Thursday, January 30, 2014

Favorite Brother

Your brother is the best A.  You like to describe all of the two times that he has saved your life. Tis Sweet!

P.S.  He is kind of a bad ass.  Look at how his arms are all crossed cause he is a pro

Sunday Outings

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Miss Ging

Yesterday I made your hair extra fancy A.  When we were talking last night about your day I said,

Mom, "A, did your friends love your hair today."

A, "I don't know."

Mom, "Well, I bet Stella loved it.  What did Stella Say?"

Let me interject that it took a long damn time to do your hair and I was being a 1950's female for a quick sec.  Thank goodness you are perfection and corrected me in a slightly snarky tone.

Ava, " Mo - o - om, we don't TALK about hair." Btw the "DUH" was implied.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Oh Ava

Ava "Paige, who do you think I'm talking about when I say these words = Awesome, cool, and fun?"

Paige, "Me!!"

Ava, "Yep."

I bought super large strawberries today and you said the following,

Ava, " Mom, these strawberries are SOOO big.  I didn't know they were so big in the winter."

Mom, "Well, they aren't being grown here in the winter.  They are growing in some other part of the world and being shipped in."

Ava, " Oh, I bet they are from France."

Mom, "Really, why do you say that?"

Ava, "Well, France is very fancy and they must make fancy things there and strawberries are also fancy."