Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Miss A.

Well Miss. A, you may have had your biggest temper tantrum eva today.  It was so damn extreme that while you were flinging around (whilst in time out) you hit your foot on the piano and hurt yourself.  Damn girl.  

When you finally calmed down -  - - did I mention that it was all over a squeeze toy I gave to Ellie to help with her homework.  When you chilled out we went to the grocery store.  You were all giddy, I have no clue why.  Maybe you just needed to cry and scream over nothing.  We start walking up to the store and I mention that dad and I have to go back to work to meet a customer this evening to sell a car.  You say, "Birds look so cool because they don't have arms."  Then you switch back and say, "The bad news is you have a meeting, the good news is you are getting us money."

I thoroughly enjoy that you used "we" when you discussed us making money.  I love that "we" is not utilized when "we" discuss the mess in the house or the chores that "we" need to do.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you think birds look cool due to a lack of arms.  You are interesting!

Later this evening I mentioned that you have piano tomorrow.  You yelled, "Whoohoo".  I loved the response and suggested that anytime we hear the word piano we high five and then fist pump.  

Today has worn you out little love.  Good luck with tomorrow.

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