Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pie makers daughter

So lover of lovers, you started the Kindergarten yesterdia.  You came home and no matter how much I tried to pry out information - you WOULDN'T BUDGE.  Damn you are a hard nut to crack.  One of my favorite moments was when we tried on a few of your school outfits and you had a longish white dress with simple purple flowers.  It was rather chic in a little girl kind of way.  Here is what you said to me when you looked in the mirror:

"Mom.  I look like a kid who has a mom who bakes pies when I where this."

Nope, not kidding.  WTF little nina.  

1.  Do you know a single person that bakes pies for a living?
2.  Do you know her child?
3.  Does her child wear tre chic dresses all of the time?
4.  How have you not introduced her to us?  You know we all (except for your weird Papa') like the pie.  Especially Paige.  I mean that girl can down a desert like no ones biznes.  Hey, future Paige - don't take any offense to my previous remarks.  Hopefully future you can look back on this stage in your life and embrace the sugar whore that you once were.

On a lovely side note.  You came home and said you are friends with everyone but one girl in your class.  I asked "why not one of the girls?"  You responded with, "she has warts on her hands.  If she comes in for a hug I will get infected."  Are you serious.  "Ava, you really should be friends with her.  You don't have to touch."  "MOOOOM.  I will not be her friend because I will get infected."

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