a bit o'something on your face.                                             Number 3 and her new friend Mallory.  
#3 made herself a tissue paper hat.  How "My Fair Lady" of you


                                                     How beautiful are those cupcakes?  Enjoying the Rodeo food - hotdogs, beans, and fritos -oh lala
Hey #2 you had soooo much fun at your party.  Check out your big smile while we sang to you.

Little Baby STILL coming everywhere

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dear Captain

Hey Don 'El Cap i tan:

Are you having fun at your concert. I hope your birthday celebration with just your boyfriends is super cool. Maybe take you back to the old days when you were young. Remembering all of the trouble you all got in. All of the concerts - straight and gay. Wow - the Good Times.

Only now you guys are closing in on 40 FAST - have some crows feet - or have to shave your heads to give the illusion that it is cool and not premature balding (talking to no one specifically of course)- talk about the stock market ( instead of how you were going to get enough gas money (or just get the gas) to get to the next concert)

Do not worry about us. We are getting everything done for #2's birthday party. We are work horses here. Number 1 just cleaned bird poop from all of the cushions - what a trooper of pooper. #4 is cute as ever just watching us where ever we are working. She is just happy as can be eating a tub of ham (odd isn't it. I won't touch the swine, yet that is the only "meat" product she will eat. In fact, she did a little dance for it this fine morning). Number 3 is dressed totally cute and trying to help with whatever I need. WHO IS THIS CHILD. I am thouroughly enjoying this new kid, don't get me wrong, but what the crap happened to the other one? The only trouble on the horizon this festival day is #2. Maybe she drank too much milk? It's the only explanation I can come up with.

Have a joyous time at the Edgefest. We miss you dearly. We will take pictures and post them throughout the duration of the shindig for your enjoyment. Please be safe and don't tussel with any groupies.

Love and Kisses
Wife #1

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dinner Birthday Party

Dad went and picked up a cake for the birthday girl.  (just a side note  - The Captain has picked this cake up for the last 3 birthdays and forgets this.  Everytime he eats it he exclaims, "man, this is the best cake ever."  We know his memory is bad , but sometimes the whole "Groundhogs day" feel of it makes me pee my pants.)The dinner party was when The Captain gave #2 the presents he bought for her. (below t-shirts and bracelets)
THE BIG PRESENT.  The Captain purchased a beautiful Hello Kitty necklace.  It is sooooo cute.  #2 has specific instructions about when and where she can wear this beauty.  This is her first "real" piece of jewelry.  Happy Birthday Lovely Girl !!!

We Interrupt this Birthday Festival.......

We Interrupt this birthday festival to bring you------- Baby loven on her new baby.  The Captain HAD to get #2 a present JUST from him.  When visiting Baby Bliss #4 found the cutest little baby and bassinet.  I just had to get it for her (looming depression and all) She will not let it out of her sight.  

Birthday Afternoon Outfit Fashion Show

                                                                         Work out Gear
                                                                         School Outfit
                                                          School Outfit Number 2

The Lunch Birthday Party

Number 4 and I joined you for a lunchtime shindig.  It was lovely - chicken nuggets - chocolate milk - and strawberries.  And of course the Lovely crown!

The Breakfast Birthday Party

Number 2  - You are 9 today!!!  You proudly wore your crown.  This year you received tons of clothes - a book to design clothes (da) earings - and a groovy girl outfit.  

Nice Wife Beater

Number 1.  You liked to pose for the camera.  A LOT!!  I just found it loaded with beautiful pictures of you again.  When you are older I hope you can look back at these and remember when your hair was down to your shoulders and you liked to wear boxers and a white tank - ALL THE TIME!! Your awesome - stay cool

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Who Knew

Who Knew that a bucket would create so much fun this week.  I can't even count how utilized this RED bucket has been as of late.  It is deceiving - you can actually fit 3 out of 4 Babbitts in it.  (check out #1 posing in the background)

Monday, September 22, 2008


                         Nbr 4 loved it when Captain threw her in the air - over and over and over.............


 Decided to make a cool dinner this weekend - Spain was the theme.  The final product.  Don't know what to call it, but it was AMAZING!!!
Pounding out the pork,  YES - I said the other white meat.  1st time in 2years I've used the swine.  It was super fun hitting it with a hammer!!!!
                                Clinking the Perrier.  Oh lala - we are soooooo Spanish!!  Nobody liked the Perrier, but the mama.
The Brushetta was lovely.  I AM the queen of Spanish.  I am the Mama al la Plancha.  The hola de la piggy.  The Boca el Vaca.  Whatever - only took a couple of years of Spanish (obviously -Kids STAY in SCHOOL)

Three Babes in a Bucket

                                                                  Saturday.  Swimming in a bucket.  Hose on for 2 hours. 

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lookie Here another Sibling......

Okay - Mickie the one in the middle bottom row is a new sister we discovered recently.  We LOVED her!!! She was so kind and amazing.  How fun is it to not truly know how many siblings you have - and have a ton that you have never met.  
I, Jennifer Jean Wenzel-Babbitt, look on the bright side of all things and must say that it is really a good time.  Listen up #1-4 you are soooo fortunate to have a dad as a pirate polygamist( granted it was grandpa that had the wives.  dad was just one of 24).  Not many people (if any) could ever say this about their dad.  Give Thanks