Monday, December 5, 2011

A, "I want some beans that are smashed and liquidy."

Mom, "Ok.  You would like some frijoles?"

A, "heeheeeheeehehee is that the Spanish word for beans."

Mom, "Why yes it is.  Would you like some frijoles y arroz?"

A, "Dorla speaks Spanish.  (This is Dora the explorer yo.  You had a really hard time pronouncing her name)  And hehehehe Tiko (again a character from Dora the Explorer) only speaks the Spanish.  I think this was because he lives in Spanish world.   It is so funny because he NEVER speaks anything but the Spanish."

Mom, "You know your dad didn't speak English until he was 10?  His first language was Spanish."

A, "(LARGE GASP)  Oh my gosh - I KNEW IT - he lived in the Spanish world also. That is crazy that he and Tiko lived in Spanish world and ate frioooles."

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