Thursday, October 4, 2012

J MRAZ part 2

You and Alyssa were able to sit in the row in front of us.  You are semi adult.  It brings a tear to my eye to think that you will only be living here for another 6 years.  Time goes by so fast and you will be at some amazing college before we know it and I will be a mess.  I may have to make your room into a glamorous closet to console myself.  

Ellie, you know all of J.M's songs.  I love your voice.  

After we left we got a bit side tracked in the down town area.  A Diamondbacks game got out at the same time and there are ONE WAY streets.  Damn.  Thank goodness we had a great playlist.  We listened to Solid and some Black Eyed Peas and some other classics.  You guys danced yourselves crazy.  Twas fabulous.  

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