Monday, January 31, 2011

Brilliant and Sneaky

#4, you my dear have a sneaky side. It is extremely humorous to us that you do the following.

After loosing pillow privileges for the day as a result of
A. Whining
B. Tattle tailing
C. Screaming / hitting Harry

You randomly find me and say this,

"Who is winning the pillow today? I really think Paige is doing a great job. What do you think? I think you should pick her definitely."

The thing is, you end up sleeping with Paige every time she gets the attitude award. I find you hogging the pillow on her bed while she reads you a story.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bed Time with #4

Last night we read Rolie Polie Ollie AGAIN. Questions following the book:

Ava, "Mom, will the sun burn me up while I lay in my bed."

Me, "No."

Ava, "Will the sun come down and lay next to me?"

Me, "No, the sun stays in the sky."

Ava, "Darn it, how bout the moon?"

I read this book thinking, "Man, what I would give to be Uncle Gizmo. He has a sweet hairdo, awesome bike, speaks like Elvis, and is super happy and rhymey. " Instead of this you wonder if the sun will burn you up OR if the sun will be a friend and spoon you to sleep.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My camera isn't working

When I print this blog for your "scrapbook" I want to make sure that I have included as many pictures as possible. Since I have LOST the battery charger for my camera I've decided 2 things:
1. Time for a new camera. Hahahahahahaha kidding. Maybe. Not really. I'm not saying I haven't been on overstock to look at them or gone to Costco to shop prices.
2. Time to stroll down memory La Lane.

How cute. Who knows which baby this was - I'm thinking Sabrina. Oh, I'm noticing hair is a theme in this post. You with long hair.

You may be thinking, "What the hell is going on with your hair mom?" I think I was sooo into the shirt that I forgot to look in a mirror and comb my hair.

WHOA Pretty boy. I forgot how long your hair was. Turns out you never liked to wear a shirt.

DUH - even back then you looked at me like you knew more. It was a look like, "Hey, you are interrupting my thoughts and my snack."

This was when you decided NOT to go on Space Mountain once we got to the front of the line. Funny, 2 years later and you went on EVERY single ride there. You even went on the ride that gave me a FREAKING heart attack. That ride would be, crap what is the name of it. It is that elevator ride that falls down the building - on purpose. I thought I was going to die. I kept whispering to your brother, " It's ok. We will be ok. " to which he would say, "Stop squeezing my hand. I know I will be fine."

Monday, January 17, 2011


WE are addicted to ....................Angry Birds. Your dad is sitting next to me and for the last HOUR he has been screaming at the ipad. Here is my therapy lesson to you children - - - Sometimes mindless play is TOTALLY appropriate. If it takes over your day - or night - then tis not ok. Since 2 of you went to sleep over at Grandma's last night and came home after getting sick; your dad and I need a little "down time". Three weeks of almost everyone being sick and saying things like,

Carter, "I'm going to die."
Paige, "My eyes are on fire."
Your father, "I need you to rub my head and massage my feet so I can not notice my eardrums are bleeding."
Ava, "AHHHHH. AHHHHH. I am grumpy. I don't have a remote in my body so I can't control myself." (If I were to vote I would say this one was my favorite.)

Aside from the fact that you (Ellie) Spewed your puke all over Grandma and Grandpa's minivan; the funniest thing that happened is:

You (Ellie) were explaining that your stomach hurt to your grandparents last night. Your grandpa told you that he thought you were making it up to be able to stay up late. This morning you said, "Can I call grandpa and say "I told you so."?" I said no of course, but when grandpa dropped something off later you ensured that you said, "Do you believe me now?" I wasn't there for this, but if your translation is any indicator I can only assume it was SUPER SASSY.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


That was the response to the UNVEILING of the daily "attitude" prize. TIS a full length, body, furry pillow. Not just furry mind you; it is soft like crawling back into your mama's sacred womb. It is soooo lovely soft that you are all clamoring for it - - - - everyday. At times, ok - most times, the contest backfires on me with all of you being what I like to term "buttheads". Do I say this to your face - um maybe. You guys like to point out what the other person is doing wrong. THIS DEFEATS THE PURPOSE.

So, we are revamping the contest a bit. No tattle tailing or you are out for the day. I loved being on vacation with Eric and Renee and witnessing how they put there feet down about tattle tailing. I am ON BOARD with this venture. I am going to call you a snitch and make you wear a hat so that my memory doesn't betray me later in the day. It will be done in a really kind voice where I kind of sing, "There once was a snitch from Mesa - Who had a malfunctioning cabeza - they wanted the award - and almost scored - .................................................................ahhhh nothing else rhymes with Mesa. " Since I am not a name caller I won't really do this. I just love an opportunity for a limerick. Even a half completed one.

I am excited to see how this new rule impacts the "stress-free" zone I have established in our house. OHHH I have another idea - we are only going to whisper every Wednesday. It tends to be the most hurried day of the week. I think it will make everyone listen more - because you will have to. AWESOME!!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Your letter about your fab winter vacation - Ellie 2nd grade

Winter break was amaazing for several reasons.
Becus I got to spend time wath my famley.

My famley playd games and we eght lots of food.
We even opened presnts.
My mom got a ipad and dad got a soda mushen.
I mad soda and playd on the ipad.
I even splept over at my cusens houas.
We wennt to chuceych.
I playd louts of gems and got 7a ticets.
They gave me glow in the dark tech.
Obviously I had a wonderful winter

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Beardy Spice

El Cap i tan has been taking his title seriously as of late and grew himself a ...........................beard. He now looks like the guy who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart. I keep trying to explain to him that it is not a look that will assist him in life. Crop the homeless beard and get yourself a hot scruffy beard.

Beardy Spice got himself an ear infection this week and blew out both of his eardrums. Yes, your father figure is now partially deaf. AWWWEEESSSOOMEEE. I love that. He now just nods all the time and I feel like he is participating in the process of decision making, and yet, I seem to not get any arguments regarding the directions I take.

I dragged all of your back sides to South Mountain on Sunday for a wee hike. The picture above is our resting stop on top of a hill. It was a great time. I must say that I was a bit nervous the whole time; diligently watching for rattlesnakes.

This is the day I lost my patience. I am pissed at her (probably because I don't have any patience). I keep singing Hall and Oats, "She's gone, Oh why, Oh why...." I am hoping she really misses me and sneaks back in the middle of the night. I will at first play hard to get,

"I don't know if we can make it work. No, you left me remember....................Fine, get over here and give me a hug. Girl, I missed you like no ones business."

Monday, January 10, 2011

Patience - I will miss you dearly

(This is me)

Dear Young Lives that I will forever impact,

My endless supply of patience ended abruptly this weekend. I was all "Hey, get back here. Where the heck did you go? You can't leave me like this. No, we can't be just friends. I need you. You will regret this. "

I was fairly irritable by some of your tudes and therefore we have a new plan in place here at the La Casa Val Muerte. (Remember how this doesn't mean house of death. Remember how I LOVE Eleanore Roosevelt's progressive stance on woman. Remember how she headed up the first ALL FEMALE RUN FACTORY? Hallelujahhhhh. It was named Val Kill Factory and then she named her residence Val Kill Cottage and then I named my house the Spanish version La Casa Val Muerte. (Wow, run-on sentence award recipient---------ACCCCEpted)

So the change at La Casa Val Muerte is ...................................

I will be purchasing something today that the person with the best ATTITUDE everyday will receive for the evening. I am unsure what said award will be - mayhaps the world's most comfortable pillow, a lovely smelling eye night patch, socks that rub your feet all night - I am really excited to go out and find something that will have all of you drooling.

Wish me muy luck. I will be donning a scarf like the photo above this fancy letter. Picture me out scouring Goodwill and the trash can looking like a star.

Love you all,


Friday, January 7, 2011


Carpool yesterday was beyond hil - ar-- i i i i i ours. As soon as Bryce and Erica got in the car laughter ensued. OVER NOTHING. Then the "jokes" started.

Bryce: "Why did the dog not go to dog school?"

Erica: "Why"

Bryce: "Because he didn't have legs."


Ava: "Why did the dogs not have legs? Hahahahahahahaha."

Bryce: "I don't get it."

Erica: (whispering) "That is her joke."
I meant to discuss some of Uncle Danny's experiences we witnessed during the holidays. He of course, was soooo funny. He called Uncle Mark a racist and threw away a Christmas ornament he was given right in front of said person.
This year we went to Nana and Papa's new church. I tend to over emphasis my slow talk with Danny when we are around strangers. I think if people understand that he is mentally handicapped they won't get upset when he does something "different". He had couple of shout-outs during the church service. He was SO nervous the whole time because he thought he was betraying his church. When they asked for volunteers for a skit they did during the sermon he raised his hand the whole time. It was very cute how happy/nervous he was. When it came to the candle lighting portion of the service he turned to me and said:

Danny: "Is this like the sacrament?"

Me: I'm thinking. It might be best if he not have fire."Yes, it is like that."

After the first song he turned to me and grabbed his candle and had me help him light it.

30 seconds after that he started crying. Not a soft or quiet cry. It was a sobbing like his heart was broken. As he was sobbing he started to sit down and the candle started to hit the chair in front of him. Auntie Kimmy and I both lunged for it and I blew it out as it hit the upholstery. He sat there and cried for the next minute. LOUD. He was so moved by the candles and the song that he broke. You know how when Kim and I see someone crying we start crying. AHHHH we both stared at each other and saw the other one barely holding it together and the ugly cry starting. Thank heavens the song ended and we were able to keep it together. I know we all realize that Uncle Danny is a child stuck inside an adult's body, but this was so real and perspective was immediate.

On a random note I found this picture on a blog yesterday. Fanciness. If we were to implement the HOT / CRAZY scale as specified on How I Met Your Mother I would venture a guess that this bug would be ..........................................................Es Muy Loco.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Recipe I need

AFTER reviewing Jamiee Rose's blog I found this recipe that I don't want to lose.

In the good for you category today, we have my best culinary discovery this year: roasted kale chips. Yes, really, and they're so delicious that my friends are ready for me to stop prophesying about them any day now. (Except I can't: kale is one of the superfoods, and kale chips are addictive and easy and heavenly and healthy and see how annoying I am?)

Who knew? Sarah, of Sarah's Fab Day, apparently, who told me to try them, and also about a million food bloggers, already converted.

My recipe: Heat your oven to 425 degrees. If you have a convection oven, use it. Remove the stems from a half-bunch of McClendon's Tuscan kale (also called Cavolo Nero, also known as the makings of that killer kale salad at True Food Kitchen.) Regular curly kale works, too. Tear the kale into bite-size pieces. (You can also roast the kale whole and have the posh product of Bon Appetit.)

Toss the kale chips with one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and one teaspoon of sherry vinegar (optional, but who doesn't love salt and vinegar chips?). Spread on a baking sheet and roast for 10-15 minutes. (Watch it, the edges will brown and the kale will crisp.) Remove from the oven, and spinkle with sea salt or fleur de sel.

Promise me you'll try this. I promise that even your kids will like it.

Now, something bad for you: Did you know there is butterscotch pudding at FnB in Scottsdale, a new, buzzy restaurant that I've been dying to try? Howie Seftel, our restaurant critic, tasted it at the Devoured food fest, and I'm thinking that if I eat kale chips every night for a week, I can have some, too. (Kiffie Robbins, will you join me?)

Winter - We actually had to wear coats this year

We had a few adults over for some radiating fun the other night. Check out your father, Cody, and Adam jamming to your "Just Dance 2" game. Your dad has some moves - damn. I can't remember who won, but Ehren was able to sit on the couch and wave the remote and had a high score.

Earlier that day Amphony (this is how you say his name #4) showed up for the FIRST TIME EVER WITHOUT HIS MOTHER!!!!!!!!!! He was not scared of me anymore and he WANTED to talk to me the WHOLE TIME. I am unsure of what significant event happened that changed the paradigm mini Dave lives in. I welcome this new mindset. I HEART it. I believe you HEART it also Ava. Check out the look on your face in the below picture:

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Piano Recital

Tis photos from our piano recital in December. Cousin Cassidy was with us and we all had a SUPER great time listening to the beautiful music. I will get you back Mr. Carter. Darn you for breaking your thumb close to the recital.