Thursday, November 15, 2012

Electric Boogaloo next Generation

Carter, when you were 14 you were in a crew.  Break dancing crew.  You were all bad ass dancers that popped and locked your joints like the pros.  Your first gig was at the fair.  Above is the Uncle waiting for the performance.

He had to go congratulate the rockers before you and shake their hand and say, "You rocked"  

I videotaped the dancing.  In the year 2012 videotaping means that we can watch the pop y lock y on our computer box.  Who knows what fancy gadgets you will have as an adult?  I bet your car will fly.  Would that make it a plane?  How about a clane? Or a plar.  I dig PLAR.  Random, yet it is what I think about.  A lot.

I asked you if you were nervous prior to performing and you said, "No, not at all."  You are a man. Damn

We ventured out through the fair after the experience of la dance.  Hahahaha.  Uncle Danny went on a roller coaster with you, Carter.  He looked like he wet his pants and threw up at the same time.  Twas awesome and has prompted us to plan a trip to Disneyland.  He has never been.

Miss, Ava it was your first time at the rodeo and you went on a couple of rides.  On the slide below you sort of flew up a bit into the air while sacking it down.  The look on your face was pure terror.  I felt bad for like a second.  After that second it was a happy high like no other.  Your gifts to me are immeasurable.  I loved watching you fly in the air whilst riding down a fairly unsafe slide at the fair.  Life experiences darling.  

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Allison LeBaron said...

As always you complete me with your journaling. It's like witnessing something funny, loving and a tad sick and twisted. <3