Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Costa Rica

We had signed up for a canopy zip-line tour for our Costa Rican excursion. Since we didn't have to depart for that until 2:30pm we got off the boat and started walking. A gentleman who called himself "Super Mario" propositioned us.

S.Mario, "Hey fellas I have a drivers license and I lived in the USA. I will drive you around for a tour."
(Nate is always up for anything!!)
We headed off for a couple of hours of pure delight.
1. He stopped at the place in the picture below. This was a cave that Christopher Columbus had as a hangout. I should mention that Costa Rica is infatuated with Chris Columbus. Their money is named after him and he was mentioned on our "tour" numerous times.

This centipede was HUGE. April spied it just crawling by our feet. AHHHH

So after the cave Super Mario took us to a cool hotel with a restaurant on the beach. Gorgeous! As we are driving toward our next destination Super Mario leans out the window and says to some guy he knows,
"Hey Nigga - Two mother f....ers want to keel you."
Not kidding. We all looked at each other and were like, "Who are we with and what just happened?"
Turns out both of the bad phrases from above are common language in Costa Rica. Most of the people are of Jamaican decent and I am told, call each other both of those things as terms of friendship.

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