Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A day at San Tan with The Captain

We met Julyssa and 2 of her kids at San Tan awhile back to grab some paperwork.  Julyssa and I ran to the Apple store whilst your Captain was on Captain duty.  He goes all crazy and takes you guys on the train around the place.  (He is a baller yo)  Below is the picture after "someone" let some really stinky gas in the caboose.  Ahh gross.  

He then stuffed all ya'alls in a grocery cart and made his way over to the Apple store to let us know that you, Miss. A, needed to use the facilities.  AND.  Really, you didn't just take 5 kids to the bathroom?  You are such a muy complainer.  

Here is the trend I'm noticing in ALL of la photos.  That would be Ms. N takes a great picture.  She is posing for every single shot.

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