Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Harrison Ford is going to make an appearance in Alyssa's dreams in the near future

We went to grab Eva the other day from Auntie Kimmy.  Where did we go?  WE WENT TO THE MALL.  Lovers,  google (or whatever futuristic search thing you have to figure things out) How I met Your Mother.  Robin Sparkles sang herself a song about Going to the Mall and we all double dig it around here.  It is muy muy enjoyable.  

We met them at H and M and then moved on over to Forever 21.  I spot the Star Wars shirts.  Then Alyssa reminds us that she has NEVER SEEN STAR WARS.  Take a deep breath.  I know.  I know.  Stranger things have happened.  No?  Okay maybe not, but let's embrace it and slowly introduce her to movies that will change her life.  I say we start with the OG and then maybe throw in a little Indiana Jones; because Dios mio she has not viewed that either.  She may be a little late to the show (heheheee pun) but I still think that the magic will float into her heart muscle like the wind and imbed the joy that is Harrison Ford a la 70's y 80's.  It may help that you two having matching Storm Troopers shirts that have a lipstick kiss mark on them.  Ooh lala they are so nerdy cool I can't get enough of them.  

You and Alyssa are the cutest pre-teen / almost teens that I have ever laid me ojos on.  On a side note, Pahina, you look straight out of Back to The Future in that jacket.  You know how to weasel your way into my heart of stone.  That is correct, a goood 80's movie outfit or dialogue.   You guys have been having many a discussion as of late about who dad and my favorite is.  Ava is pretty damn sure that she is both of our favorites and ya'all are shut out of the competition.  Tis kinda funny how she won't even entertain the discussion; because it was over before it began.  Hahaha.  Ava, you were a bit stubborn when you were 5 lover.  When I say a bit I mean a lot.

I'm glad my post about introducing Alyssa to Happiness via Star Wars and Indiana Jones morphed into this.  Honestly, I can not wait to stare at her face whilst she gazes into Harrison's man eyes.   

Annoying Toys

So you had this little toy where it sings you a diddy and then you can record yourself into it.  It was singing this song,

"What's the biggest word you've ever heard.............."

and then you record the biggest word that you have EVER heard.  Here goes what went down.

Annoying toy, "dada  dada.  What's the biggest word your've ever heard?"

Ava, "Mom.  What is the biggest word that you have ever heard?"

Word Smith, "Ubiquitous."

Ava, Speaking into said toy, "U big twas"

Annoying toy, "Da da da da.  Wow.  That's the biggest word we've EVER heard!"

Ava, "Mom.  I think she just says that because she doesn't want to hurt my feelings."

Friday, August 10, 2012

Mexico Part Tres

Mexico Part Dos

Mexico Part Uno

We took Eva to Rocky Point to give her a bit of "Taste a La MExiCO"  Arrrrribba.  

On the way to the resort we ate at the chicken shack.  IT was amazing as usual.  As we were leaving the chicken shack we noticed so many Federales that we decided to just stick to the resort whilst away. 

Once at the resort the swimsuits were on and we were off to the SEA.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pie makers daughter

So lover of lovers, you started the Kindergarten yesterdia.  You came home and no matter how much I tried to pry out information - you WOULDN'T BUDGE.  Damn you are a hard nut to crack.  One of my favorite moments was when we tried on a few of your school outfits and you had a longish white dress with simple purple flowers.  It was rather chic in a little girl kind of way.  Here is what you said to me when you looked in the mirror:

"Mom.  I look like a kid who has a mom who bakes pies when I where this."

Nope, not kidding.  WTF little nina.  

1.  Do you know a single person that bakes pies for a living?
2.  Do you know her child?
3.  Does her child wear tre chic dresses all of the time?
4.  How have you not introduced her to us?  You know we all (except for your weird Papa') like the pie.  Especially Paige.  I mean that girl can down a desert like no ones biznes.  Hey, future Paige - don't take any offense to my previous remarks.  Hopefully future you can look back on this stage in your life and embrace the sugar whore that you once were.

On a lovely side note.  You came home and said you are friends with everyone but one girl in your class.  I asked "why not one of the girls?"  You responded with, "she has warts on her hands.  If she comes in for a hug I will get infected."  Are you serious.  "Ava, you really should be friends with her.  You don't have to touch."  "MOOOOM.  I will not be her friend because I will get infected."

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Kindergarten, 4th grade, 7th grade, 9th grade

High school looks good on you lover.

You guys were all ready this morning to brave the carpool van.  Thanks for being such a big help E.

A, you just came home from school when I was uploading the photos and said,

"I made 1 new friend today.  She is my BFF.  I don't know her name."