Monday, April 9, 2012

St Francis BIrthday Brunch

Look at those gorgeous faces.  Everyone was very excited to have St. Francis for breakfast.  Tis amazing.  

Carter, you were really focusing on making every picture I took a winner.  Mucho gracias for all of the emotion you brought to the table.  I really appreciated the intensity.

Who is this.  Why it is your birth parents looking oh - so - snappy.

Every time we go to St. Francis your dad says, 

Dad, "You're not going to eat that whole thing."

You -14 year old. "Yes, I will.  I do EVERY TIME DAD."

And what do we have here.  Oh por la Nathan.  That would be an empty plate.  I know dad's mind is a bit like etch a sketch or ground hogs day (The movie,  not the shadowy superstitious one.)  Regardless,  it brings much humor to our lives (and a wee bit oh patience).  Suck it Papa'

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