Saturday, October 20, 2012

The lovelies for the week. Guess who said what

When I grow up I'm going to be a professional singer.

Gingers are really good whistlers

When I am grown I will have my own island.  Only rich people will live there and it will be a Monarchy.  I will be the Queen.  Scientifically speaking I would like to create my own race of people.  (I pointed out that this was what Hitler did and you disagreed.  a lot.  You just want to try and then people can do what they want to do after you are successful.)

I can't help it.  When music turns on my feet start moving like they are dancing.

If I had been there for the first half of the movie I probably would have lol'd for the 2nd half. (Ok this one was Uncle Danny and he WAS THERE FOR THE FIRST HALF OF THE MOVIE)

Mom,  I won't claim your gas in front of dad.  Now maybe if Randy was here I would,  but there really isn't anyone here who doesn't realize it was you.

Dad, mom said I could see an R rated movie.  I think you need to sit her down for a talk.  (It is ARGO darlings and I still stand by letting your see it.  Hint, you are in h.s. for heavens sake. )

Dad, mom just sent me a text picture of her poop.  Do we have to dance every time she goes to the bathroom on her own now?  ahhah.

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