Monday, June 2, 2014

The Rain in Spain .....................Does it even matter................We aren't going after all

REWIND: 6 months.  We get a call from SSF letting us know that they are sending us on a Spanish cruise with other shop owners.  We sent in our passport information, received all of our flight info, scheduled babysitting, rearranged employees at shops, closed one shop, etc etc.  It is like a second job to plan a trip.  Damn.  

The day comes and we excitedly fly to LAX.  When we get there we meet up with our group and go to check in at Lufthansa.  At this point we are told that due to "Nathan's passport expiring in 88 days, instead of 90, we will not be let on the flight."  No joke.  No joke.  No joke.  Tu'padre starts to spiral a wee bit.  I may have taken him to a sports bar and poured strong liquids down his throat.  While pampering your depressed father I pulled out my ipad and booked a red-eye to Cancun.  Due to this lovely modern technology I also reserved a car at Avis, and emailed a boutique hotel we saw on our last trip.  Within 1 hour we were booked and ready for our Next Trip.  Hot Damn Dios Mio, Can I roll with the punches or what?  Tis my calling in life hijos.  Rolling with the crazy ass - you are NOT going to Spain punches.  

Your dad was a bit depressed during the TWELVE HOURS we had to wait at the airport.  No JOKE.  Look at the forlorn expression on his face.  As a side note: his hair looks divine.  I love running my fingers through his locks of silky waves.  

We boarded our flight at 11:25PM and took off at 11:50PM.  ON OUR WAY 

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