Thursday, September 29, 2011

Paheena (Espanola for Paige)

You turned the big One to the Two this week.  Your birthday party consisted of :

1.  Lunch at Spinatos
2.  Dolphin Tale at the Movie Theater
3.  Ice Cream at Cold Stone Yummy

Ali, Taya, and YOU. 

Melanie and Alyssa

Ali, Taya, You, Melanie, Alyssa, and Tatum.  You have such lovely friends.  It is nice that you surround yourself with kind ladies.  Tis good to be good to yourself.

Some improv dancen at the Co - Sto.  Look at you in all of your Mexican colors.  Dios Mio, you are fabulous.  Tis like you have it ingrained in your DN and A that you are a Mexican.  You are like a bowl of sunshine in a sea of gray. 

The following morning on your actual B-Day we found ourselves at St. Francis for breakfast to celebrate.  You ordered yourself an AMAZING pancake.  

Tu hermano likes to practice his BEST smile like EVER.  He actually did this face for his 8th grade pictures.  That boy has a great sense of self.  I enjoy meself some good Ol' fashioned bad pictures.  

This blurry picture is of you - E - and tu padre opening your present.  Twas a used i-pod touch.  Yes EVERTHING we own is used.  No, not your underwear;  we aren't barbarians for Pete's sake.  Just in case future Paige goes all Jetson and says,

"What was an ipod touch?  Mayhaps it a species of Encephalopod that i touched a lot!!  Oh wait, those were ficticious characters from a scary movie that I NEVER SAW because my mom was so mean."

Darling, an ipod was a device that you could hook a headset up to and listen to music.  It was about the size of a pack of gum.  Unless of course gum is outlawed during your space age future.  

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

PreSchool 2011 Da Bomb

The Loo / Lou / Lu

The bathroom has been quite the project.  It is almost done.  I LOVE it.  

Number Five is Alive...............and working

Five went to work with me yesterday.  Here are a few pictures of her kind of taking over.


My new dress

I bought a new dress the other night.  Kristen picked it out and when I got home I thought,

"I would never have bought this with out a wee push from la Kristen.  I should send her a pic to show how much I love it and appreciate her."

You dad took my picture and in true Nate form he said,  "Ok, let's send them one of me in it and see if they notice."

I seriously laugh most of the time I am with your FATHER.   He is so funny.

What #4 learned this summer and taught la dad

Funny how I think I know all there is to know about your father and then I get smacked in the face with a big surprise.  Turns out up until 3 weeks ago he didn't know how to float in water.   You, Numero 4, decided to teach yourself how to float.  Your dad looked at you, thought, "OK.  I guess if she can do it, by golly so can I."  Now we have 6 floaters in the fam.  I am in LOVE with these pictures.  You focus so hard to get the task done.  

Bath House

We've been completing projects left and right around here.  A couple of weeks ago our big question of la dia was:

Should we face the outside toilet forward or off of the side.  Tu' Padre demonstrated for me so that I could make an informed decision.  

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Who knew that Mesa 2011 was actually Mississippi 1964; substitute Mexicans for blacks and we have a match.  When you go back and read this you will all think,

"Oh, I remember 2011.  Mom and dad were pulling their hair out wondering why people are so hateful / ignorant / unkind when we have come so far with education and humanity."  


"Oh, I remember 2011.  Mom and dad used a lot of profanity over the crazies in the area."

So there is this politician that is one of the most hateful people I know of in a political position.  (I did say that I know of.  There is always the possibility that Ol' Russell could be topped )  So Russell Pearce boggles my mind.  I could just say that he served with Sheriff Joe and -----ENOUGH SAID.   I could also say he was fired from the DMW for some shenanigans.   (I didn't think the DMW EVER let anyone go.)  He wrote a bill called SB1070.  This was co-written by FAIR.  FAIR was labeled a "hate group" by Southern Poverty Law Center.  FAIR also received funds from a neo-nazi group.    He also tried to change the 14th amendment of the CONSTITUTION.    He also emailed a group of supporters with text from an article by a White Supremacist group.   Did I mention that the article denied the Holocaust.  Did I also mention that he baptized a neo-nazi into his Church?  Your father was dining at Cindy's cafe a couple of months ago and overheard a convo between Mr. Pearce and 2 other people.

R. Pearce, "You are a warrior.  I like warriors.  I too am a warrior."

Not kidding.  Next time we are out to lunch I am going to speak like an 8 yr old boy.  Your dad came home and said, "I was sitting next to this douche today.  I think he is in politics."   I said, "Google Russell Pearce's photo."  Dad, "Oh my gosh, that is him."

The recall election is a month away and I am noticing posters EVERYWHERE promoting this man.   I can't figure out if it is inner racism that is motivating people to support him OR ignorance.  Either way it makes me angry and sad.  I thought we had come further than this.  It appalls me to know that others don't understand what a privilege it is to live here.  NO ONE GETS TO CHOOSE WHAT COUNTRY THEY ARE BORN INTO.  Oh wait, what if people really think that they did choose.  "Hey Heavenly Father, I would like to be born into the richest country on earth.  Can you also make me white.  Pretty please!!"

Unfortunately, Russell P was shot in the chest back in the day by an illegal immigrant.  I understand that must have been traumatic.  I also understand that something needs to change.  

Monday, September 19, 2011

Dr. Jeklina and Miss. Hyda

This morning you got up,  helped unload the dishwasher, gave your dad a couple of hugs, and were in the best of spirits.  That is, until you asked if you could have a piece of candy and my reply of "no" did not satisfy you.  Then you went to

1.  Not getting in the van
2.  Finally getting in the van and crying all the way to school
3.  Refusing to get out of the van to go to school
4.  Letting me know it was my fault because I said "No" to the candy
5.  Making it clear that you probably would never do what I asked again
6.  Sitting in the entryway of our house for 25 minutes
7.  Deciding to go back to school.  (This may have a little something to do with the fact that I said I would carry you into your classroom and duct tape you to your seat.  That is what I call GOOD PARENTEN - said with a twang)
8.  Letting the front desk lady know the reason you were late was because, 
                      "I refused to come to school."
9.  Asking if I could purchase a special water bottle for you from the office. (Hahhahahahahahahahahah)
10.  Giving me a kiss goodbye saying,
                        "I love you.  Have a great day at school Ava.  Bye."

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Phone call Number 3 style

Now I don't consider myself a tech-tard, but my goodness darling what futuristic ideas are flowing through our house right now makes me feel like Jane (Jetson that is).  Aside from the tech play-date I'm super impressed with your new friend.  Here is how I was introduced to little Lola.


Ring Ring

Mama: "Hello"

Little Voice: "I need to talk to Ellie."

Mama: "Ellie is making her bed right now.  Can I have her call you back?"

Little Voice:  "Well just go ahead and take the phone to her."

Mama: "Hahahaha.  Darling I can have her call you when she is done with her chores."

Little Voice:  "She called me twice and I was at my grandmas and we are going to video chat and read a book together so I need to talk to her now. (Big breath after really long sentence)  My name is Lola."

Mama: (Lola is OBVIOUSLY a Badass)  "Well Lola I will have her call you in a bit."

Lola: "How long is that going to take?"

Mama: "Hahahahahahaha.  Lola it all depends on how fast and seriously Ellie takes her chores.  You really never know."

Lola:  "I need you to find her and tell her to take it seriously and get them done fast."

Mama: "Sounds good."  Click



You are 4.  You LOVE to have me scratch your back EVERY NIGHT!!!!!  Your Dog LOVES to spoon you.

Are we going to look back on this picture like I do on pics from the 70's and be all:

"Girrrl, check out those ugly pajamas.  Mother what was up with your weird boob, is it super odd in shape.  Why does my childhood dog look like she was possessed by an evil spirit?  That was a crazy time.  What was your odd fascination with putting my hair in buns. "

Adorable Faces

1st day of Pre-school 2011

These are after school pictures.  Lisa L dropped you off and you we all about your fruitloop necklace and visor.  Your hair was a bit disjointed after your hard day.  You spoke non-stop from 11:30am - bedtime.  Your biggest topic 

Maximus.  Yes, there was a kid in your preschool named Maximus.  Your question to me?  "Why does Maximus have the same hair?  The kind of hair that sticks straight up?"


2 Hours playing with plastic cups and plates.  SERIOUSLY!! This was the cheapest best time you have had in awhile.  Halfway through the plate-time you, Miss A, grabbed our stuffed owl and started speaking OWL.  Yes, we have a stuffed owl, YES you speak Owl.  It turns out when we ask you to translate the Owl was speaking Spanish.  

A: "Whoo Whoooooo Who Who."

Your Mother: "Darling, what is that in Owl?"

A: " Owl Spanish it was I LOVE YOU WITH ALL OF MY HEART."

(This is what I say to you all day.  We've shortened it to just a fist pump over the heart.  Gangsta Loven.)

Pool Games

There is this game you and your dad play in the pool.  He acts like he is out of energy and you swim over to him and give him a POWER KISS.  It is awesome.  Pool time has been so fabulous!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


A: "Mom,  I am a dark seer.  I can see in the dark and no one else in the family can.  I can see in the dark just like the flying squirrel."

You do a little twirl

A: "You should put me in ballet for I am a GREAT balleter."