Thursday, January 31, 2013


First off, this is in the toy room.  You hung a tablecloth off of some chairs and had Ellie take your picture "teaching" school.  Yes, this was the first week of kindergarten and you were a tiny bit excited.

Fast forward to this morning.  I sing my song as I walk through your rooms and hope that it wakes you up prior to resorting to hand smacking your face.  So, I'm singing and you, Ellie, run down the hall and say, "I hate it when you sing."  Awesome.  The song is like a bird chirping out to its baby, "I am your mother.  You don't need to ask the cow or the goat.  Wake up wake up."  Right.  Cute.

Well, I lean over you, A, and sing my song.  In your husky I'm asleep voice you say,

"I am having good ideas in my brain right now.  Don't wake me up."

You didn't wish to share your "good ideas" with me right off, but I heard Ellie weasel one out of you.

CottonCandy Gun

Hell yeah

Ladies Night

Last Friday night my grown-up ladies night was cancelled (flu outbreak) so I came home and took all of you wee ladies out.  We went shopping at Ted Baker.  All of you assisted me in trying on my dresses and picking one out for the wedding we are attending next month.  We ventured into H and M next and I believe it was super successful.  After the clothes we ran over to Grande Lux for some delish.  EVERYTHING there is good.  We followed up our food with beignets.  DAMN.  They are soooo tasty.  

I'm starting Tracy Anderson's workout videos (Yes Captain, I still say videos and taping and other shit that drives you tech-savy adults cray cray)  Anyways,  gone will be the donuts and such other savory goodbits.  In is the juicefest marathon that will be entering our castle as of manana.  I welcome it.  I welcome the possibility of diarrhea.  I do.  I welcome the fate of la juicing and lifting weights.  Let's see what T.A can do for me.  I challenge you Tracy.  (in my head this is said with mucho gusto with a twinge of an accent.  I'm trying to get real for you lovers.  I always have accents going on in me head.)

Paige, you and Alyssa LOVE to pose for pictures.  I watched you whilst we waited for our food and you took about 10 pictures on your phones/ipods........of yourselves.  AWESOME.

You left a letter for me in my side drawer this week.  It is amazing.  It is what happens when a mom goes to therapy and then raises a healthy kid.  Unfortunately, you have forbid me from posting it on my blog.  It actually stated it on the front of the letter.  I will vaguely say that it stated what you found wrong with a situation, what you thought I should say instead (it gave examples), and how you felt.  I loved it.  


When you were 13, you liked to take pictures of yourself

Pizzaria Bianco

Twasn't planned, but peeps........we got into Pizzaria Bianco in an hour and a half.  It was a January miracle.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Yesterday morning on the way to school here was our fabulous conversation:

Paige, "Mom,  when I am 18 can I legally change my middle name?"

Lovey (me). "Yes."

Paige, "I want to change my middle name."

Lovey, "Really?  to what?"

Paige, "Deborah."

Lovey, "You are kidding right?"
Paige, "Or maybe the last queen of Hawaii (you list some really long name). No....................I still like Deborah better."

Monday, January 21, 2013


Sitting here watching the inauguration with all of you.  Some of you went off to slumber, but Paige, you and dad and I are sitting in my room watching the Ball.  Here is our conversation:

(Sir Duke starts playing which spurs your thoughts of what your dream was last night)

Mom, "Paige loves this song too dad.  It is like we are twins."

Paige, " My dream was that I was thinking of what my three wishes would be.  You know, when I am given three wishes. 

(Can I interject here that I too spent numerous hours as a child and teen figuring out what my three wishes would be when the genie granted them to me.  It is kind of like the fact that until I was 26yrs old I thought I would grow boobs.  I LITERALLY didn't think it wouldn't happen until I was 26 and had this thought, 
"I'm 26.  I've stopped growing.  It is never going to happen.  Why the heck did it take me this long to realize this.  crap."
It was the same way with the genie.  I was 15 when I finally realized I wasn't going to fly - by meself - and I wasn't going to get three wishes.)

The first would be that there would be no rules applied to the next wish.  Then my next wish is that I would have as many wishes as I want.  Here are my wishes:

Stevie Wonder can see again
Uncle Danny isn't mentally handicapped
The Lawsons, and grandma and grandpa and us would win the Jackpot Lottery
That everyone would like me, including the girl that doesn't like me
I would go to cooking school in high school
I would never go bankrupt
That I would have my island
That I wouldn't have to go to school everyday
That I could shop for free and just take stuff and no one would care

I absolutely LOVE inauguration.  I love that today is MLK day and we have a black President.  I love that I am a happy human that thinks the best of people.  (I think people are inherently good) I don't blame one human for sooo many mistakes.  (No, I don't just blame Hitler.  He obviously had a crew of crazies to get that shit done. )  Prior to blaming others lovers - - - please say, "what can I do" and/or "what did I do."  Take ownership.  Don't just complain.  


Peace out

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Life with Technology

I have been slacking, yes, a bit.  Here is the deal.  Me+technology=Number 5 from Short Circuit.  Old, outdated, slightly techy, says awesome things that rhyme as often as possible.

I dropped my phone (technically Kim's phone b/c I'm a cheap ass) in the potty.  Yes, I kept my phone in my back pocket like a genius and it fell out when I ran to the bathroom.  Can my excuse be that since my surgery it is ALWAYS a surprise to me that I am able to go to the bathroom.  It's like I'm 90 yrs old and freaking surprised every SINGLE time.  It never gets old.  I'm happy everyday when my body gives me 10 seconds warning prior to having a bowel movement.  (Yes that is for you Kim.  Years of therapy still can't get me over the fact that our mother liked to say BM or bowel movement and required it of us.  a;kldjrflkaj I just threw up in my mouth again.)

Anywho I purchased myself a new Iphone 5.  After one month of owning it and pretty much video taping every single thing that happened;  I synced it.  Guess what?

NUMBER 5 is a retard.  She isn't ALIVE and all bad assy.  She is mentally handicapped.  If I were to go all Short Circuit on you I would say:


I lost everything on my phone.  GONE.  Christmas pictures, pictures with Allie/John/ and kids,  videos of dancing and inappropriate things being said GONE GONE GONE.  Ahhhh. 

I'll make up for it.  I promise.  I'll double time it this week.