Saturday, February 18, 2012

Waking up to find you wearing clothes that are super fine.

The phenomenon only started occurring earlier this school year.  Cute clothes.  It started out to be rare and has progressed to almost every SINGLE day.  Kindergarten you would be shocked.  Today though, was on the exceptional side.  I ran and grabbed my new uber cute camera and snapped some lovelies.

Pahina, you found some jeans in your sister's drawer that actually fit you.  You were extremely proud.  It turns out you were channeling some 1994 with this photo shoot.  Can I get a 

"slight look over shoulder, whilst looking like you are sniffing the roses floating down from the heavens,  Kenny G is serenading you some "I will always love you" and puppies are gathering around your feet and slowly shaving your legs. AHHH amore"

Yes, This is IT!!

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