Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Carter, I LOVE that you dig food so much. It makes all of the cooking worthwhile. I must say it was an extremely relaxing day. You guys went hunting around the orchard while I cooked. Carter, you took the turkey's temperature. You got stressed that it stayed at 175 degrees for a minute. You were a little frantic that it wouldn't reach 180 and may have to go back in the oven.
Miss Paige, you made the loveliest pumpkin pies. I left the kitchen yesterday and you cooked yourself up some pie crust and filling. I am always impressed by your culinary skills. Thanks for contributing to our meal!!
A, you said, (regarding the key lime pie I made), "That is the biggest pie I've never seen."
Ellie, thanks for all of your help at 6:30am with prepping the turkey. It was great having someone to help me open the oven and tell me how much they want Club Penguin for Christmas - 87 times.
Randy came over and he and your dad made movies all afternoon. Earlier this week your dad discovered a website where he can type in a dialogue and choose two random characters to voice the conversation. They are cartoonish and put in random backgrounds. The voices are robotic and he can insert fart noises. He has been stuck to the computer creating movies all week. Carter you and Paige also started making the movies. It is a small glimpse into how random your thought patterns are. Paige, the last line in your movie,
"Let's sit in the corner when the aliens arrive and eat cheese. (fart noise)."

Did I mention that the fart noises cost money? Did I mention that your dad put $10 into the account to promote poop sounds? This is the conclusion to my thesis:

1. that farting is ALWAYS funny
2. that your dad is really 12.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Good Times

Dad and I went out with one of my oldest friends last night. I have been friends with Allison since the 5th grade. We took dance classes together in Elementary school and then hooked up again in jr high.

Who will ever forget the story of me being in the car with Allison and Karie when the crazy biker ladies opened the door and threatened us.

We went to Blanco last night. Great time!! It is so fun to catch up and learn about her kids and Eric!! How stinking cute is this little boy? Her youngest is adorable also!! Did I mention that her husband has the best laugh EVER.

Love you Allison! Thanks for taking us out!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The New Calling

Dad purchased a bow and arrow set for you the other day and may I say that you are a NATURAL!!! Funny thing is that I didn't take these pictures. I just downloaded my camera and found these. When I inquired about them I found out that you did this all by yourself. How the crap did you figure out the automatic timer on this thing? Granted I've never really tried. All of the tiny pictures and dials just make me want a camera like Ava's that has 2 buttons and nothing else.

The third picture is all misty and dangerous. I am impressed young hunter. I believe you are channeling Gail from the Hunger Games in these pictures. I must say that since I read the books I tend to have fantasies about me channeling Katniss.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Oh what a joyous day Miss. Elle. You are now 8. You received a brand (Please say this like Bob Barker in your head. Remember, I kind of always have everything in my head going on in an accent or someone else's voice). It is a new one of a kind Schwin. Dad also picked up a bow and arrow set.

This mini jacketa grandma got you brings out the azul in your ojos. I rather enjoy this shot. You are happy and about to eat the cake you picked out. Yes, you decided to buck the system and not get the groundhog day cake; rather, you picked out a strawberry concoction. It might have been real strawberries, one is never too sure about mass produced cakes. I really believe strongly in bakers using actual ingredients in products.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Halloween 2010

Honestly, when I am having a hard day this night and particularly this photo cheer me up soooo much, I laugh. I laugh until I pee. Granted this only takes a few seconds, but I keep laughing, even with wet pants.

The Costume: It was so not kid friendly. It was so tight. It was so inappropriate; and yet we were at a kids Halloween party. I LOVE that the Captain kept shooting pictures even when Uncle Dave was accidently channeling Luigi. Check out the placement of Dave's phone. Check out the raised eyebrows. Check out the raised leg. ABOVE ALL check out the look on your face Ellie.

Now, this is what I call a great picture. I can't stop laughing. What if he played so many games as a child/teen/adult that he and Luigi have morphed into Luiavid. He is in the land of Mario Brothers. Inappropriate Mario Brothers, but still hilarious.

Picture Day

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I forgot to post this after we attended your brother's SCARE FAIR at school. Tis you #2, with Tatum, Alyssa, and McKenna.

You and your lovelies had a fab time going through the haunted house. It is great that you have made such great friends! We attend 5th grade science camp next week. Tis the SAME camp that I attended in the 5th grade.

You will be picking apart some owl pellets (this is fancy for animal poo) and you have expressed your concern over getting head lice from the owl pellets. Apparently you researched head lice a wee bit too much last time we were infested and found out they can live in bird turds. I will be purchasing hair nets from La Dollar Tienda prior to our trip to ensure we do not catch the lice.

Tia Allie's clan is suffering from the lice right now. This is super bad timing as baby Will was just born. We hope that Tia can return from the dark place that moms go to when tiny bugs suck the blood from our childrens skulls. Allie and I should make a movie "Mom's gone Wild". Instead of topless underage damaged girls it would be

Jen and Allie clad in aprons, a vacuum, and Neem shampoo. We are yelling at children to

"Don't sit on the couch" - "Don't lay your head next to your brother" - "Stop trying to pick off lice and put it on the dog." - "AHHHH, (in a robot voice) Jen is not here right now - my name is Lucinda and you will sit still and let me use this small metal comb to scrap the skin/hair off of your head. If you cry or scream I will also cry and scream."

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I don't even know what to say to this. Carter you and I have the most interesting conversations.

Picture this: We are in the carpool van listening to Baby GaGa and have 13 other passengers in the car. You and I are sitting in the front 2 seats. Here is one of the most bizzare conversations we have ever had.

#1, "Yes, I am now on book 7."

Mom, "Good thing. The movie comes out next week and you wouldn't be able to see it without finishing the series. (we are referring to Harry la Potter)"

#1, "It is too bad I am going to see the movie before you."

(I will be at Paige's 5th grade Science Field trip for 3 days next week)

Mom, "Really? I am curious to see who you get to take you. Muahhahaha."

#1, "Kim will take me."

Mom, "Kim never even read the books. She doesn't get the draw."

#1, "It doesn't matter. She adores me and likes to take me places. Don't make me prove this to you."

(You pick up the phone and text Aunt Kim while head bopping to Baby Gaga. Kim thinks you are trying to be sneaky and get her to take you to the movie without permission. She calls you.)

1,# "Hey Kim. ..........No I am allowed to go, mom will be out of town...............Grandma. No I didn't ask her. I thought we could go together.........Ok. (turning to me) 50% chance she is going to take me. You don't understand mom, I had a very unlucky thing happen this week so the rest of the week is lucky."

Mom, "WHAT??? Your week is unlucky? WHAT?"

#1, "No, (in a voice like I am the slowest human you has ever spoken with. ) On Monday I was at the Pep Assembly and got stuck between two fat girls and couldn't see ANYTHING. (this was not said with any distain toward larger people.) Since I had an unlucky thing happen the rest of the week has been lucky. I got Little Caesars pizza a couple of days ago for free."

Mom, "Where did you get the pizza?"

#1, " Some kid."

Mom, "And some random kid giving you leftover pizza is lucky?"

#1, "(at this point you are staring at me like - how the freak are we related.) Yes, any pizza is good. Especially free pizza at school. If I have to ask grandma and grandpa I will, but I like to challenge myself so I went for Kimmy first."

Mom, "I don't even know what to say."