Sunday, March 29, 2009

Celebrity in "My" house

So Renee is friends with THE Heather Bailey.  She has actually been to my house before, but I didn't have the cajones to ask for my picture with her.  ( Cajones is Spanish - duh)  

Down and Derby

It was Derby Day.  Number 1 you were very relaxed.  The boys were lined up in the hall, I blasted "Eye of the Tiger", you ran separately into the room, and you and your car were announced.  (One of your cub mates advised me that this was for fun and not about winning.  Whatever.  
Little A showed up for an amazing time.  I believe he enjoyed himself.  He didn't actually talk to me, but I sensed that he was having fun with the ladies. ("the ladies" are his cousins -  he is 3 afterall)

Once the cars finished the track you had to run it back up to the top.  There were like 50 million heats or something like that.  Let's just say it was a lot o racin.   What humors me about this picture is that:
1.  It looks like you are Maverick and Goose and Iceman are strutting behind you on the tarmac 
2.  Your scarf looks like a cape
3.  You took time to stop and pose - Thanks!!!

In the end you did not win this year.  It was just not meant to be.  No worries there are no more Derby races for you.  EVER.    Oh, was that not really peppy.  Sorry.  Maybe it is that I am happy that there are no more Derby races - -- EVER.  You are fine young cub.  It is thy father.  He gets ................a wee bit obsessive about the car.    

A Great Hair Day

Dear Diary,

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A day with my mentally handicapped brother-in-law

So I ventured to the vet yesterday. Now that Danny is with me full-time he goes with me everywhere. The purpose of the trip was to find out more information on Chica. We arrived at 9:30am. There were 2 people waiting with their dogs in the waiting room. One was a cute little Boston Terrier. The other was an American Bull dog. We take a seat. The woman with the American Bull dog is on the phone speaking loudly about her dad dying in January. He was a Mason and their funeral service is this week. As soon as she gets off of the phone Danny says,

"You look like your dog"

(please see picture of similiar dog below)


Danny says,

"I think your dog has worms and you do to"

(in my head I am thinking - this is insane. Do they realize he is handicapped? Why is he laughing out of control? )

And FINALLY. Danny turns to the old lady that arrived with her little white terrier 2 minutes previous and says,

"I think you might be deaf."


Nothing can top this - oh wait the vet telling me my dogs vulva is swollen...........yes that is what I said. There is more. He tells me he can spade my dog and it will kill all of the puppies. And I quote,

" I don't know what your view on life is, but if I spade her the puppies will
just die."

We will not be returning to this place------------EVER!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Crap, Crap, Crap

I am not meaning this in the literal sense; rather guess what dog is 99% pregnant ........CRAP.

I was not prepared to adopt a pregnant dog. She acts like she is starving. I feel sorry for her. I feed her leftover pork sandwiches (yes, I served the other white meat tonight. Why, heck if I know. Saw a recipe and I must say they were AMAZING. tangent, yes. Pork, Yes. What is happening????????)

Pork and Pregnancy in the same day. Anyway, I felt bad for her. You know I have been there Chica and I understand the hunger. Once I ate an entire icecream cake -----NO ONE HELPED ME. This was also accomplished in ONE sitting. When I look into your little eyes that shout,
"Feed me. You understand what I am going through. You, my human mother, feed my pains. I know not what is happening to my wee dog body. MAKE IT STOP."

Okay little Chica with the bambinos on the way. Holy Crap, what if like 10 puppies appear???? I think it time for a lymeric.

Don't worry little Chica
The future is not really bleaka
The babies will come
They will call you mum
You will no longer be weaka

Alternate last line

You will have a little milk leaka
A husband you need seeka
Number 2, you advised us tonight, "Chica is now a part of our family. You can no longer send her away if she is bad. You can only lock her in the kennel or the laundry room."
Gracias Nina

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Chica -----Our new family member

Chica, you joined our family yesterday.  You were given to us from Raymundo.  You were his best friend.  Unfortunately, his backyard was not fenced and you were dancing with the cars in the street.  Not a good idea Chica.  


Not the boob, rather the crib.  

Our Favorite Carnival Person

No we don't know his actual name.  We all tried to figure out what it was, but were not familiar with the language from Indonesia and just agreed not to pronounce it.  Whatever his name was he was FABULOUS!!!!!!  Check out those white teeth and beautiful skin.  He would cut the kids food and would literally feed them their food.  

Dolphin action

Sunday, March 1, 2009


You know when something looks like it is going to be an amazing idea.  Then when you are in the midst of this really great idea a thought pops into your head,
"hey, this could be problematic.  Quick , make it stop - do something NOW."
Well that is exactly what happened when I,  bad mama,  let my children sit with a BABY JAGUAR.  Oh yeah, a baby jaguar. 

Right after this picture was snapped the baby jaguar growled, turned around, and started to bite Number 3's hair.  The Zoo personal grabbed him away ---FAST.  So my advice is ...............Don't let your children play with wild animals (regardless of their size)  Did I mention that we then went on to swim with dolphins later this same day.

Carter and la Pescado

Number 1 was without barriers when partaking of food on the trip.  Exhibit numero 1: Pescado.  Yes, take it in.  There is a head on this fish.  Guess what, that didn't seem to bother #1.  Exhibit #2: you tried duck, navy bean soup, lobster bisque, the list went on and on.  

The Ladies

Ya all were extremely excited about dresses that didn't really have straps.  The rule was that you were only allowed to wear them on the trip.  You both look so lovely!!


We rented a rhino to ride around Mazatlan in.  Numero 3 you really enjoyed this aspect of the trip. 
Number dos you were into making a sand castle pregnant belly.  

Dinner on the Pier after Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta



This is my FAVORITE place like Ever!!!!  Whenever I get the chance I try to talk the Captain into taking me HERE.  After we left dad's house we headed on down to Perula.  You may run into 20 people total on this huge stretch of beach.  There are a few people who dock their boats and come in for food.  
Here is the Cap trying to keep up with the kids.  (Nice muscles handsome!!)
I kind of overdose on coconuts.  
See that little head on the front right side of the picture.  That would be number 3 and we had no clue who she was with.  Listen Numero 3, you were crazy excited about the Sea.  Yes, you refused to call it the ocean.  

#2 and #1 getting along so well!!


After we left the one house of Nates (when there are multiple wives - there tends to be multiple dwellings) We passed by the entrance to the town where he also lived.  The large X sculpture? is the indicator for the town entrance.  

The crapper

Okay, so I know I tend to write of waste quite a bit.  The fact that Nate is not the only person I know that grew up with an outhouse (Cody) is alarming.  All of you old people don't count; sorry but you were supposed to have an outdoor crapper.    So how lovely is The Captains poop retreat?  I thought it was rather fancy.