Saturday, August 16, 2014

Paige's First High School English Paper

So the assignment was for you to "introduce" yourself  to your teacher.  You were one of the only students who received an A on the paper.

Dear Mrs. Jones,

                My name is Paige Babbitt and at this moment in time I don't know who I am, but I do know a thing or two.  To begin, I have lots of talents.  Some of my talents are a little on the strange side.  So, a few of my talents are partying, hula hooping, thinking, and cooking/baking.  (btw the teacher wrote above partying "how is this a talent - explain") Next, I'm very interested in being known across the world, and not for superficial things like beauty.  What I do want to be famous for are good deeds like changing people's lives, helping others, and possibly saving lives.  I do know that I want to inspire others to do good as well.  My interests consist of anything there is to know about life on earth.  You see, the more I know the better I feel.  To conclude, I don't know who I am completely, but I do know that I live to learn and care for others. 

                Academically I've always learned different than others.  I usually do very well in school especially math and science.  Though, I'm not so great at writing or social studies.  I think there's too many rules to writing and whenever I do write I feel constricted.  The only times I don't feel constricted is when I write freely and disregard most rules.  Now the way I learn best is through being shown what to do. I'm not good at following written directions.  In addition, although I know homework is necessary sometimes I don't think it's needed daily.  In fact I believe school time is the time to work and that being home is the time to relax.  Obviously, I think there's many great things about school, but there's some things I do disagree with.

                    To start, I'm obsessed with reading.  Almost all that I do is read.  Over the summer I read over 50 books.  I tend to read several books at a time.  To be honest, I could never choose a favorite book.  I have to idea what the last book I read was.  Next, I can't choose a favorite genre either.  I like any and all genres.  I'll even read the most boring book ever and like it.  Basically I love to read 24/7.  Actually there's no words to describe how much I love reading.
                  Starting off I'd have to say I have more than enough ambitions for my future.  Lots of people think I can't accomplish them.  If there's one thing you should know about me it's that I'm determined.  I will definetly complete all my sensible (emphasis on sensible) ambitions.  So first, I want to graduate high school with a 4.2 gpa or higher.  In addition, I would've liked to have done some charity work along the way.  I'm going to need to have done both of those to get into Stanford University, my dream University.  After that I want to graduate with a Masters in whatever I choose.  Then I want to work in that job til I've saved a substantial amount of money.  With that money I'd like to open my own restaurant.  I'd also like to gradually open more restaurants.  Then, I want to travel the world.  During this plan I'd like to get married and have kids.  If I try hard enough I know I can accomplish my goals.

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