Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Annoying Toys

So you had this little toy where it sings you a diddy and then you can record yourself into it.  It was singing this song,

"What's the biggest word you've ever heard.............."

and then you record the biggest word that you have EVER heard.  Here goes what went down.

Annoying toy, "dada  dada.  What's the biggest word your've ever heard?"

Ava, "Mom.  What is the biggest word that you have ever heard?"

Word Smith, "Ubiquitous."

Ava, Speaking into said toy, "U big twas"

Annoying toy, "Da da da da.  Wow.  That's the biggest word we've EVER heard!"

Ava, "Mom.  I think she just says that because she doesn't want to hurt my feelings."

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